15 adorable big twist braid hairstyles

15 Adorable Big Twist Braid Hairstyles You’ll Love

Things always look better when they’re bigger, and twists are no exception. Big twists are also easier to make since you’ll be twisting fewer strands in total, dramatically cutting down how much time the process takes. In short, there are lots of reasons why you may want to try out a big twist braid hairstyle.

An issue that most people face when trying out big braids for the first time is the inability to settle on a specific style. There are tons of big twist braid hairstyles out there, but you only want to go for the best to look chic.

Here is a compilation of the best big twist braid hairstyles you can install easily. This post should essentially put an end to your search for a befitting style.

1. Jumbo Rope Twist

Jumbo Rope Twist

One of the most popular techniques for achieving larger twists is using rope twists, which is exactly what the model is wearing here. Making the rope twists large is a crucial part of the style since you generally want to achieve a jumbo look. The neat edges also count as a win in my book, as they give the style a kind of triangle-twists look.

2. Jumbo Twist Braids with Neat Edges

Jumbo Twist Braids with Neat Edges

This hairstyle is basically the same as the preceding one, except that it’s not rope twists. Also, the neat edges create more of a box-like pattern than a triangle-like one, which is common, and the frontal appears well-brushed. If you’re looking for the minimum acceptable big twist hairstyle braid, here you go.

3. Jumbo Long Senegalese Twist

Jumbo Long Senegalese Twist

Making Senegalese twists into a jumbo size is another excellent way to achieve big twist braids that will look insanely adorable. You also want to keep the edges neat to make it look somewhat like box twists, and the length is another adorable part of the inspiration; nothing stops you from wearing it on short hair anyway.

4. Big Twist on Natural Hair

Big Twist on Natural Hair

Doing away with all the Senegalese twists and technicalities, you can simply try big twists on your natural hair and end with something that looks like the hairstyle above. While it definitely looks somewhat oversimplified, it’s also adorable, and you shouldn’t ask for a lot more from your hairstyle.

5. Mixed Tone Jumbo Passion Twist

Mixed Tone Jumbo Passion Twist

Why use natural hair in your big twist braid hairstyles when you can achieve better colors with colored hair extensions? Your natural hair color might be excellent, but two is always better than one. This example uses a combination of a red-like color and brown, but you can use any colors you want, as long as they look good.

6. Burnette Big Twist Braid

Burnette Big Twist Braid

Combining colors is great, but not always; sometimes, you just have to go with a single color that best describes how you want to look. That’s what going on here: instead of mixing red and brown or some other weird colors, she simply went all brunette, and I’ll confess, I’m loving it.

7. Big Twist with Curly Ends

Big Twist with Curly Ends

A clever way to make big twists look better without ruining them is to make the ends curly. Curly ends always have a beautifying effect on most twist hairstyles, and big twist braids isn’t an exception. You can combine this with one of the recommended ideas above for an even more adorable hairstyle overall.

8. Shoulder-Length Passion Twist with Curls

Shoulder-Length Passion Twist with Curls

Getting your twists to be very long is certainly a good thing, but they don’t have to be, especially if your hair isn’t very long, to begin with. Keeping your big twist braid hairstyle at shoulder level is an excellent way to show it off better, highlighting the ends. Adding curly ends to something like this will only make it extra chic, which is what you want.

9. Big Twist with Bleached Ends

Big Twist with Bleached Ends

These twists aren’t exactly big, but you can make them bigger when trying to copy the hairstyle. Also, the size isn’t the highlight in the first place. What this inspiration is trying to show is the idea that you can dye the ends of your hair after installing big twist braid hairstyles, while keeping it adorable. This is clearly one of the best ways to get a mixed-tone hairstyle.

10. Long Blonde Big Twist Braid

Long Blonde Big Twist Braid

If blonde hair happens to be your thing, you may want to make your big twist braid hairstyle blonde. It’s one of the most adorable hairstyles in this compilation, and the length is clearly one of the highlights of this style. This is no doubt one of the most adorable hairstyles in the compilation.

11. Box Tri-Colored Twist Braid with Curls

Box Tri-Colored Twist Braid with Curls

Two colors in a single hairstyle is always interesting, but why not use three? Three different colors in a hairstyle isn’t only adorable, it’s also a good way to make a fashion statement using your hair. The curly ends of this hairstyle is something else I admire, making the entire package a huge load of beauty.

12. Big Classic Marley Twist with Curls

Big Classic Marley Twist with Curls

If you’re a fan of the iconic Marley twists, this hairstyle should be your favorite from the compilation. It’s just the hairstyle in its most basic form with no color additions or weird styles, and it already looks adorable that way. When you look closely, however, you’ll notice slight curls at the ends, which explains the added prettiness.

13. Big Twist Braids with Clip

Big Twist Braids with Clip

We’ve seen some box big twist braids earlier, and here is another idea that you might be interested in. It’s the same thing as what you’ve been seeing earlier, but here, the big twists are well-pronounced, making them look somewhat prettier than usual. Also, there are tiny clips here and there that accentuate the hairstyle, making it one of the best I’ve seen.

14. Jumbo Short Marley Twist with Curls

Jumbo Short Marley Twist with Curls

Marley twists have made an appearance earlier, but they’re just so good that they’ll be making another. Here, the twists get a mid-parting that looks somewhat significant, but it doesn’t seem to play a big role in the style. The highlight here is the curls at the ends, they make it look so much better.

15. Big Twist with Updo

Big Twist with Updo

Updos are common in the big twist world, but somehow, this compilation has missed one so far. Not recommending one at this point would be a great disservice, which is why I dug for the best I could find. If you’ll be replicating this, you should be ready to make pretty long twists, as your hair won’t be sufficient otherwise.


If you’re a fan of big twists, you may be out for some new hairstyle ideas that follow the template. To help you out, I’ve compiled 15 of the best big twist braid hairstyles on the internet that you can replicate. This way, you should never have to worry about getting a perfect style again.

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