Can Micro Braids Damage Your Hair?

Can Micro Braids Damage Your Hair?

Have you been asking the question, can micro braids damage your hair? Considering how small the braids are, it is no surprise that you are worried about how healthy the micro braids are for your hair. Find out this and more as your read through.

A very fine and little hair braiding style is called a micro-braid. Even though it has been around for centuries, this hair-styling technique never goes out of style.

This really stylish haircut can serve as the ideal link between your face and fashion and looks great with both formal and casual attire. It also gives you a fashionable appearance that will attract attention.

Making micro-braids involves joining several tiny braids together. These thin braids look great on all different types of hair.

So that you may confidently use this hairstyling technique on hair that is straight, curly, or even wavy. The greatest hairstyle for an “updo” is short hair with micro braids.

In this instance, the hair is raised and secured with a clasp. If you desire a longer hairstyle with your short micro-braided hair, you can also use hair extensions.

Additionally, if you have curly hair, you must style it in a wavy way to create attractive micro-braids.

Can Micro Braids Damage Your Hair?

Can Micro Braids Damage Your Hair?
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Yes, it will if you have unhealthy hair. But if you have healthy hair, you are good to go.

But let’s have an in-depth conversation about the concept of micro braids.

The first step you should do before getting micro-braids is to have your hair evaluated by a licensed hairstylist. This will not only let you know how healthy your hair is but also if it’s suitable for micro-braiding.

A micro-braided hairstyle is only appropriate if your hair is in sufficient condition because it limits your hair’s capacity to absorb moisture and makes it difficult to maintain.

which could result in a dry, flaky, and dandruff-filled scalp. Additionally, micro-braiding non-healthy hair can make it brittle and lead to widespread hair loss.

Since micro-braiding is a protective hairstyle, it must be installed, styled properly, and maintained carefully to minimize the chance of causing harm to your hair.

Micro-braiding can be ideal for you if you lead a quick and active lifestyle because, once completed, you can maintain the hairstyle for up to a month.


Do Micro Braids, Hurt?

The little braiding technique might nevertheless put pressure on your hairline even if micro-braids put less tension on your hair than other protective hairstyles.

Micro-braid braiding shouldn’t be done too tightly to prevent this, as doing so can result in irreversible hair loss.

There is a persistent misconception that your micro-braid will last longer if it is tighter and stronger. However, this really harms your hair, causing issues like breakage and even permanent hair loss.

This is why it’s important to watch that your hair is not tugged too tightly while receiving micro-braids.

Your hair is twisted and tugged to ensure that micro-braids are done correctly. After having your micro-braiding done, you can experience some soreness for a few days, however, this only lasts for 4-5 days.


Micro braids can hurt and they can also damage your hair, especially if you have unhealthy hair. However, you should consult your hair stylist which is a professional in the field to get more professional advice, before making the micro braids.

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Can Micro Braids Damage Your Hair?

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