22 Popular Black Bob Hairstyles

22 Popular Black Bob Hairstyles

People like bob hairstyles naturally but there are some people who just love black bob hairstyles. If you are one of such persons, then you are in for a treat. As you read through, we will be presenting some of the best and most popular bob hairstyles that you can try.

22 Popular Black Bob Hairstyles

As promised, here are the best black bob hairstyles:

1. Chic Layered Bob

Chic Layered Bob
Instagram @hairbylatise

This cut has a lovely profile thanks to the layers. Because of how skillfully the layers are layered, they almost create a shag.

That is especially seen in the back, where the bob is structured and gently shaped. Bottom line: This bob appears to have been trimmed bluntly.

2. African American High Shine Bob

African American High Shine Bob
Instagram @brendageehair

For most face shapes, the sleek, streamlined bob delivers a pleasing silhouette.

The side-parted, rounded-shaped black hair bob with its side part adds more luster and fullness to fine, thin hair. The majority of black bobs look their finest with peek-a-boo bangs.

3. Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob

Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob
Instagram @noorface

This cut is really adorable! For women with thin hair who want to start again and love texture, it’s fantastic.

4. Short Black Bob

Short Black Bob
Instagram @chantelle

a seductively edgy yet stylish bob cut. For a polished appearance, keep it straight and frizz-free. For an effortless twist, consider subtle waves.

5. Feathered A-Line Bob

Feathered A-Line Bob
Instagram @keena360

Fantastic slimming results are produced by the stacked, angled bob. Your face is lengthened and drawn down by the long side pieces that hide your ears and sides.

There are many layers in the back, which add great volume. Black women with thick, straight hair look especially beautiful in bob haircuts.

6. Short Messy Black Bob

Short Messy Black Bob
Instagram @khristie_jackson

Curls look good in even short hairstyles. They will give your bob some substance if they are loose and wavy.

To achieve the flawlessly imperfect look, slightly tousle the hair. It’s the untidy kind that is actually really adorable. To pull off this hairstyle, you’ll need choppy layers.

7. Short Layered Black Bob with Thick Bangs

Short Layered Black Bob with Thick Bangs
Instagram @360_hairstudio

With bangs and layers, you can add some much-needed attitude to your bob.

These embellishments will not only give the cut personality but will also give it body and movement.

Add some delicate accents to the mix to give it even more depth and elegance.

8. Ear-Length Bob with Long Bangs

Ear-Length Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @hairhabitssalon

Shorter hairstyles are always sassy, but you can take it a step further by combining the length with a sharp side part and styling the top strands into opulent bangs that reach the cheekbones.

9. Sleek Blunt Bob with Shine

Sleek Blunt Bob with Shine
Instagram @osheargenius

Black bob haircuts benefit greatly from contemporary straightening methods like the silk press, which enable you to amaze onlookers with flawlessly shaped, gorgeously polished, and incredibly shining hair, like this elegant and timelessly chic appearance.

10. Cute Layered Pixie Bob

Cute Layered Pixie Bob
Instagram @rachel_redd

It can be scary to go for the big chop, but if you’ve had heat damage, you must have the unhealthy ends removed.

However, you do not have to go extremely short. Select a neck-length style that gives you some more length to experiment with.

11. Chin Length Bob with Curtain Bangs

Chin Length Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @pinkdagger

A bob with curtain bangs is the cutest option if you’re seeking a cute haircut. These beauties expertly frame the face, softening your appearance and giving your shortcut a feminine feel.

12. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
Instagram @marsay

Front bangs immediately offer you a stylish, contemporary flair. Regardless of the shape of your face, black hair bobs can beautifully frame your face and cheekbones.

13. Classic Stacked Bob

Classic Stacked Bob
Instagram @teagancousins.hair

Dark hair and a darker skin tone go wonderfully well with the timeless stacked bob hairstyle.

The combination of this hair’s mind-blowing volume and flow with a shorter length and stacked back creates an incredibly stylish hairdo.

14. Short Thick Stacked Bob

Short Thick Stacked Bob
Instagram @stylesbylexx

Being proud of having thick hair is important since it indicates healthy hair. A stacked bob improves the cut’s body even further.

The sweeping layers are stylish enough for a night out but polished enough for the workweek. To ensure that your hair continues to grow long and thick, it’s crucial to cut any split ends.

15. Sleek Bob with Middle Part

Sleek Bob with Middle Part
Instagram @jhair_stylist

If you value a tidy appearance and straight lines, think about getting a blunt bob.

Be prepared, though, as this style needs a little more upkeep than the majority of other bobs. Regular trims and flat ironing should become your credo.

16. Bob Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting

Bob Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting
Instagram @shareka.bivens

This shoulder-length design is sleek and understated with a side part that draws attention to the eyes and reshapes the face.

This is a style you’ll enjoy that is simple to maintain and is ideal for both a day at the office and a night out with your pals.

17. Black Blunt Bob with Feathered Bangs

Black Blunt Bob with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @sorayahstyles

For most women, bobs are a flattering hairdo. This blunt cut features a lot of soft layers on the top and sides and is accurate at the bottom.

The straight edge is fashionable and gives a clean, polished appearance.

18. Short Feminine Espresso Brown Bob

Short Feminine Espresso Brown Bob
Instagram @salonpk

Black women’s bob hairstyles are a stylish and practical option for people who find maintaining longer hair to be too difficult. Going short doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lose flair.

How could anyone not adore a good bob, with its precisely trimmed ends and smooth edges?

19. Short Jaw-Length Bob with Swoopy Layers

Short Jaw-Length Bob with Swoopy Layers
Instagram @keena360

Simple can yet look stylish. A few swooping layers highlight the jet-black color’s depth. Try adding a couple of extensions to increase thickness.

They’re not simply for people who want their hair to skim their backs.

20. Black Bob with Caramel Highlights

Black Bob with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @the_hair_extraordinaire

When done correctly, caramel is one of the finest colors to contrast with dark hair. The accentuated streaks on this black bob assist illustrate the asymmetrical cut.

You keep returning for more because it is a story you find yourself unable to put down.

21. Black Feathered Inverted Bob

Black Feathered Inverted Bob
Instagram @brendageehair

One of the most attractive and fashionable bob hairstyles for black women with thick, straight hair is a short, inverted cut with a side part.

There are numerous feathery layers in the swoopy side-swept bangs that reach the neck. The back is large and rounded and tapers inward toward the collarbone.

22. Inverted Feathered Black Lob

Inverted Feathered Black Lob
Instagram @salonshavon

The fantastic feathered shoulder-length bob was introduced with a crisp side part and smooth edges. In the front, the thick hair is left long enough to touch the collarbone and slim down your face.

It is chopped sharply. With several feathery layers that have been flipped up, the back perspective is just as intriguing.


Black bob hairstyles are the perfect style that you can rely on at any time. You can simply pick anyone from the list that we have given and we assure you that it will look extremely good on you.

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22 Popular Black Bob Hairstyles

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