How Long Do Goddess Locs Last

How Long Do Goddess Locs Last?

Even though they have been around for quite a while, the Goddess Locs have become a trend of late. Different celebrities have been spotted with these locs in the goddess variety. Many women have been wondering if this kind of dreadlock is worth going for and how long it can last since the trend has started spreading across the country.

With proper maintenance, a Goddess Locs hairdo can last for up to 6 weeks. You would have to ensure that you moisturize your scalp and protect your hair when you are about to go to sleep. Washing them is a no-go area though because it would frizz and the locs will start losing.

Your maintenance practices, the kind of style you adopt, and the product of locs you have gone for will help the lifespan of your goddess locs. So, if you want your locs to exceed more than four weeks, then, you must put these in place.

How Long Do Goddess Locs Last

Good Maintenance Practices for your Goddess Locs

Even though the goddess locs require low maintenance, you still have to give them optimal care for them to perform at their best. Let’s consider some helpful tips that you can implement to make your locs last longer.

i. Resist the urge to wash them

The goddess locs can be seen as a protective style as they protect your hair from heat, environmental damage, and even breakage when you comb and brush your hair. This means that you don’t need to wash them so long as they are still on your hair.

You have to resist the urge to wash them. If you ever feel a need to clean them at all, you can use an apple cider vinegar solution to rinse the scalp every two weeks. This should just about do the trick. For a gentler clean, you can work with a sulfate-free shampoo.

ii. Hydrate the hair underneath

Oils and leave-in conditioners are great for protective styles like the goddess locs. When you apply oil to the scalp, it will help seal the moisture and nourish new growth particularly when the locs start to weigh on your roots. To keep the roots hydrated, you can apply naturally-sourced oils to the roots and scalp.

Using conditioners will help to detangle and smoothen the flyaways. They will also ensure that the strands of your goddess locs are silky, glossy, and in good shape. You can also oil the locs regularly to keep the shine of your locs in great shape. You can opt for the best oils and conditioners that will be just fine for your scalp.

iii. Avoid frizz

As protective as goddess locs can be, they are subject to issues like frizz. To keep the frizz at a minimum, you will have to get sealing products that will keep your new growth and will help to tame the frizz. You can also try trimming the frizz.

Generally, hair oils that contain shea butter can help keep the frizz at bay as they will provide essential nutrients, improve hair health, smoothen strands and fight breakage. Shea oil and shea butter are great at keeping frizz at bay and adding moisture.

iv. Protect the edges

Avoiding the edges is the best way you can protect the delicate edges of your goddess locs. If you want the edges in great shape, you can work with the same conditioner that you used for the scalp. You can also apply hair oil on your frequently depending on its porosity.

Edges are more delicate than the rest of your hair which means that they will require more attention and nourishment. You should also be careful of the hair accessories that you use for your goddess locs as they can create unnecessary tension on the roots and delicate edges.

v. Sleep on silky materials

The easiest way you can keep your goddess locs moisturized and neat is to sleep on silky or satin materials rather than cotton materials. Cotton fibers absorb and rub out the moisture in your hair which means that sleeping on them will only lead to damaging your hair.

Cotton materials usually come with more friction on the fabric and this can cause breakage of your hair. So, swapping cotton for silk will help to prolong the beauty and life of your Goddess Locs. This is a great way to protect your hair as you sleep.

Styling your Goddess Locs

Typically, the way you style your goddess locs can also help with keeping them in great shape for a while. Let’s consider some of the best styling options for your locs.

i. Traditional method

With this traditional method, you can spend close to six hours making the hair. To fix this traditional style, you have to follow the steps below:

First, split your hair into different sections.

Then, braid the sectional bits that you have split.

Add the loose, wavy, or curly extensions to the ends of the hair.

Braid the hair around each box to achieve the goddess locs.

ii. Crocheting method

The crocheting method is a faster method of styling the goddess locs. It also places less tension on your hair which makes it a better style than the traditional method to keep the locs in great shape. In the crocheting methods, you can decide to go for the cornrows method or the non-cornrows method.

The cornrows method works with styling individual braids while the non-cornrows method is set up differently.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Going for the Goddess Locs?

Protective styles including the goddess locs are a great way to maintain your hair growth. They can help with good retention growth during the winter when your hair is bound to break. Let’s consider some of the plus sides of going for these locs and the downsides too.

i. Pros of Goddess Locs

– Low maintenance

One of the advantages of the goddess locs is that they require low maintenance to be in great shape. They feature a natural rugged look which means that you do not have to do so much to have them look fresh.

– Locs without the commitment

With the goddess locs, you can still work with the possibility of using locs without making permanent decisions. What we are saying in essence is that you don’t have to do permanent dreadlocks anymore to know how locs will look on you.

– Easy installation

Installing and taking down the goddess locs are not gruesome depending on the style you have adopted.

ii. Cons of Goddess Locs

– Frizz

Even though frizz in moderation can help give your goddess locs character, too much frizz can make them appear very messy. This means that they will require a few touchups here and there just as we have listed in the maintenance section.

– Weight

Depending on the method you choose to style your goddess locs with, you can end up with some extra weight on your head. This can come off as strange particularly if you are not used to such.

How Much Do The Goddess Locs Cost?

The goddess locs are loc-like hairstyles that are achieved with hair extensions that have curls at the end defining their uniqueness from other locs. Depending on the styling method you adopt, the cost of installing this hairstyle should be between $250 and $500.


Loc hairstyles usually last for long and the goddess locs are no exception. With proper maintenance, good styling, and a good product, your goddess locs should last for a while. We have outlined some of the best ways to keep your locs in great shape.

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