Short Hairstyles for Black Ladies

35 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Black Ladies

There are many hairstyles for black women but short hairstyles for black ladies are top notch. It compliments the beauty of a black woman so much that many ladies are seen making these hairstyles. As you read on, we will be presenting to you some of the best short hairstyles for black women that you can make.

Short Hair Styles for Black Ladies

Short hairstyles are extremely beautiful hairstyles that compliment a lady so well and it is the same when black women make them.

Let’s have a look at some of the best short hairstyles for black ladies:

1. Faded Glory Haircut

Faded Glory Haircut
Instagram @khimandi

Short hairstyles and arched eyebrows are the epitome of a chic and fashionable look. You can give this adorable fauxhawk a unique twist to make it your own!

Undercut styles are incredibly flattering for black women. Adding some vibrant color not only complements your black hair but also enhances your skin tone.

As a finishing touch, consider treating yourself to a new ear piercing after your salon visit.

2. Hairstyle with Red Balayage Bangs

Hairstyle with Red Balayage Bangs
Instagram @msmonikaj

The most elegant short haircuts for black women combine distinctive textures with bold, eye-catching colors.

These textured black layers, artfully tousled and swept to the front, transition into mahogany bangs, creating a stylish and feminine hairstyle that doesn’t rely on length or curls to exude sophistication and trendiness.

3. Layered Pixie Cut

Layered Pixie Cut
Instagram @Najahaziz

Have a glance at these highlights! They are absolutely stunning! They seamlessly harmonize with the darker hair color foundation.

4. Stunning Waves and Curls on a Black Pixie Cut

Stunning Waves and Curls on a Black Pixie Cut
Instagram @novaperruquers

Waves and curls can add a captivating touch to your classic black pixie cut. Short haircuts, particularly for African-American women, provide a means to make a statement and showcase their individuality.

5. Delicate Short Black Cut

Delicate Short Black Cut
Instagram @khimandi

When it comes to styling short black hair, the choices may be somewhat limited, but opting for a textured pixie cut with bangs is certainly one striking option.

This shortcut should definitely be on the radar for black women, as it brings out the facial features and imparts a remarkable radiance.

6. Extra Short Natural Cut With Shaved Part

Extra Short Natural Cut With Shaved Part
Instagram @stepthebarber

Caring for naturally thick, curly hair can be a bit challenging. Opting for a short and manageable style can simplify maintenance.

Adding subtle elements like a shaved side part and well-defined curls can infuse character into the petite Afro, ensuring it doesn’t appear too masculine.

7. Dimensional Ringlets for Short Hair

Dimensional Ringlets for Short Hair
Instagram @iamxjaneltaylor

To enhance the volume and vitality of your hair, contemplate incorporating textured ringlets into your short hairstyle.

By introducing highlights and additional shades to your short curls, you can achieve a more voluminous appearance while keeping the same hair length and style.

8. Short Black Finger Waves

Short Black Finger Waves
Instagram @FriendsSalon

You can go for a very shortcut at the back and enjoy a simple curly hairstyle. You’ll be amazed by the amount of attention it will attract.

9. Short Curled Hairstyle with Copper Highlights

Short Curled Hairstyle with Copper Highlights
Instagram @mrskj5

Short hairstyles have a way of exuding self-assuredness, partly due to their polished appearance. Incorporating highlights adds richness to the tapered haircut.

With the addition of voluminous curls, this hairstyle gains even more dimension, ensuring it becomes a captivating and attention-grabbing choice.

10. Short Glossy Side-Parted Bob

Short Glossy Side-Parted Bob
Instagram @chrissycutzncolorz

African-American hairstyles appear exceptionally smooth when the hair is straightened. If you decide to use chemical treatments, it’s crucial to keep the hair well-moisturized with oils.

This not only imparts a gorgeously shiny appearance but also serves as a protective measure against potential damage.

11. Fierce Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut

Fierce Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut
Instagram @naturallycurly

A stylish and low-maintenance choice for short hair among black women is the striking salt and pepper pixie cut.

This haircut involves close trimming with slightly longer sections on top, crafting a daring and fashion-forward appearance.

The salt and pepper shades gracefully embrace your natural grays, adding a distinct charm. Moreover, they have the versatility to complement various skin tones.

This hairstyle is ideal for those seeking a chic and effortless look that doesn’t demand daily styling. To simplify regular upkeep, you can apply a relaxer, which helps in softening your natural curl pattern and texture.

Consequently, it becomes more manageable and can be styled easily with a curling or flat iron.

12. Trendy Bob Haircut with Box Braids

Instagram @jayslay17

This hairstyle showcases short bob plaits, giving the braids a unique and enduring quality. When done correctly and maintained properly, braids can also promote hair growth.

To preserve their shape, it’s advisable to wear a bonnet while sleeping, as this helps maintain the braids’ curvature and prevents frizz.

Ideally, this style suits hair that is no longer than shoulder-length and possesses some natural texture. It’s important to avoid using perms. Additionally, this short hairstyle for black women is most flattering for those with long, slender faces.

13. Curly Pixie Haircut

Curly Pixie Haircut
Instagram @mrskj5

Here’s another charming version of the pixie hairstyle to include in the collection of elegant hairstyles for black women. This curly variation is both tidy and understated, yet it exudes refinement and a sense of style.

14. Pixie Bob With Indigo and Purple Accents

Pixie Bob With Indigo and Purple Accents
Instagram @artistry4gg

An advantage of natural hair is its typically robust and resilient nature, which allows for coloring. The incorporation of purple hues can result in a captivating blend, particularly when juxtaposed with black hair.

If you’re aiming to both fortify your hair and switch up your look, it’s advisable to decide between coloring and chemical straightening to grant your locks some respite.

15. Egyptian-Inspired Fringe

Egyptian-Inspired Fringe
Instagram @epictotalsalon

When it comes to short haircuts for black women, consider an innovative spin on braids that draws inspiration from Egyptian aesthetics.

Combining both braiding and twisting techniques, one effective method to add a softer touch and enhance fullness is to two-strand twist the ends for the desired appearance.

Sport this hairstyle, and you’ll undoubtedly capture attention and admiration!

16. Edgy Short Style with Undercut

Edgy Short Style with Undercut
Instagram @KimberlyHandy

Here’s evidence that short haircuts for black women can also have a bold and stylish edge! To be frank, that layered undercut is a true aspiration.

It adds height to the hair, resulting in a voluminous top section and clean, well-defined sides and neckline.

17. Tapered Platinum Cut with Feathered Crown

Tapered Platinum Cut with Feathered Crown
Instagram @hairbyuno

Have you ever aspired to experiment with platinum blonde hair? Transitioning to blonde hair offers the opportunity to revamp your appearance and exude immediate charm.

Incorporate feathering into your hairstyle for a contemporary touch and added volume. It’s important to exercise caution, as such a dramatic transformation in black hair can potentially cause damage.

Fortunately, short styles like this one are not only simple to maintain but also make it easier to keep your hair well-hydrated.

18. Curly Piecey Pixie with Flyaways

Curly Piecey Pixie with Flyaways
Instagram @hairbylatise

Welcome and embrace your flyaway strands. Occasionally, imperfections can enhance the appeal of your hairstyle.

In this case, the flyaways add a touch of authenticity, preventing the style from appearing overly polished. Instead, it exudes a laid-back and effortlessly cool vibe.

19. Beautiful Brush Piece

Beautiful Brush Piece
Instagram @barbeirodiegojordan

A lovely brushpiece is a choice for women who prefer wigs or quick weaves. If you choose the quick weave, ensure that your stylist is skilled in razor cutting, as it can provide an edgy and stylish look.

However, my personal favorite is the wig option, as it allows you to take it off at your convenience and provides versatility for trying out various short hairstyles for black women.

20. Burgundy Pixie with Choppy Layers

Burgundy Pixie with Choppy Layers
Instagram @TanyaDaniels

The striking impact of the chopped pixie cut, adorned with stunning plum highlights, sets this short black hairstyle apart.

The disconnected 360 waves introduce a playful element to the look. You have the flexibility to part it as desired or leave it unparted, allowing for various styling options.

21. Short Maroon Tresses

Short Maroon Tresses
Instagram @anthonycuts

This style not only exudes a sense of boldness but also distinguishes you from other black women. Short hairstyles featuring a tapered outline are a favored choice among black women with thick hair.

22. Bold Long Top Shaved Sides

Bold Long Top Shaved Sides
Instagram @carlcampbellsalon

Even when you have only a few inches to play with, don’t believe that your choices are restricted.

Experiment with warm hues to add some dimension. For those seeking an exceptionally bold look, a shaved sides and long top combination never fails to make a stunning impression.

23. Natural Tight Curls

Natural Tight Curls
Instagram @flemingolivier

The secret to rocking short hairstyles for black women with these tight curls lies in maintaining their moisture.

As curls dry, they tend to become even tighter and can lead to damage. Consult your stylist for the most suitable moisturizer to use at home, tailored to your hair’s porosity.

A daily application of moisturizer along with combing will effortlessly have you capturing attention and admiration!

24. Blonde Short Sides Cut for Black Women

Blonde Short Sides Cut for Black Women
Instagram @joes_the_barber

Teeny Weeny Afro hairstyles are fantastic, especially when they feature waves or spikes. Elevate the style of your short ‘fro by going completely blonde.

It’s a stunning and bold look. For an extra touch of uniqueness, consider incorporating an undercut.

25. Rosewood Ombre Hairstyle

Rosewood Ombre Hairstyle
Instagram @anthonycuts

The era of understated highlights has passed. Beautiful rosewood hair dye is among the flattering color choices that enhance your skin tone.

Additionally, maintain an air of mystery with a side-swept bang, there’s no need for them to discover what lies hidden behind that curtain. At least, not just yet.

26. Blonde Pixie With Black Roots

Blonde Pixie With Black Roots
Instagram @khimandi

Continuously tending to root touch-ups, particularly with shorter hair, can be quite bothersome.

Instead, allow your roots to grow out. As long as your hair maintains a well-groomed appearance, the contrast between the deep color and platinum blonde is entirely fashionable.

Moreover, the shadowed roots paired with curled ends create the illusion of fuller hair.

27. Perfect Taper Fade for Natural Curls

Perfect Taper Fade for Natural Curls
Instagram @karennoel_

A taper fade complements natural curls, providing a balanced cut that maintains the neatness of your natural hair edges while allowing the longer top hair to take center stage.

Regular hair appointments every three weeks are essential to keep the sides well-tapered. Ensuring proper hydration is crucial for preserving the intricacy of the curls.

Incorporate oils to prevent the curls from drying out when sporting this haircut style for black women.

28. Bowl Cut Textured Pixie with Accent

Bowl Cut Textured Pixie with Accent
Instagram @shannysnaturalbeauty

There are numerous ways to highlight your facial features using short black hairstyles, and this particular cut grabs attention with its striking contrast between the blunt straight-across bangs and the extended temple sections.

29. Short Curly Hairstyle with Caramel Highlights

Short Curly Hairstyle with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @stylesbyshayloreal

Black lady’s short hairstyles provide an excellent canvas to showcase intricate styling methods.

Vintage-inspired finger waves and accentuated ringlets are incredibly fashionable and create a significant impression when combined with a short pixie cut.

The result will be stunning, regardless of your choice of highlight color.

30. Styled Finger Waves and Curls

Styled Finger Waves and Curls
Instagram @sorayahstyles

If you’re all about embracing complete glamour, then finger waves and curls are the perfect choice.

Particularly when adorned with hues like burgundy and cherry, this hairstyle exudes a diva-worthy vibe.

Naturally, achieving perfection is paramount, so consider this style only if you’re prepared to commit to the necessary upkeep.

31. Chic Short Finger Waves with a Weave

Chic Short Finger Waves with a Weave
Instagram @cymonebeatsqueens

Short haircuts for African-American women can be stylish, but as time passes, they may not always appear contemporary.

These short finger waves in black hair offer a more contemporary and youthful hairstyle option for black women in their 40s.

32. Sleek Modern Bob with a Side Part

Sleek Modern Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @dreamcutsbarberlounge

A contemporary bob featuring a side part is a timeless choice that can be customized to match your taste.

Unlike many modern bobs, this style doesn’t incorporate layers. If you desire a fuller short hairstyle for black women, consider consulting your stylist about incorporating texture and layers!

33. Extra-Short Bleached Hairstyle

Extra-Short Bleached Hairstyle
Instagram @livelifemichxoxo__

While exploring hairstyle ideas for black women, don’t overlook the option of bleached styles that can garner significant attention.

Such vibrant and unconventional coloring will perfectly enhance the owner’s overall look and add dimension to the haircut.

34. Short Afro Mohawk with Designs

Short Afro Mohawk with Designs
Instagram @pekelariley

Add a fresh and playful touch to your appearance with these patterns on a short afro mohawk. The curly hair twists with darkened tips create a stylish short haircut for black women.

35. Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @gigidoesmyhair

You can go for a rounded bob haircut that falls to ear-length, featuring charming side-swept bangs. The deep maroon hair color accentuates the sleek strands and complements the skin tone beautifully.

Don’t hesitate to consult your stylist about different styling possibilities for this short hairstyle designed for black women.


It is clear now that there are many short hairstyles for black ladies that you can pick from. We have presented some of the best that you will find, either a pixie, a bob, or even a cut.

You can either use your natural hair or try an extension. All you need to do is pick one, maybe consult your hairstylist and you are good to go.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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