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Everything You Need to Know About Invisible Locs

There are probably more protective hairstyles than ladies in the United States, and those are the only ones we can see. What about those we can’t see like the new invisible locs that’s recently gaining popularity among faux loc fans across the globe?

Just kidding: you can see invisible locs, even if that goes against the literal meaning of the hairstyle. There are other reasons why it’s named invisible locs, some of which I’ll explain later in this article.

That’s only one of the very numerous things I’ll explain about invisible locs, as this article will explain everything you need to know about the hairstyle. From the origin of its name to how you install it, you’ll leave this article an invisible locs expert.

What are Invisible Locs?

Invisible locs refer to a kind of two-strand twist hairstyle that start with flat twists, graduating into regular locs down the length of the hair. You’ve seen it several times, and it’s especially common with braids.

Since it’s a category of faux locs, you may need Marley or Cuban hair extensions to nail the look, which is essential to end with the longer part that mimics the look of real locs. While the protective hairstyle usually looks adorable, it’s also a bit challenging to install, which is why it’s not very common.

If you’re getting it done at a salon, it shouldn’t take longer than a few hours. On the other hand, you’ll need plenty of YouTube videos, a couple of days, and loads of effort to get invisible locs that’s anywhere near usable on your own.

Why is it Called Invisible Locs?

Nobody knows why it’s called invisible locs for sure, but there are several theories as to why that may be the case. Before I tell you the theory, it’s crucial to note that hair extensions for invisible locs are fed-in and not crocheted in like with regular faux locs.

That, coupled with the fact that you start the hairstyle with flat twists makes it difficult to see where the locs start from. Most people agree that’s where the “invisible locs” came from, and as it’s the most plausible theory out there, I think I have to agree.

How Long Do Invisible Locs Last?

Invisible locs take a fair amount of time to install, and for any time-consuming hairstyle, there’s one big question: how long do they take to install? Spending four hours to make a hairstyle you’ll carry for two weeks doesn’t sound like very good business to me.

With that said, you should expect to carry your invisible locs for about one to two months before it starts to look rough with frizz. The reason for that boils down to the way it’s installed; since the hair isn’t crocheted in, it won’t last nearly as long as your natural hair or properly crocheted hair.

On the bright side, you can redo the part coming off without having to take your entire hair apart, all thanks to the fact that it’s less tangled. That way, you can get a few days or weeks more from the hairstyle before inevitably visiting the salon.

How Much Do Invisible Locs Cost

Pricing is crucial when choosing a hairstyle, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Since invisible locs rely on different hair extensions to mimic regular locs, you’ll need to buy more than a few packs of hair extensions before you can even start installing the hairstyle at all.

After the extension buying episode, you may want to decide if you want someone else to work on your hair for you or if you’d prefer to do it yourself. Getting a professional costs extra, and there’s the cost of colored hair extensions to factor in if you’re adding color.

When you sum everything up, the cost of getting invisible locs comes down to around $200 on average. Depending on how much work you’re outsourcing, you can get it for as low as $150 and as high as $500. However, you shouldn’t be spending much higher than the upper limit in any case.

Pros and Cons of Invisible Locs

No hairstyle is 100% perfect. When you get invisible locs, you’ll run into scenarios where you’ll feel on top of the world and those where you’ll wish you’d gotten something different. To give you an idea of what that means, here are some pros and cons of invisible locs.


Unless you’re looking to carry it for longer than the advertised six weeks, invisible locs are as low-maintenance as they come. You can simply install the hairstyle and forget about it, only coming back for it when you need to take it apart for something else; isn’t that cool?

It’s also a fun spin on the regular faux locs trend, as it combines faux locs with regular flat twists to give you an adorable two-in-one hairstyle. While beauty is subjective, I think most people will agree that invisible locs are among the prettiest protective hairstyles you can find.


On the negative side, invisible locs don’t last nearly as long as regular or faux locs. They’re glorified feed-in twists; expecting them to give you any longevity is asking too much from them, no doubt.

You should also be ready to sit for hours once you decide to get invisible locs, as they tend to be time-consuming. Having to add hair extensions to each strand isn’t the most enjoyable activity, and neither does it save time in any way.


Invisible locs are technically not invisible, as they wouldn’t qualify to be called “locs” if they were. However, there’s a valid reason why they carry that name, and this article has explained that in detail. Apart from that, it also teaches all you need to know about the invisible locs hairstyle.

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everything you need to know about invisible locs

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