15 Braided Weave Hairstyles You Should Try Out

15 Braided Weave Hairstyles You Should Try Out

Braided weave hairstyles are what most ladies prefer these days. Maybe because it’s easy to maintain or for some other reason but what we are certain of is that if you make it, it will look good on you. To crown it all, we have some amazing styles for you to look at as you read through. Please pay attention to the pictorial representation.

15 Braided Weave Hairstyles

Here are some of the best-braided weave hairstyles:

1. Four into Two

Four into Two
Instagram @mo_uniquestyles

When you can have four braids, why have two? Plaiting four-stitch braids at the front of your head and joining them all in the rear will give you a distinctive appearance.

This is a great alternative to the typical gelled-down appearance.

2. Braided Bun

Braided Bun
Instagram @braidsbydesign

Hairstyles with buns are essential for the spring and summer. So why not make a braided bun by combining two of the hottest styles?

This braiding pattern has stunning smaller and thicker braids. This can be done in so many various ways that you may try it out or experiment with different thicknesses.

3. Two Braids with Weave

Two cornrow braids are always a great way to style your hair, especially if you pair them with a long, curly weave. This look combines cuteness with simplicity and elegance.

4. Curved Braided Weave

Curved Braided Weave
Instagram @styles_bypatricia

A fresh style can be achieved by bending the braid at the front of the head rather than commencing both braids at the forehead.

The two-braid style is still present, but on that side, there is a twist and a partial halo appearance.

5. Elegant Half Up Ponytail

Elegant Half Up Ponytail
Instagram @filthyrichtresses

Choose a sophisticated half-updo with a high, curled ponytail. The stylist added a few twists of the weave around the pony base to the top, which is also braided, to increase the glam.

6. Wavy Ponytails

Wavy Ponytails
Instagram @shay.styles__

One of the greatest aspects of this look that I have seen is the small braid designs. These looks don’t have to be limited to two braids and can be highly customized.

Between the two thicker plaits at the side of the head, plait wavy braids achieve this style.

7. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail
Instagram @mimisbraids

The following look is a chic cornrow ponytail. You can see why cornrow braids are really in right now. These feed-in cornrows begin extremely small and then get bigger.

This results in a distinctive look and provides the ponytail with a modern, fresh appearance that is perfect for spring and summer.

Don’t forget that you can add some hair cords, cuffs, or both to the braids for decoration.

8. Elegant Butterfly Braid

Elegant Butterfly Braid
Instagram @hair_i_am757

Although this butterfly braid hairstyle appears to require a lot of labor, it doesn’t.

Add gold or silver colored cords as an accessory to your butterfly braids for the ideal finishing touch.

When you want to feel extremely glam and exquisite, use this look.

9. Small Wavy Braid Designs

Small Wavy Braid Designs
Instagram @growinghandsz

One of the greatest aspects of this look that I have seen is the small braid designs. These looks don’t have to be limited to two braids and can be highly customized.

Between the two thicker plaits at the side of the head, plait wavy braids achieve this style.

10. Two Braids on a Wig

Two Braids on a Wig
Instagram @epitomeofbeautyllc__

Double braids are another option for your wig. This is a good suggestion, especially if your hair is shorter and you can’t pull off the two-braid style.

11. Part Design

Part Design
Instagram @stylesbyambss

It’s a brilliant idea to form a triangle with tiny braids behind the side half. The new shapes add to this appearance, which I appreciate.

Even little details like the triangle pieces contribute to the aesthetic.

Depending on where the part is, you can make any pattern and place it either in the middle of the head or on one of the sides.

12. Partial Halo Effect

Partial Halo Effect
Instagram @sabrina_cp

You can use different braid types for your two ponytails in place of standard braids. The plait is arranged around the head in the shape of a halo to create this appearance.

Due to the loose way, the plaits flow down at the end, the appearance portrayed is more akin to a half halo look.

13. Feed in Cornrows

Feed in Cornrows
Instagram @naturallytemi

Our next selection demonstrates that braided hairstyles may be works of art. If you choose to go with this look, add some hair accessories to spice up the braids.

You can effortlessly add braid cuffs as a fashionable finishing touch to your hair. The long braids and gold cuffs go beautifully together. You could choose any hue and include as many as you like.

14. Loose at the Back

Loose at the Back
Instagram @_stylesbygiftedhands_

Two braids in the front and loose hair in the rear can be done if you want to stand out. There are many other ways to style these braids, including to the side or the back.

It is a terrific approach to test out a fresh appearance. By incorporating some hair in the back that is a different color or by adding a pop of color to the braids in the front, you can give this look a special touch.

15. Blue Ombre Cornrow Braids

Blue Ombre Cornrow Braids
Instagram @jess_jessy.s

Here’s another fashionable method to wear gorgeous cornrows. The cornrows that run down the head in this style are thicker.

These are left untied rather than being pulled back into a ponytail. Any female will look great in this stylish design.

Such a look is ideal for the spring and summer. Don’t be scared to experiment with various colors and fashion trends.


There are many braided weave hairstyles out there, considering that these hairstyles are what is trending. However, if you were looking for the best, then you have found them.

Check them out, consider the shape of your head, and choose which will best fit you and you are good to go.

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15 Braided Weave Hairstyles You Should Try Out

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