adorable black bob hairstyles with weave

17 Adorable Black Bob Hairstyles with Weave

There’s no better time to join the bob hairstyles trend, but what’s a better way to do that than trying some black bob hairstyles with weave? This compilation will help you do just that.

There are several ways to wear your hair beautifully, and this website recommends tons of ideas. However, there are some instances when you’ve already made up your mind on what hairstyle to wear for a chic look. One hairstyle that seems to have a ton of fans is the classic bob: it looks simple and elegant, and there’s just no reason not to like it.

When describing a hairstyle, the term “bob” is a bit too vague, as bobs can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. In this specific instance, we’re talking black bob hairstyles, as it’s the most popular color for the hairstyle. The popularity of the color is not unrelated to how adorable it looks with bobs, but how should you style black hairstyles, really?

In this compilation, I’ll quickly take you through 17 of the best bob hairstyles with weave that I saw during my quick search around. If you have no idea what kind of bob hairstyle to make, this section will give you more ideas than you’ve ever hoped to see. WIthout further ado, let’s jump into the compilation.

1. Classic Wavy Bob

Classic Wavy Bob

The vast majority of the bob hairstyles are on straight hair, but bobs don’t have to be straight; they look arguably just as good on wavy hair! If you like sporting wavy hair, it may interest you to know that a bob isn’t out of the question for you, and it’s even an adorable option. Making the hairstyle shoulder length like the model above will make it look even more adorable, qualifying it as one of the best bob hairstyles with weave.

2. Simple Bob with Center Parting

Simple Bob with Center Parting

Wavy bobs may look alright, but nothing compares to the perfection of getting a bob on straight hair. If you want to make the perfection of the style even more perfect, you should consider getting a center parting, which is considered like the default look for a bob. With such a vibrant smile to match the elegant hairstyle, you’re already among the most adorable black bob wearers.

3. Statment Bob with Curvy Ends

Statment Bob with Curvy Ends

All bobs tend to have a curve at the end, but you can always get that extra curvature for a unique or “statement” bob. While I’m not a fan of this style particularly, it looks good enough, especially for someone trying to make a statement with their hair. The center parting is also standard, making it easier to come to terms with the special features.

4. Loose Wave Bob with Side Parting

Loose Wave Bob with Side Parting

A center parting could be standard, but it’s certainly not the rule. Instead of restricting yourself to a parting at the center, you can always go with a parting towards a side, which gives a more interesting look than going with the convention. Combining that with loose waves across the entire hair adds some extra beauty, making this hairstyle easier to recommend.

5. Sleek Crop Bob

Sleek Crop Bob

We’ve come to get used to bobs that stop around shoulder level with a slight curvature, but the idea of a bob has nothing to do with either of those concepts. As long as the hair is at neck length around your head, it’s a bob. If you don’t want to deal with shoulder-length hair, you should consider “cropping” the bob to stop at neck level, and according to the image above, it loos pretty awesome.

6. Simple Blunt Cut Bob

Simple Blunt Cut Bob

If you have an oval shaped face, a simple blunt cut bob could be your best bet, as it complements the look of ladies with that quality excellently. You also want to try this if you have thin hair, as it helps create the impression of fuller hair, which is something you’d want. An extra touch is making a visible center parting, which makes the style look infinitely better.

7. T Part Black Bob

T Part Black Bob

Getting a bob with a full frontal area reinforces the idea that it’s your natural hair, which is something most people admire in a hairstyle. The idea of a bob from a t-part wig is genius, as it facilitates a natural center parting that would’ve been impossible otherwise. With a bright flash of smile from the model, this hairstyle could go from a 9/10 to a 10!

8. Bob Weave with Fringe

Bob Weave with Fringe

I’ve never been a fan of a fringe on bobs, but with a hairstyle that looks this great, what’s there not to love? With a weave that looks this good, getting a center or side parting becomes very unnecessary. Undoubtedly, this look qualifies to be among the best black bob hairstyles with weave by merit.

9. Classic Bob with Bangs

Classic Bob with Bangs

Talking about fringes and bangs, here’s another excellent black bob weave that you should consider installing. It makes excellent use of the hair’s wavy nature to create a beautiful pattern that makes a slight fringe above her eyebrow. It’s not what first comes to your mind when you think of a bob, but it’s undoubtedly a very alluring one.

10. One-Sided Swoop Bob Weave

One-Sided Swoop Bob Weave

While center partings seem to work best for bob hairstyles with weave, we’ve seen a couple of excellent side partings so far, and with this extra idea, you can already tell there’s even more. This one-sided swoop will work for all head shapes, and I don’t have to start describing how beautiful it looks. If you can replicate that gorgeous smile, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll make it to the cover of a fashion magazine.

11. Sleek Black Bob with Weave

Sleek Black Bob with Weave

This style looks like a replica of the preceding one, but you can spot a few differences if you look more closely. Firstly, the parting is on the opposite side of the model’s head, which is a matter of preference. Also, the side swoop is not as pronounced as what we saw earlier, but it looks adorable nonetheless. This may not push you to the cover of a magazine, but it’s not a mediocre style either.

12. Bob Weave with Full Fringe

Bob Weave with Full Fringe

We’ve seen a partial fringe with a few strands of hair earlier, but yours doesn’t have to be exactly like that. A full fringe is a much thicker version that gives the impression of fuller hair, and it’s not all that difficult to make. To be fair, I don’t imagine so many people are fans of this style, but if it looks great to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for it.

13. Shoulder Length Black Bob

Shoulder Length Black Bob

Nailing this style and making it look exactly as it does here requires you to have pretty distinct physical features, specifically an oval-shaped head and a relatively long neck. With those, you’ll need your hair to be somewhat long to reach shoulder level, creating a special kind of bob hairstyle that looks long, adorable, and fit to be one of the best black bob hairstyles with weave.

14. Bob Weave with Minimal Baby Hair

Bob Weave with Minimal Baby Hair

Given that we’re looking at hairstyles of the same kind and color here, you shouldn’t expect dramatic differences among most of them. WIth that said, this bob weave looks very similar to the preceding idea, but it also happens to be one of the adorable I’ve seen online. With the slight parting in the middle and the near-perfect length, I’ll gladly wear this any day.

15. Sexy Bob Weave with Lace Frontal

Sexy Bob Weave with Lace Frontal

If you’re looking for something different, this bob weave with a lace frontal should work perfectly for you. The lace frontal gives the hair a more natural look compared to something with a closure, for example, but that’s not the only good thing about this hairstyle. I’m also a big fan of the side parting, and her entire makeup works in cohesion with the style for the excellent look.

16. Short Bob Weave

Short Bob Weave

Throughout this compilation, we’ve seen shoulder-length bobs, even as I stated clearly that the only length requirement for the hairstyle was being neck-length. While the short bob weave won’t win any fashion awards, it looks good enough to be your hairstyle of choice for a few weeks. When you add such an electric smile, it becomes hard to criticize anything about the look.

17. Straight Classic Bob Weave

Straight Classic Bob Weave

Since all the hairstyles in this compilation have been excellent so far, it’s only fair to end it with something that’s as good as we’ve seen. With variable lengths on either side and a beautiful side parting, this hairstyle is simply easy to love. If you can go through the effort of putting on as much makeup as she did, you may stand a chance of taking her place in the next compilation.


If you’re looking to wear bobs as your next hairstyle, you should’ve seen your choice from the suggestions above. However, you may have to reconsider if none of them appeal to you; there are other hairstyles that will work equally as great for you. Here are some of our other hairstyle compilations to consider checking out for ideas.

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