How Do You Prevent Frizz in Bubble Braids

How Do You Prevent Frizz in Bubble Braids?

Your hair becomes really unattractive if you allow frizz to thrive. The question now remains, how do you prevent frizz in bubble braids, if you are a fan of bubble braids? As you read through, you will be provided with some effective guidelines to help you and enlighten you about the concept of frizzy hair.

You cannot prevent a thing when you don’t know what that thing is. On the other hand, some may know what it is because they do experience it, but they don’t know what it’s called.

Let’s get an understanding of what frizz is when talking about hair.

What is Frizz?

Frizz is the occasionally present tangle of unkempt hair on your head.

The reason why frizzy hair feels rough is that it is the result of various individual hair strands traveling in various directions. As a result, the hair lacks definition and appears dry and frizzy.

Having both thick and frizzy hair can be particularly problematic, but certain haircuts can help to control your mane and lessen frizz.

What Causes Frizz in Hairs?

Whatever the source of your hair’s appearance of frizz, a raised cuticle layer is typically to blame. As a result, the hair does not lay flat and appears dry and frizzy.

On the other hand, when the cuticle layer remains flat, the hair seems smooth.

Dehydration is the primary cause of frizz, which is why Curlies experience it more frequently than Straighties. Straight hair is typically drier than curly hair.

Because of this, our hair is prone to frizz. The way we style our hair is another factor.

We must be very careful not to brush our hair if we have curls. The cuticle layer will rise if we do, which will cause frizz.


Types of Frizz

There are different types of frizz and they are:

1. Surface Frizz

This type of frizz is the one you get only on the outside of your hair

2. Halo Frizz

The halo frizz only on the crown of your head but doesn’t appear elsewhere.

3. In-the-Curl Frizz

The in-the-curl frizz kills the look of smooth curls as it frizzes its way through them.

It’s a good practice to identify your frizz type before taking any action to reduce it.

How Do You Prevent Frizz in Bubble Braids?

How Do You Prevent Frizz in Bubble Braids?
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To prevent frizz from bubble braids, you can try the following steps as they have been seen to be very effective in preventing frizz.

1. Use a Pomade Or Gel

Using pomade or gel during braiding is the simplest technique to avoid frizz.

A decent pomade will coat the hair, add grip, and hide any flyaways or split ends.

By doing this, you can make sure that your hair and any synthetic hair you’re using will lay flat for a long time.

2. Make Use of Finishing Products While Making the Hair

Just because your braids are finished doesn’t mean your work is finished. Finishing procedures are essential to guarantee that your braids last without unraveling.

To prevent the unraveling of your braids while using synthetic hair for thickness and length, your hair should be set with extremely hot water.

To keep everything laying down, add a few pumps of some finishing products to your hair. To smooth any loops that were missed, you can also tie your hair back.

Notably, letting your hair air dry completely before using the finishing product will assist hide frizz.


3. Care for Your Braids While You Sleep

Sleeping without securing your hair is a recipe for frizzy braids. Moving around while you sleep creates tension in your hair.

Using a satin scarf, bonnet, or silk pillowcase will help reduce some of that tension, so you wake up with neat braids.

Spray a soothing scalp treatment with tea tree or peppermint oil before bed, that way you aren’t tempted to itch your scalp.

You can also opt for scalp treatments with charcoal, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar, which can help absorb sebum from your scalp.

So not only will your hair be on point, but your scalp will be, too.


When it comes to protecting and maintaining your hair, you really have no option. It is either you protect your hair or you protect your hair.

That being said, frizz is one of the common challenges that ladies mostly encounter with hair, and preventing it is as important as making the hair in the first place.

The guidelines in this post work effectively and will prevent frizz from attacking your hair, thereby keeping you and your hair astonishingly beautiful.

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How Do You Prevent Frizz in Bubble Braids?

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