15 Best Black French Braid Hairstyles Ideas

15 Best Black French Braid Hairstyles Ideas

As a black woman, braids can make you exceptionally beautiful and the black French braid does this exceptionally well. However, you may not be creative enough to have limited ideas about how to go about it. We have put together this piece of work to make you understand as you read through, what French braids are about and different ideas that will look good on you.

Before we dive into talking extensively about the different styles you can achieve with French braids, let’s understand first, what French braids are all about.

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What are French Braids?

Many people love the French braid because it is elegant, timeless, and easy to do.

French braids are easy to do, despite their complex appearance because of their exquisite weaving. The trick is to braid each section after adding a strand of hair to it.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of a conventional braid, you might want to give a French lace braid a try for an elegant twist.

How to Do French Braid Hairstyles

It’s not difficult to learn to French braid your own hair. You must master the basic pattern that each style uses even if there are a variety of French braid designs for black hair that may be created.

Here are some points you can take note of:

  • Each braid requires three strands to be formed simultaneously.
  • Choose three strands to braid at the top of each section.
  • Take one of the left-hand strands.
  • Move it over the third strand on the right and under the center strand.
  • The strand that was on the first left is now on the third right as a result.
  • Continue by pulling more hair from below each time you go under and over with the fresh strand on the left until you reach the base of your neck or the place you decide to stop.
  • To create a French braid, simply cross the first of your three hair strands beneath the second and over the third strands several times.

French braids are typically done on long hair, but it appears that black women with short hair can also pull them off.

Although technically correct, you don’t actually need long hair to achieve the look because there are packs of braiding hair that will work as long as your own hair is long enough to hold the braiding hair in place.


Best French Braids Hairstyle You Could Make

You can try a lot of other styles but we assure you that these are the  best that you would find, check them out:

1. Fulani Braid

Fulani Braid
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This kind of elaborate braiding is useful for giving your French braids more style. However, unless you are an expert at self-braiding, you shouldn’t attempt to DIY this.

2. Double French Braids

Double French Braids
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These black-hair French braids are even cuter than goddess braids. They can be styled however you see fit.

3. Dutch French Braids

Dutch French Braids
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Sometimes keeping things simple is best.

Simply follow steps 1 through 3 to create the traditional French braids hairstyle on black hair, omitting the use of gold twine to connect the two braided tails.

Depending on the business you work in, you can wear this timeless hairstyle as a casual look to work, outdoor activities, a day at the beach, or school.

4. Curl French Braids

Curl French Braids
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Instead of braiding your hair from the top, start at the hairline and route the braids to the crown. You’ll have a fantastic pattern if you do this.

To better define the shape of your curls, pin the remaining hair to the top and use a curling mousse. Even some metallic golden beads can be added for decoration.

5. French Mohawk Braid

French Mohawk Braid
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Your braids will benefit greatly from the existing ombre in your hair for this hairdo. The hair should be divided into two halves, with the top section being used to create and secure a French braid.

Now apply a detangler and thoroughly comb your hair to prepare it for the lower hair region. Utilize the remaining hair to create twists, a different kind of braid.

6. Half-Up Braids

Half-Up Braids
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Create an oval-shaped braided shape that is crossed by a thicker straight braid beginning in the middle of your forehead.

Style more braids from the sides and forehead corners, then gather them in the upper back. Curl the remaining hair and leave the rest unbraided.

7. Side French Cornrows

Side French Cornrows
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It would be a shame if you didn’t utilize this incredible volume and texture if you have such curly hair. Your top should be divided from the back and then again in the middle.

French braids can be created using both sides. Make sure your rear highlights pop out if you have them. Make your curls stand out by using texturizing products.

8. Ultra Long Braids

Ultra Long Braids
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If you add hair extensions to these gorgeous black French braids, the knitwear will thicken up.

Utilizing the middle section, divide your mane into two sections. First, make two thin parallel braids above the ears and reserve them.

Build your huge braids from the forehead outward, and then add the side knits.

9. Four-In-Two Braids

Four-In-Two Braids
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French braid hairstyles for black women don’t always have to be straightforward. Try these 4-in-1 braids if you want to try something new. French braids.

10. Side French Braids

Side French Braids
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Who says French braids on black women have to go all the way down? Feeling rebellious?

Then braid them to the side of your head, and while you’re at it, add a few more than two. You have the option of packing this in a bun on the side or letting it fall naturally.

11. French Braids with Weave

French Braids with Weave
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It’s not always necessary to braid hair that matches your hair color. Cool contrast braids are made by using contrasting colors.

Try braiding your hair in two colors for two-toned French braids if you’re a black woman. It would acquire a twofold tone as a result of the contrast created.


12. French Braids with Micro Braids

French Braids with Micro Braids
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Two French braids are superior to one pair of French braids.

This appearance is completely eccentric. the twin braids on either side, the small cornrow braids in the center, and the way they all come together to form a single braid.

13. French Braided Buns

French Braided Buns
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These stylish French braids with elaborate braid patterns in the middle, which terminate in braided buns rather than pigtails, are another hip and unique braiding style for black women.

You should contact a stylist for this as it isn’t really one that can be done at home.

Do you like these lovely French braid ideas for black hair? Try one of these hairstyles for your upcoming hairstyle and rock!

14. Classic Long Braids For Long Black Hair

Classic Long Braids For Long Black Hair
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It’s a timeless but contemporary hairdo. For people who want to change the way their hair looks, this style is ideal.

The traditional long braid is simple to replicate and flattering on the majority of facial shapes, hairstyles, and hair textures.

15. Shiny French Braid

Shiny French Braid
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This hairdo is a masterpiece. It is attractive and adaptable.

Depending on what you want to do with your hair that day, you can wear it in a variety of ways. It is a straightforward haircut that complements your appearance.


French braids are an exceptional style and when you make it black, there is a spice to it. You should try these styles as we have presented in this piece.

You can even go as well as being creative and try some new ideas now that you have a great understanding of what French braids are all about.

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15 Best Black French Braid Hairstyles Ideas

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