20 Black Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you’re looking for hairstyles for round faces, then you’ve come to the right place! We will provide you with some of the best hairstyles for round faces, and explain why they work so well. We’ll also give you tips on how to choose the right style for your face shape and hair type. So, get ready to find the perfect hairstyle for you!

20 Black Hairstyles for Round Faces

Regardless of your hair texture, if you have a round face, you will definitely find a hairstyle that suits you and your personality.

1. Ghanaian Cornrow

Hairstyles for Round Faces
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This hairstyle, in particular, is ideal for a lady with a round face. In this situation, the ponytail helps to lengthen the face. This is due to the ponytail’s strategic placement–at the top of the head. This style accentuates the round-faced lady’s facial characteristics while also lengthening the face.

2. Blonde Afro – African short hairstyle

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Wabasha Maxine, a Kenyan YouTuber, is the epitome of how to rock a round face. She is wearing a stunning kinky blonde Afro in the photo above, which enhances her incredibly beautiful facial features. This hairstyle is perfect since it is simple yet interesting.

3. Top Ponytail

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The picture above shows how a ponytail can work for a round-faced lady if it is worn at the top of the head. Doesn’t she look stunning? I also think it’s worth highlighting how flawless her makeup is.

4. Makeba Braids

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The name ‘Makeba’ relates to the large, chunky quality of these braids. The chunky texture of the braids works to lengthen the length at the crown of your face, making the Makeba hairstyle one of the greatest black hairstyles for round faces.

5. Fulani-inspired Ghanaian Cornrows

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These mid-parted Ghanaian cornrows are an artistic creation for the round-cheeks, for whatever reason. This could be because the braids expose the face, making it possible to enjoy the attractive features without any hindrance.

6. Black Kinky Afro with Side-parting

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We have not forgotten you, people who prefer natural hair. Why not give your Afro the side parting that will accentuate your best features and slim your face if you want it to work for your round face?

7. Full Head Afro

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Embrace your bold and wild side by confidently sporting your voluminous Afro hairstyle. This particular hairdo is exceptionally well-suited for individuals with a round face shape, as it allows all the distinctive facial features to remain fully visible and be openly appreciated.

8. Blonde Box Braids

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Makeba box braids are a fantastic choice for round faces because they highlight the important features of the face without emphasizing the roundness.

9. Knotless Braids

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Knotless braids are really popular right now. Braids for round fat faces appear gorgeous and work well with all facial forms. The braids come in a variety of styles and colors and are extremely adaptable.

10. Goddess Box Braids

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Classic goddess box braids allow you to show off the lovely definition of your curls without losing flair. These braids are not only fashionable but also quite adaptable, making them a perfect choice for a variety of looks and situations.

11. Feed-IN Ponytail Braids


Feed-in ponytail braids are fashionable and trendy. As it takes attention away from plump cheeks, the haircut offers the illusion of a slender and lengthened face. You can add some cuffs to this look to make it more interesting.

12. Side Swept Braids

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Side-swept braids are a wonderful choice for folks with round, chubby features who want to keep their curls while also being creative. This braided hairstyle is really basic and can be completed in no time. Furthermore, it is simple to maintain!

13. Lemonade Braids Ponytail

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The lemonade braided ponytail hairdo is lovely and exact. It’s without a doubt one of the best braids for round, chubby faces because it slims and lengthens them.

14. Shoulder-length Crochet Goddess Locs

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These stunning faux locs curve and texture the face. Because the faux locs sweep the shoulder, the medium-length crochet faux locs have a bit more oomph.

15. Crocheted Soft Curls

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This crochet hairdo has delicate curls and choppy layers. The hair also helps elongate round faces since it falls below the shoulders.

16. Beach Wave Faux Locs

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The beauty of crochet faux locs is that you may wear them straight, curly, wavy, or anything in between! These fake appearances would look great on fuller faces because the waves create dimension.

17. Corkscrew Curly Haircut

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A corkscrew curly hairstyle is ideal for black women. A voluminous round-shaped cut will give your hair a lot of substance and a delicate form. Get a shorter length to highlight the exquisite texture of your corkscrew curls.

18. Rezo Cut Curls and Coils

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A Rezo haircut requires only 3-6 months of care, and styling your hair is a breeze. This curly short hairstyle is wash-and-go, which means you may apply gel or styling cream to your hair and let it air dry.

19. Ear-Length Curly Haircut with a Middle Part

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A middle-part ear-length haircut will simplify your morning routine. If you decide to cut your hair short, be aware that your hair will get lighter the shorter you go. Also, this gives your hair strands more curl. You’ll be more mobile, vibrant, and physically strong.

20. Glossy Curly Bob with Bangs

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Every four to eight weeks, curly bobs with bangs need to be maintained to maintain their structure and bounce. Cleanse, use your preferred curl-defining product, allow to air dry, use a diffuser to scrunch dry, or wrap dry with a microfiber towel.


Our exploration of hairstyles for round faces has given you a wide array of options that take into account the form, length, and texture of your hair, as well as your own style and preferences. It should empower you with the knowledge you need when making decisions about your hair.

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