30 Bubble Hairstyle for Black Women

Bubble hairstyle are amazingly beautiful when it comes to hairstyles, and the best part is they’re surprisingly simple to create. But here’s the exciting truth: the possibilities with bubble braids are as limitless as your imagination. The post gives you a list of 30 incredible styles you can achieve with bubble braids.

Bubble Hairstyle for Black Women

Here are 30 Bubble hairstyles for your choosing:

1. Long Bubble

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Try the long bubble braid for an extra effect. This style allows you to create multiple bubbles in your desired size.

2. Medium Length Bubble

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Because it is adaptable and fashionable, the bubble braid is making a comeback. There are numerous approaches to the haircut, allowing you to choose the appearance that best appeals to you.

3. Bubble Color Mix

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Because they are simple to do, bubble braids are attractive. Now for a more intricate look, you can mix colors and expand the bubbles you create. This could either be worn long or short.

4. Box Bubble Braids

Box Bubble Braids
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Bubble braids can be paired with box braids for added protection or customized by stopping halfway and creating bubble portions at the ends. Consult with a hairstylist to determine the best approach for your desired hairstyle.

5. Ombre Bubble

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There is a color to suit every complexion, whether you choose a light pastel that is simple to wear or a dramatic, saturated shade that demands attention. Simply choose a color mix that best suits you.

6. Kinky Bubble

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This can be the regular bubble braids that you are familiar with. It can be a big bubble braid or a smaller one.

7. Pink Bubble

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It’s time to color your hair pink if you prefer to stand out from the crowd and want it to be expressive and entertaining. Pink hair is considered to be feminine and is linked to female energy, love, and romance.

8. Knee Length Bubble

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You can achieve this by fusing your bubble braids with other, trickier braiding techniques or by wearing your hair half up and half down.

9. Two Sided Bubble

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Try two bubble braids instead of just one, producing a stunning, statement look for a hairdo that demands attention and looks incredibly stylish. Make sure to finish up your edges.

10. Center Part Bubble

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If you want a gorgeous, simple-to-do alternative to other braided hairstyles that require hours to complete, think about wearing bubble braids with center parting.

11. Black Braids with Bubble

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Try two high bubble braids if you want to make a statement with your look. On either side of the head, high ponytails are pulled up, and they are secured with hair elastics.

12. Snake Part Bubble

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The hair is pulled to form the bubble. To add more drama, this look looks great with medium-length to long hair! Although you can play about with the parting, this hairstyle looks best with a center part.

13. Braid and Bubble Mix

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In this concept, you have your regular tribal braid but then, you also have the tribal braid and find a way to blend them to come up with the ultimate mixture of bubble braid and tribal braid.

14. Bubble Style with Ribbons

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Depending on the look you want to create, there are various ways to style bubble braids. If you want to look relaxed and amorous, Styling your bubble braids with ribbons is perfect.

15. Bubble Ponytail

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Depending on how obvious you want the bubbles to be, you can choose the size of each one. To give your appearance more volume, you can also wrap some of your hair around the top of your ponytail.

16. Low Bubble Ponytail

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Long hair is better for this method because it allows you to explore more styling options and has a bigger impact. Simply pull your ponytail all the way to the back, and section them into bubbles.

17. Side Bubble Braid

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Create a striking and trendy hairstyle by experimenting with multiple bubble braids, such as six braids, for a unique look. Divide your hair into sections, add hair elastics to each ponytail, and create bubbles of varying sizes. Enhance the style with wire or cuffs for added flair.

18. Bubble with Side Swoop

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This is your regular bubble braid with an extra swoop to the front side. style your hair in a lower ponytail and add a side fringe to it.

19. Medium Length Bubble Ponytail

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Because it is long enough to accommodate a wide range of hairstyles but not so long as to require constant maintenance, medium hair is attractive.

20. Shoulder Length Bubble

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The bubble braid has a lot of different application options, from the shoulder-length braids, you can decide to style it into a half-up half-down, or an all-up style. Either way, rock this hairstyle with confidence.

21. Small Box Bubble Braid

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Bubble braids offer versatility, allowing you to create a more subdued or bold look with varying bubble sizes. Small box bubble braids can modernize a traditional ponytail, regardless of hair length or type, and multiple ponytails can be used for a playful and dynamic style.

22. Hair Wrapped Bubble Braid

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The styling of bubble braids can be simple. However, why not try a more sophisticated approach if you have the time and patience add a head wrap to produce a distinctive finish.

23. Short Bubble Braid

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The versatility of the bubble braid allows you to customize it to your hair’s length, texture, and level of expertise. By doing this, you can design a stunning appearance that is also expressive.

24. Bubble Braid with Beads

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The difference between this bubble braid and others is that there is a touch of beads to add some spice to it. This has its own flare. It gives you a different look from what the usual bubble braid would have looked like.

25. Finger Bubble Braids

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Since you don’t need as much hair to do the finger bubble braids, it is also a more versatile alternative. All hair textures and varieties can be worn with bubble braids, which is one of its best features.

26. Bubble with Frontal Design

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Create a striking and trendy hairstyle by experimenting with multiple bubble braids, for a unique look. Divide the hair, add hair elastics to each ponytail, and customize the size and style of the bubbles, optionally using wire or cuffs for added flair.

27. Tribal Bubble Braid

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This is the bubble braid that you mix with a tribal braid. As we said earlier, bubble braid can go with almost everything and is easy to style.

28. Smooth Round Bubble

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Depending on your desire, bubble braids can be fashioned to appear chic and smart or charming and young. You can make big, smooth, softball-sized bubbles for a bold, feminine appearance.

29. Afro Bubble Braid

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Your bubble braids can be worn atop your head for a sleek and fashionable look. This is accomplished by pulling your afro hair into a high ponytail and putting hair elastics along its length to form large bubbles.

30. Bubble Braid with Hairpin

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Bubble braids are fine on their own but you can as well spice things up by adding accessories. Depending on what you hope to achieve, there are different accessories out there. You can play with them and come up with the most astonishing look ever.


The Bubble braid is a fantastic hairstyle worth considering. It’s quick to create and can be easily restyled to your liking. 

With various styles to choose from, including the best ones listed above, you can be confident that your bubble braids will turn out beautifully no matter what you decide to do with them.

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