30 Best Curly Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

30 Best Curly Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Curly bob hairstyles are one style that never gets old. You can play with curly bob hairstyles by twitching them however you want and that is where we come in. As you read through, we will show you some of the best curly bob hairstyles that you can choose from that are considered some of the best.

30 Best Curly Bob Hairstyles

Here are some of the best curly bob hairstyles that you will find that may suit you:

1. Curly Messy Brunette Bob with Golden Highlights

Curly Messy Brunette Bob with Golden Highlights
Instagram @loveforcurls_and_more

Hairstyles that highlight the shiny, healthy gloss of loopy locks were made for natural curls. The style is elevated with a few metallic accents, which give it depth and class.

2. Black Short Curly Bob

Black Short Curly Bob
Instagram @uwinshair

You are quite mistaken if you believe that a short-length curly bob offers no opportunities to change the way you look.

For a completely different curly hair bob style, you can experiment with the splitting position, use styling products to alter the curl pattern, or simply add some braided embellishments.

3. Bob with Curled Bangs

Bob with Curled Bangs

The most elegant and fashionable method to wear short hair is like this. You never imagined they’d look this good, right?

The color in your eyes will stand out and your facial features will be highlighted by this short hairstyle.

4. Sew-in Bob with Curls

Sew-in Bob with Curls
Instagram @slayedbydrue

If your natural hair type is straight, it’s not a problem if you can’t acquire a naturally curly haircut.

Another option for giving straight-haired females gorgeous curls besides a curling iron and other tools is the sew-in bob technique, which takes more effort but lasts longer.

The curly bob haircut is constructed using your hair, and the synthetic curling strands are sewn in. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for women with fine hair as well.

5. Naturally Curly Long Bob

Naturally Curly Long Bob
Instagram @mouseybrowne

Because each curl falls below the other to highlight each curl, this bob with curls is known as a waterfall curly cut.

The tight ringlets underneath and on top of this bob are given life and movement by the layers.

Everything is fluid, fits her face well, and gives her the perfect curly shape every girl dreams of having.

6. Voluminous Kinky Bob

Voluminous Kinky Bob
Instagram @pepperpotts1984

The key to a curly bob is definitely volume and shape. Show off the versatility of your naturally curly hair. Because you are lovely, don’t try to control it or hide your perm bob.

7. Thin Curls Bob

Thin Curls Bob

The volume of kinky curls is the finest feature. Even without makeup, women with kinky curls seem stunning.

If you want to show off your coils, think about getting a layered bob with curled bangs. You won’t be dissatisfied.

8. Choppy Angled Curly Bob

Choppy Angled Curly Bob
Instagram @acasasilva

It’s time for something much more remarkable now. Your naturally curly bob will look more attractive because of the jagged structure of the cut, which entails texturizing the ends to create an airy aspect.

Regarding the silhouette, the angled curve will not only enthrall but also diversify how bob cuts are typically perceived.

9. Layered Curly Bob

Layered Curly Bob
Instagram @rats.nest.beauty

My favorite aspect of this layered curly bob is the volume! When curly hair is trimmed dry and in its natural state, the shape can be customized for each client.

You can try to maintain a fairly strong and square perimeter, but when you add the layers, you should also apply little to no tension to avoid over-cutting. The shape is everything with curly hair!

10. Messy Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Messy Shoulder Length Curly Hair
Instagram @_simplynicki

Why not accept it as your curls naturally lay in a haphazard fashion? Your hair will move and shine more naturally with a few layers of hydrating mousse, enhancing the overall disheveled appearance.

11. The Lob

The Lob
Pinterest @stylecraze

One of the coolest hairstyles ever is the lob. For those who are afraid of having their hair cut too short, it is ideal. It is not excessively lengthy or short. It’s absolutely wonderful!

12. Classic Short Bob with Curls

Classic Short Bob with Curls
Instagram @aoki_hair

This curly bob is traditional. It’s a modern interpretation of a textured, carefree, laid-back look.

For women who are ready to embrace their naturally curly texture and desire a short, lively bob with plenty of volumes that opens up their face and showcases their rad, lovely waves, we recommend this haircut with curly hair.

13. Stretched Out Bob

Stretched Out Bob
Pinterest @stylecraze

It looks okay with long, straight hair. But if you keep it brief, you’ll strike gold. You won’t need to freak out if you don’t have time to wash your hair and it looks stretched out. Consider this!

14. Charming Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Charming Asymmetrical Curly Bob
Instagram @derickus

Curly asymmetric bobs force us to reevaluate the well-known bob cut since one side is somewhat heavier than the other.

It’s entirely up to you whether to side part yourself or ask your stylist to shorten one of the sides. The idea is to showcase this asymmetrical bob with curly hair that perfectly suits it.

15. Voluminous Curly Brunette Lob

Voluminous Curly Brunette Lob
Instagram @salsalhair

The combover lob with a hazy side part is sensual and feminine, emphasizing the cheekbones and chin sensationally.

An angular cut helps to minimize volume precisely where you want it to appear more toned down when you have hair that tends to be thick and coarse.

16. Curly Long Bob with Bangs

Curly Long Bob with Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

This year’s massive trend of untidy hair doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Don’t worry if you have curly hair and don’t know how to manage it; we have a solution.

Add bangs and a long bob to your hairstyle. You’ll notice how much volume there is, how beautiful you look, and most importantly, how you feel. Definitely chic and endearing!

17. Colored Tips Bob

Colored Tips Bob

The tips of your hair might be colored for a variety of reasons. It gives your face more depth and helps your eyes stand out.

It also brings out the color of your natural hair. Selecting a shade that belongs to the same color family as your base color is crucial.

18. Specialized Spiraled Deva Cut

Specialized Spiraled Deva Cut
Instagram @alinefiosearte

This particular bob haircut is designed for curly hair. Depending on the client’s curl pattern, it adapts the haircut to suit their needs.

Anyone with medium-to-tight curl patterns would look amazing in this curly bob.

19. Middle Part Curly Bob

Middle Part Curly Bob
Instagram @wendyhair_no1

With a middle part, you should exercise caution because it can draw attention to all of your facial asymmetries.

In the end, you’d better go with a side part if you don’t want to expose some of your facial characteristics.

Additionally, women with round or square facial types should avoid short haircuts with loose curls or waves.

20. Elegant Afro Bob

Elegant Afro Bob
Instagram @Sophiasoul

With a thickly layered lob hairstyle and a fringe, you may highlight your natural curls.

Apply some moisturizer to your loops before styling your mane to make them even more eye-catching.

21. Chocolate Afro Hair

Chocolate Afro Hair
Instagram @theafrobeautycompany

A dark chocolate hair color looks amazing with a coarse Afro curly bob style. The main characteristic of the chin-length bob is this fluffy natural look.

Thus, you don’t always need to polish your curly hair; occasionally, that unpolished, unruly feeling is just what you need to achieve a distinctive and lovely look.

22. Inverted Messy Curly Bob

Inverted Messy Curly Bob
Instagram @gingerfarnham

Make the most of your long, loose ebony curls by cutting them into an angled bob that sits higher in the stacked rear part and falls to the collarbone in the front.

A little extra height is also provided by the combover at the top.

23. Side Swept Short Bob

Side Swept Short Bob
Instagram @amorhair_official

You can soften the appearance and make your curly bob less angular or edgy by brushing it to one side.

You can create a cool-looking contrast between the textured, wavy hair and a smooth side part area by adding a noticeable side part and sweeping the halves with a hair mousse and comb.

24. Curly Bob for Round Faces

Curly Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @florence.hair

For women with some natural texture, this fashionable, manageable curly bob is ideal. You will adore how the bob’s length at the neck gives it a 1920s vibe.

It can be a wash-and-wear style with ease if you locate the proper products for your hair texture.

In general, we advise choosing something thin, hydrating, and soft with sufficient hold to ensure that the finish is smooth and not crunchy.

By modifying the length and weight placement, this adaptable haircut may be made to fit a variety of face shapes.

25. Tousled Angled Curly Bob Hairstyle

Tousled Angled Curly Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @cosmocoolie

When you have it, show it off! One of the best ways to display your curls’ lovely pattern is with a short, curly bob that is pure black.

The contour of the haircut gives it rigidity, while the texture gives it softer edges.

26. Weave and Curls

Weave and Curls
Instagram @takihodi

This style has a layered, crocheted bob with a water wave curl pattern. This protective bob is my favorite since it’s cute, flirtatious, and adaptable.

You can exercise while wearing this bob and still have gorgeous hair! If properly applied, this protective style has the ability to encourage hair growth.

27. Dark Brown Bob with Messy Scrunched Curls

Dark Brown Bob with Messy Scrunched Curls
Instagram @maygovintage

What distinguishes a tidy short curly haircut from a short curly bob that is messy? We prefer the latter because of its more effortless, natural feel.

This intentionally unkempt untidy curly hairdo is tousled in a way that highlights the hair’s inherent flow.

28. Modern Curly Bob Haircut

Modern Curly Bob Haircut
Instagram @dinhokaizeroficial

For naturally curly bob haircuts, loose curls are in style, especially when they are so defined and shiny! Achievable and straightforward, don’t forget to have the greatest curling supplies!

29. Curly Lob

Curly Lob
Instagram @love_jamm

Any day of the week would look lovely with this long, curly bob in the boho style.

Add additional texture and some shorter layers to the shaggy curly bob for a more appealing appearance. For leisurely days spent exploring, long, curly bobs are ideal.

30. Medium Curly Tresses

Medium Curly Tresses
Instagram @tbtbsalon

Your dynamic hair would be accentuated with some blonde tones, which would also greatly enhance your sense of fashion!

Apply your favorite curl cream to the ends of this curly bob haircut for definition and hold that will stay all day.


Curly bob hairstyles like every other hairstyle have different variations. If you have taken your time to go through this article, you will by now be familiar with different variations that you can try.

We assure you that this hairstyle will look extremely good on you.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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30 Best Curly Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

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