15 Burgundy Braids Hairstyles You Need to Try

15 Burgundy Braids Hairstyles You Need to Try

Burgundy braids are a recent trend. When you look at the hairstyles, you won’t have to wonder why this particular hairstyle is so amazing. It makes a statement and you should consider making it. So you don’t get confused as to the style to make, we have presented to you some of the best burgundy braids you will find.

15 Best Burgundy Braids Hairstyles

Like said earlier, here are the best burgundy braids hairstyles that you can make at any time:

1. Burgundy Box Braids Ponytail

Burgundy Box Braids Ponytail
Instagram @vanessley_wins

For the extroverted, athletic black woman, a bold choice is a burgundy box braid ponytail.

To accomplish this style, the tuck technique must be used to maximize the burgundy hue.

To conceal your natural hair and let the burgundy take center stage, ask your braider to tuck your natural hair behind the braid hair.

2. Burgundy Box Braids with String

Burgundy Box Braids with String
Instagram @beautyspaceke

For a very long time, black women’s braided hairstyles have been accessorized with strings. Long box braids look amazing with intricate patterns and elaborate decorations!

3. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down
Instagram @zandyskosana

Your face is revealed and your facial features are highlighted by burgundy red box braids that are separated in two, with one ponytail for the top region and loose braids for the lower section.

4. Short Box Braids

Short Box Braids
Instagram @livmaximo

Short box braids are timeless hairstyles. For women with shorter hair, they’re a great option. Women who wish to increase their length should go for braid types like box braids that require little tension and no heat.

As touch-ups are frequent for this look, don’t forget to ask your braider about several design options and braid colors for your crown.

5. Box Braided Updo

Box Braided Updo
Instagram @zimclassicalbraiding

Small burgundy box braids can be worn up top in a large wrapped bun. The hairdo is ideal for work days, and when paired with dramatic makeup, you’ll create quite an impression at any party or club.

6. Tight Braids

Tight Braids
Instagram @braids_by_galia

Tightly made medium box braids in burgundy will look stunning. By doing so, you will emphasize your color and get plates free of bumps.

7. Thick Twist Braids with Box Parts

Thick Twist Braids with Box Parts
Instagram @memes_styles

For a huge yet lightweight hairstyle, think of box sections and thick twist braids. For women who adore big hair, this is a great natural hairstyle option.

The twists can be worn up or down and are far lighter than regular box braids. For the longest-lasting effects, keep in mind that thick twists shouldn’t be submerged in water.

8. Box Braids with Beads

Box Braids with Beads
Instagram @halibeautie

Create burgundy box braids from equal square sections of your hair.

Dip the tips into hot water to secure them without worrying that they will come free. Add transparent beads to the ends for decoration.

9. Purple Burgundy Braids

Purple Burgundy Braids
Instagram @designsbyjazmyne

These substantial burgundy box braids with no knots are gorgeous. You can definitely see the braiding and how perfectly done it is since they are so thick and tight. 

To bind the ends of each braid and add decorations to some of the braids, use hot water.

10. Undercut with Red and Burgundy Braids

Undercut with Red and Burgundy Braids
Instagram @customstyleguru

The ideal hairstyle is an undercut with red and burgundy braids, which is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with color without committing.

While the undercut may need extra upkeep every 2-3 weeks, the red and burgundy box braids can last 3-6 weeks.

11. Ombre Burgundy

Ombre Burgundy
Instagram @braidsbybriamac

Your hairstyle can become a true work of beauty with burgundy ombre box braids. Knit only half of several curly, ombre extensions. You’ll get lovely braids and curly, texturally rich ends this way.

12. Box Braids with Curly Tips

Box Braids with Curly Tips
Instagram @trancando.raizes

Those curls attract your eye as soon as you see these burgundy bohemian box braids.

The remaining hair should be rolled on a rod, dipped into hot water, and carefully released to maintain the curl to get this stunning effect.

13. Long Braids with Demi Bun

Long Braids with Demi Bun
Instagram @gladzbraidhouse

Choose lengthy braids and a demi bun for an easy change. For a touch of color without saying too much, try burgundy braids.

Long braids are simple to twirl up on top for a look that is appropriate for any situation.

14. Burgundy Box Bob Braids

Burgundy Box Bob Braids
Instagram @kersti.pitre

Short and medium-length hair can be styled into a box-braided bob. Use a center part or side-swept bangs to style it like a standard bob hairstyle, and use rubber bands to hold the knits in place.

15. Extra Long Box Braids

Extra Long Box Braids
Instagram @luxidarahair

Long box braids in burgundy and brown have such a gorgeous color combination! You must be aware that they shouldn’t be too tight on the roots if you plan to create braids this length.

There is no need to put additional pressure on your scalp because they already have a fantastic weight.


It is clear now to see that burgundy braids aren’t the most difficult hair to make. The styles are pretty simple and from the list of the best hairstyles that we have presented, you can make one of the best and trendy hairs.

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15 Burgundy Braids Hairstyles You Need to Try

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