20 Bubble Braids Hairstyle for African Women

20 Bubble Braids Hairstyle for African Women

Bubble braids are serious hairstyles that are easy to make. The truth, however, is that how you look with the bubble braid is limited to how far you can imagine. You may not be a hairstylist and that is where we come in. As you read through, you will be guided as to what style you can make with the tribal with images to help you pick which will be best for you.

What are Bubble Braids?

They are a cute alternative to the typical ponytail. Instead of letting the hair fall in a straight ponytail, chunky puffs are created with the use of elastic bands to create an appearance that resembles several bubbles.

The best aspect of this specific hairstyle is that it complements a variety of hair lengths and textures, including straight and curly hair.

The balloon ponytail is another name for the bubble braid. Thus, you will understand fully when someone refers to a balloon ponytail in the future.

Most people who wear their hair naturally frequently prefer a straightforward protective style. They still make them beautiful even when they’re not doing anything demanding or lavish.

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That being said, let’s take a look at some really good bubble braids that stand out and would really look good on you.

20 Bubble Braids Hairstyle You Should Try

Bubble braids are not limited to these 20 hairstyles, but you are assured that any of these styles that you make, will make you stand out.

Here are 20 of the best bubble braids that you can make:

1. Bubble Box Braids

Bubble Box Braids
Instagram @iamnyaab_

Bubble braids are unquestionably one of the best and most wearable fashion trends to come out of the 1980s. It’s a simple hairstyle that you can easily modify to fit the texture and length of your hair.

It’s also playful and enjoyable. Additionally, you can pair it with other braided styles, such as box braids for protection.

Box braids are made by dividing the hair into squares and making small plaits that resemble boxes, hence the name.

If you want a different approach, you can use bubble braids. Rather than braiding all the way down, stop halfway and add bubble portions to the ends.

Or you could think of a clever way to combine both of these hairstyles; consult your hairdresser in advance to see which choice is ideal for you.

2. Small Bubble Braids

Small Bubble Braids
Instagram @myluuuh

Keep it basic with small bubble braids for a more subdued and wearable effect, or go big and wild with bubbles the size of a softball.

If someone wants to experiment with the look, this is a great choice.

Small bubble braids are a terrific way to modernize the traditional ponytail because they can be made on the hair of all different lengths and types.

You can also do multiple ponytails for a fun, dynamic style rather than concentrating on just one.

3. Six Bubble Braids

Six Bubble Braids
Instagram @allthingsmariehq

This look may also be achieved with several braids, so you are not limited to just one bubble braid. Why not try six bubble braids for a striking and trendy hairstyle?

To get this style, you should divide your hair into six sections. The hair will then be pulled to produce the bubble look after adding your preferred hair elastics to the length of each ponytail.

The bubbles can be large and obvious or microscopic for a more covert strategy. Additionally, you can give the hair a distinctive touch by using wire or cuffs.

4. Bubble Braids with Extensions

Bubble Braids with Extensions
Instagram @thebreezambience

With most hair textures, bubble braids look wonderful in a variety of lengths. On longer hair, they are much simpler to pull off.

The extra length can also provide you with more options for how to style your braids, allowing you to wear them high or mixed with a more elaborate braided style on the top half of your head.

If your hair is not naturally long, extensions can help you attain the look you want.

They are also fantastic for adding volume to the hair, making them the best option for someone with naturally thin or fine hair.

The texture created by the bubble braid can also give the impression that your hair is thicker and fuller.

5. Two High Bubble Braids

Two High Bubble Braids
Instagram @braidafro__

Because it is adaptable and fashionable, the bubble braid is making a comeback. There are numerous approaches to the haircut, allowing you to choose the appearance that best appeals to you.

Try two high bubble braids if you want to make a statement with your look. On either side of the head, high ponytails are pulled up, and they are secured with hair elastics.

The hair is then pulled to form the bubble. To add more drama, this look looks great with medium-length to long hair! Although you can play about with the parting, this hairstyle looks best with a center part.

For individuals with symmetrical features, it is the ideal choice because it will draw attention to the face.

6. Bubble Braids with Beads

Bubble Braids with Beads
Instagram @simplychisom_

This can be the regular bubble braids that you are familiar with. It can be a big bubble braid or a smaller one.

The difference between this bubble braid and others is that there is a touch of beads to add some spice to it.

This has its own flare. It gives you a different look from what the usual bubble braid would have looked like.

It brings a little bit of culture and tradition into your style.

7. Multiple Low Bubble Braids

Multiple Low Bubble Braids
Instagram @afri.coiffure

Depending on the look you want to create, there are various ways to style bubble braids.

If you want to look relaxed and amorous, several low-bubble braids are perfect.

Since you don’t need as much hair to do these bubble braids, it is also a more versatile alternative.

All hair textures and varieties can be worn with bubble braids, which is one of its best features.

8. Bubble Braid with Accessories

Bubble Braid with Accessories
Instagram @naturallybeautiful_by_erica

Bubble braids are fine on their own but you can as well spice things up by adding accessories.

Depending on what you hope to achieve, there are different accessories out there. You can play with them and come up with the most astonishing look ever.


9. Advance Unique Bubble Braids

Advance Unique Bubble Braids
Pinterest @righthairstyles

The styling of bubble braids can be simple. However, why not try a more sophisticated approach if you have the time and patience and want to produce a distinctive finish?

This can entail making a single ponytail out of several distinct pieces, each with bubble braids. can use a more complex braiding technique.

The versatility of the bubble braid allows you to customize it to your hair’s length, texture, and level of expertise. By doing this, you can design a stunning appearance that is also expressive.

10. Bubble Tribal Braids

Bubble Tribal Braids
Instagram @sermulherfibras

This is the bubble braid that you mix with a tribal braid. As we said earlier, bubble braid can go with almost everything and is easy to style.

In this concept, you have your regular tribal braid but then, you also have the tribal braid and find a way to blend them to come up with the ultimate mixture of bubble braid and tribal braid.

11. Bubble Braids with Medium Hair

Bubble Braids with Medium Hair
Instagram @_braidsbynk

Because it is long enough to accommodate a wide range of hairstyles but not so long as to require constant maintenance, medium hair is attractive.

You can experiment with adding bubble braids, and they look great on medium-length hair. A low bubble braid or the half-up, half-down hairdo are two examples of this.

You have the option to keep it basic with tiny, transparent hair elastics or go bold with statement hair accessories like scrunchies!

12. Softball Bubble Braids

Softball Bubble Braids
Instagram @kaitlin.kutere

Depending on your desire, bubble braids can be fashioned to appear chic and smart or charming and young.

You can make bigger, softball-sized bubbles for a bold, feminine appearance.

Use fewer hair elastics to create this style, then backcomb each portion of your ponytail to increase volume and keep each bubble larger and more pronounced.

Although the look may be produced with a variety of hair lengths and textures, longer and thicker hair will result in a more statement-making look.

13. Bubble Braids with Pink Hair

Bubble Braids with Pink Hair
Instagram @Justliketheplanet

It’s time to color your hair pink if you prefer to stand out from the crowd and want it to be expressive and entertaining.

Pink hair is considered to be feminine and is linked to female energy, love, and romance.

There is a color to suit every complexion, whether you choose a light pastel that is simple to wear or a dramatic, saturated shade that demands attention.

It is also wonderfully flattering. The bubbly nature of the bubble braid will go well with the color of your hair, giving you a young, girly look.

To increase contrast, you can also add transparent hair elastics, as well as something that is bolder, brighter, or darker.

14. Bubble Braids with Colorful Elastics

Bubble Braids with Colorful Elastics
Instagram @_superstarbeauty

The best part about bubble braids is how simple they are to do and how well they lend themselves to customization. You can experiment with various finishes thanks to this.

You can achieve this by fusing your bubble braids with other, trickier braiding techniques or by wearing your hair half up and half down.

One of the simplest ways to do this is with the hair elastics you select. You can also add your own flair, allowing you to express yourself and have fun with your appearance.

Choose brightly colored hair accessories and mix and match them along the length of the ponytail for a stand-out appearance.

15. Bubble Braids on Top of the Head

Bubble Braids on Top of the Head
Instagram @madambraids_

Your bubble braids can be worn atop your head for a sleek and fashionable look.

This is accomplished by pulling your hair into a high ponytail and putting hair elastics along its length.

Depending on how obvious you want the bubbles to be, you can choose the size of each one. To give your appearance more volume, you can also wrap some of your hair around the top of your ponytail.

Long hair is better for this method because it allows you to explore more styling options and has a bigger impact.

16. Bubble Braids with Natural Hair

Bubble Braids with Natural Hair
Instagram @just_a.l.t.a

If you want a gorgeous, simple-to-do alternative to other braided hairstyles that require hours to complete, think about wearing bubble braids on your natural hair.

Your curls can be tamed by the braids, which also highlight your natural hair texture while keeping them in place.

Instead of lengthening your ponytail or ponytails using hair elastics, get creative by adding cuffs or other interesting decorations.

Try numerous bubble braids instead of just one or two, producing a stunning, statement look for a hairdo that demands attention and looks incredibly stylish.

17. Bubble Braids with Really Long Hair

Bubble Braids with Really Long Hair
Instagram @thejulianaamoateng

Although bubble braids can be applied to the hair of all different lengths and textures, long hair allows you more creative freedom.

You can also make a statement with your hair by adding length.

When you have long hair, you can also try out different styles, such as wearing it up higher or creating complicated bubble braided designs.

The use of hair elastics helps maintain hair in place and possibly lessen tangling. The end effect may be really stylish and is a terrific way to wear long hair in all situations.


18. Bubble Braids with Short Hair

Bubble Braids with Short Hair
Instagram @corcor_chocolate_pretty

There are choices for people with short hair, however, most bubble braids are made on medium to long hair.

To optimize the length, keep your appearance as basic and low-key as you can.

Depending on the length of your hair, you might only be able to fit two or three hair elastics in the ponytail instead of many more.

The outcome is a lively and impressionable finish that enables you to express yourself and flaunt your humorous side.

19. Bubble Braids with Thin Fine Hair

Bubble Braids with Thin Fine Hair
Instagram @salvinoterri

Why wouldn’t you enjoy bubble braids? It is a look that flatters all hair types and textures, even thin and fine hair.

The bubble braid has a lot of different application options, from the straightforward addition of hair elastics to the length of a single ponytail to the combination with other braided designs.

The less complicated your hairstyle, the better because fine hair needs to be protected from pulling at the scalp and creating tension, which can lead to breaking.

Because of the texture they produce, bubble braids are also excellent for giving the appearance of fuller, more voluminous hair.

To soften, frame, and highlight the features of the face, you can let a few hair strands fall around it.

20. Easy Bubble Braids

Easy Bubble Braids
Instagram @madamhealher

Because they are simple to do, bubble braids are attractive. For a more intricate look, you can combine them with different braids, although frequently the simplest solution works best.

This is accomplished by pulling the hair into a single ponytail and lengthening it with your preferred hair elastics.

For a style that is neither overtly subtle nor overtly dramatic, you should keep the bubbles at a medium size.

It will look sleek and stylish and be appropriate for a variety of settings if you style it with your hair brushed back and away from your face.


The Bubble braid is an amazing hairstyle that you should consider. It doesn’t take much time to make and it is very easy to restyle.

There are different styles that will look good on you. You can even choose from the best in the list listed above.

Whatever you choose to do with the bubble braids, we assure you that they will come out well.

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20 Bubble Braids Hairstyle for African Women

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