How Much Do Stitch Braids Cost?

How Much Do Stitch Braids Cost?

How much do stitch braids cost? Considering how exclusively beautiful the stitch braids look on people, it is no surprise that one would ask this. As you read through, you will get to understand more about the stitch braid and how much it will cost you to make one.

You cannot talk about the cost of making a stitched braid when you haven’t talked about what a stitched braid is.

Stitch braids are a specific type of braided hairstyle that is made using the stitch-in-braiding technique. For stitch braiding, the hair is separated into thin or thick horizontal lines.

After this is done, you then braid the horizontal lines into a cornrow using braiding hair. Stitch braids are typically done using a feed-in technique, which involves adding more hair as the braid is being made.

Two hair strands are stitched together to form a particular style of braid known as a stitched braid. A little metal clamp is typically affixed to the hair at the root and used to hold the hair in place.

Ponytails, topknots, and even updos may all be made with this particular braiding technique. Depending on how expertly they are created and how frequently they are used, stitch braids can last for a few weeks.

How Much Do Stitch Braids Cost?

What are Stitch Braids?

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When you consider the type of hair and how much time the stitch braid is going to cost you, you will see that it is a lot. However, it is worth it because at the end of the day you, the look will be amazing.


How Many Packs Do You Need for Stitch Braids?

The number of packs or extensions that you will need, depends on the stitch braid length you choose and the thickness/fullness of your natural hair.

You will need two and a half jumbo packets of hair extensions if you want braids that are waist to butt length and have full hair.

One giant box and one medium pack of hair extensions will do if you desire shorter braids.

Typically, 4 to 6 packs would be good. You should bring any other accessories that you would like to add to the look.

How Do You Make a Stitch Braid?

There are two ways to stitch braids.

The use of rubber bands and the absence of rubber bands.

The hair is cleansed, straightened (optionally), stretched, and then sectioned in both techniques.

1. Stitch Braids Rubber band

The horizontally divided lines are held together by a rubber band in the rubber band technique before being braided into a cornrow.

2. Stitch Braids no Rubber Band

In this instance, the hair stylist uses shine n jam to smooth the hair while sectioning the horizontal sections as they go along with the help of a comb and their fingers or nails.

The stitch braid will always look exceptionally beautiful when you make it. In some sense, we like to think that it is worth every penny.

You try it and see for yourself. We know for sure that it will look good on you.

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How Much Do Stitch Braids Cost?

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