20 Best Tribal Braids Styles to Try Right Now

20 Best Tribal Braids Styles to Try Right Now

Tribal braids are considered one of the versatile, common, and most reliable braids. However, you may find it hard to choose which one will best be okay for you. As you read through, you will be guided on the best and the most common tribal braids that you can try.

What are Tribal Braids?

A tribal braid is a type of braid, by which the braid falls down against the head in a cornrow pattern or style.

Tribal braids are considered one of the most common braids. As a matter of fact, there is nowhere you may turn to that you will not see someone with a tribal braid.

It is said that tribal braid has its origin in West Africa. Further research has pinpointed that the Fulani women of West Africa have been praised for creating or discovering this hairstyle.

To them then, it was just a way of celebrating their culture. Whenever there is a cultural event, like a carnival or anniversary, the Fulani women, will make these braids.

Tribal braids are considered a protective hairstyle, because they protect the scalp of the hair, from harsh weather conditions and other hazards to hairs.

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20 Best Tribal Braids Styles

20 Best Tribal Braids Styles
Instagram @lalengemobile

Over the years, tribal braids have evolved from what the Fulani women used to make them. Though the same cornrow pattern, the stylist of today have added some creativity to it.

In recent times, you may pass by someone with a tribal braid and not know what it is.

It now has different styles, designs, and names.

You may want to make the tribal braid now and you may be confused because of how much style there is.

However, we have done some research and provided some of the best tribal braids that you can do in recent times.

These are the tribal braids that you can do in recent times and still stand out where ever you are:

1. Curly Braids

Curly Braids
Instagram @ebonysalonuk

Combine the latest tribal braids with your desire for curly hair! Your strands will have more volume with this chic style, which flatters all face shapes.

2. Low Bun and Mini Braided Tribal Braids

Low Bun and Mini Braided Tribal Braids
Instagram @ebonysalonuk

The low bun and mini tribal braid add smaller braids for women. In comparison to your normal tribal, it creates a distinctive style.

It gathers your hair into a low bun to keep it in place. This appearance can be worn to a casual or formal event.

3. Side-Parted Tribal Braids with Wavy Ends

Side-Parted Tribal Braids with Wavy Ends
Instagram @braidsbynecole_official

A side-parted style is a fun method to update your appearance without making any major changes. You can also leave the braids’ ends out to highlight their curly nature.

4. Thick Tribal Braids

Thick Tribal Braids
Instagram @keesha_off_belly_

Another choice while selecting tribal braids is thick braids. Your updos may look fuller and jump out more with this style of braid.

If you want a more voluminous look, think about this!

5. Layered Beaded Braids

Layered Beaded Braids
Instagram @_braidedbeauty

Who said layers and braids couldn’t coexist? Join the layered hairdo craze by requesting layers for your braided style.

Your layers will stand out even more if you add beads to the ends.

6. Heart-Shaped Braids

Heart-Shaped Braids
Instagram @styledby.tinyyyy

Heart-shaped braids give your look a more feminine edge. This technique is ideal if you want a distinctive braid pattern or a festive look for Valentine’s Day.

7. Long Straight-Back Braids

Long Straight-Back Braids
Instagram @hairbyjazzyshadae

A go-to look is a traditional long, straight-back tribal braid. It’s easy to use and suitable for a huge range of situations.

With a look like this, you can highlight your lovely face while keeping the attention on you.

8. Swirled Cornrow Braids

Swirled Cornrow Braids
Instagram @braidsby_rosa

Swirled cornrow braids are tribal braids with a swirl appearance. This keeps your hair protected while giving the look a more distinct vibe.

9. Low Ponytail Tribal Braids

Low Ponytail Tribal Braids
Instagram @yourfavoritebraider_miari

Another look you may want to consider is a traditional low, straight-back tribal braid. You can also use this type of tribal braid for any occasion.

10. Tribal Braided Pigtails

Tribal Braided Pigtails
Instagram @beautycolonyng

Pigtails have been seen everywhere on TikTok as a result of various 2000s fashion fads making a reappearance.

With your tribal braids, you can create a voluminous variation of this look.

11. High Ponytail Look

High Ponytail Look
Instagram @beauty_inthe_hair_

No matter the event, a high ponytail never fails to make a good impression. You will be prepared for almost any occasion with this stylish, upscale design that instantly adds height to your appearance.

12. Goddess Tribal Braids

Goddess Tribal Braids
Instagram @majdidit

Many individuals enjoy incorporating Goddess braids with modernized tribal braids by leaving the ends wavy.

You will adore the textural variety this style produces and how expertly it combines two distinct appearances.

13. One-Sided Look

One-Sided Look
Instagram @chibezt

When you make a one-sided look tribal braid, you create a sleek and classy style appearance. With this style, you can give attention to your scalp between wash days.

14. Braid Ring Hairstyle

Braid Ring Hairstyle
Pinterest @thatboholife

Are you wanting to add a little flair to your braids without making a significant change in style? The ideal approach to add a little shine without any fuss is with hair rings.

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15. Half-Updo Beaded Look

Half-Updo Beaded Look
Instagram @thickas876_braids_and_more

Want to flaunt your look while preventing your hair from falling into your face? The ideal remedy is this half-updo bun! Additionally, this outfit features the vivid red hair color stated earlier!

16. Combinations of Braids

Combinations of Braids
Instagram @natural_hair_braids

Many folks enjoy changing out their tribal braid appearances. This contrast between the skinny and thick braids is stunning.

It’s the ideal strategy for standing out without veering too far from your comfort zone.

17. Braids and Curls

Braids and Curls
Instagram @braidsandko

If you want to experiment with tribal braids without committing to the complete hairstyle, this look is ideal.

To achieve a natural and fashionable image, mix loose hair with a perfectly braided scalp.

18. Short Tribal Braids

Short Tribal Braids
Instagram @milanihairstudio

Who said that tribal braids have to be extremely long? This haircut can be worn as a bob as well, and if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, you can add beads to the ends.

19. Box Braids

Box Braids
Instagram @braidsbyadu__

Box braids are the look to choose from if you’re searching for something more durable. They look great, guard your natural hair, and are really simple to style in a variety of ways.

20. Ombre Tribal Braids

Ombre Tribal Braids
Instagram @scissorsnsoulhairsalonllc

Play with gradients without fear! These subtleties give your style depth and color while maintaining a natural appearance.

Tribal braids can go with anything and any occasion, all you need to do is choose the style that will fit you and that you are comfortable with. You can choose from any of the listed ones.

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20 Best Tribal Braids Styles to Try Right Now

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