20 Butterfly Haircuts & Hairstyles for Black Women

The Butterfly Haircut is one of the most recent and intriguing hairstyles. Like the delicate and graceful creatures it is named after, the butterfly haircut is all about change and allure. This creative and distinct haircut has made waves in the world of hairstyling, attracting the attention of trendsetters and beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Butterfly Haircuts for Black Women

We have curated a list of over twenty butterfly haircuts you can rock regardless of your face size or shape.

1. Criss Cross Butterfly Look

Butterfly Haircut
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Consider this butterfly braided hairstyle for a one-of-a-kind look on top. The braids crisscross on the scalp before falling long, thick, and light reddish-brown off the head. They’re also immaculate, and there’s a lot of hair on display.

2. High Ponytail

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In this traditional hairstyle, a beautifully wrapped back ponytail sits high on the head. It’s rather long and goes all the way down the back. By braiding or twisting the ponytail, you can add texture and interest.

3. Thick Black and Gold

Instagram @suiteme_by_leeshlane

These striking thick butterfly braids in gold and black stand out. The style is easier to maintain than one with many smaller braids because of the color contrasts and the size of the braids.

4. High Ponytail

Instagram @i_am_marvyy

The hair is pulled up into a high ponytail, with a few braids hanging loose by the face. It is really lengthy and extends all the way down the back. It’s a pretty glamorous look for someone who enjoys this look.

5. Hidden Butterfly

Instagram @superbeauty_

Because the butterfly braids in this hairstyle are mixed in with so much dense and curly hair, they are incredibly inconspicuous. They stretch from the part of the hair and serve as a good complement to the general texture of the hair.

6. Purple Butterfly Hair

Instagram @braid_with_anyfa

This captivating and one-of-a-kind deep dark purple look will undoubtedly catch the attention of everyone in the room. The braided hair is quite long and is braided in little portions all over the head with a side part. It is distinguished by its deep purple hue.

7. Rusty Brown Butterfly Look

Instagram @elle_beautymark

In this scenario, the hair has a rusty brown colour, and the braid starts thick and mixed in with some black hair. As they fall down the back, they narrow at the end. The style has a distinct central section.

8. Enormous Butterfly Braid

Instagram @Felipe Henderson

With long feed-in braid and natural afro hair, the giant butterfly braid looks fantastic. Even a 24-inch hair length can be used to make a large butterfly braid.

9, Anterior Butterfly Braid

Butterfly Haircut
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An attractive and lovely haircut for girls with an oval or long face shape. Anterior butterfly braids are made by starting the right braid near the hairline and gradually braiding towards the front.

10. Persian Fishtail

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Combining the fishtail style with a butterfly braid can result in a stunning and captivating hairstyle. Colors that are bright and vibrant, such as Persian or burgundy, might make your fishtail butterfly more fashionable.

11. Side V Butterfly Braid

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You may change a casual butterfly braid to fit your style, and another versatile hairstyle you can make with butterfly braids is the side V butterfly braid.

12. Fierce Cornrows Center Butterfly

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Another interesting hairstyle that provides you a unique and contemporary look with a protective hairstyle is a fierce cornrows center butterfly braid. For Afro-feminine ladies who adore the cornrow braid hairstyle, this hairdo is perfect.

13. Side French Butterfly Braid

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The side French butterfly braid, as the name implies, features a French-style braid on the right corner that progressively increases in size and thickness as the top hair is added with each strand gradually.

14. Prolonged Sleek Butterfly

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Because the extra long braid is striking and perfect for prom or special occasions, the prolonged butterfly braid provides a very beautiful and gorgeous hairstyle. Use two pairs of natural hair extensions to create the extended butterfly braid look.

15. Uneven Butterfly with Cuffs

Butterfly Haircut
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Making your butterfly braids constantly even and basic is not the only style you can explore with them. Getting your hair unkempt can sometimes give your haircut a charming and pretty appearance. An uneven butterfly braid hairstyle is comparable in that the braiding style is the same as the conventional butterfly braid.

16. Gorgeous Double Butterfly Braids

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This hairdo is a little unusual. Here are braids that begin and end differently, yet still have that silky, butterfly-like appearance. This is a lovely hairstyle that is ideal for women who wish to stand out from the crowd. Butterfly braided looks typically feature two strands that come together and then mix. This hairdo is a little unusual.

17. Signature Butterfly Braid

Instagram @culture_locs

Here’s another lovely example of that type of topic. The braids start tiny and end thick for this hairstyle, and the side braid is likewise subtle. The hair is then pulled back into a lovely double bride ponytail. We adore the lengthy braided style!

18. Butterfly Braids with Accessories

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This braided butterfly hairstyle has thick braids arranged in a low bun at the nape of the neck. A glitzy, gold hair ornament finished the look. This is a gorgeous hairdo that would be ideal for a special occasion. Add this supplement or a few hair cuffs.

19. Messy Butterfly Braids

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This hairstyle features lengthy braids that have been heavily pulled to create a loose, butterfly effect. A double-braided ponytail completes the look. This is a lovely hairstyle, and the cuffs finish the appearance perfectly. Braids like this one are stylish and ideal for girls who wish to spruce up their looks.

20. Double Butterfly Braids

Instagram @thee_sandramarie

Butterfly braided looks typically feature two braids that meet and then mix together. This hairdo is a little unusual. Here are braids that begin and end as two independent strands, but yet have that fashionable pulled-out butterfly effect.

21. Butterfly Halo Braid

Instagram @naturallynata

Following that, we have a lovely halo braid to show you. Halo braids frame the face nicely and add a dazzling touch. The thick braids in this halo braid have a red tone flowing through them. This red color is ideal for Christmas, and halo braids are ideal for parties and formal occasions.

22. Statement Making Butterfly Braids

Instagram @yb__creations

The following haircut is glitzy and bold. Butterfly braids meet to form a lengthy ponytail in this case. The braided ponytail has a curling end, and a zig zag portion, and the hair is a beautiful blonde color. This hair is daring in every way.


The butterfly haircut is a style that allows black women to express their unique beauty. It’s a versatile and low-maintenance option that can be tailored to any hair type. If you’re ready to take flight with the butterfly haircut, talk to your stylist about the best way to achieve this look.

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