latest dreadlocks styles for black ladies

20 Latest Dreadlocks Styles for Black Women

Locs are about the most controversial styles in history. If you’re part of those who would get them, here are the latest dreadlocks styles you should try.

Thanks to their chicness and appeal, dreadlocks remain one of the most popular hairstyles among fashionistas, regardless of gender. While the hairstyle isn’t exclusive to any particular set of people, it’s more common in the black community, as it looks excellent on people with a dark skin color.

There are several dreadlocks styles out there to choose from, depending on your level of commitment and your preferred look. Regular locs look the most natural, but they also take a pretty long time to form, requiring a long-term commitment. On the other hand, there are faux locs with a less natural look, but you can get it done in hours and start rocking the hairstyle.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different dreadlocks styles by seeing beautiful implementations of them on models. Without further ado, here are the 20 latest dreadlocks styles in vogue today.

1. Classic Blonde Butterfly Dreadlocks

Classic Blonde Butterfly Dreadlocks

The classic blonde butterfly dreadlocks are a classic example of faux locs, which is the type you can get within a couple of hours with no long commitments. Its most appealing quality is its customizability, which is why this model can wear a combination of black and blonde, making it one of my favorite dreadlocks styles in 2023.

2. Semi Crown Dreadlocks on Natural Hair

Semi Crown Dreadlocks on Natural Hair

Here’s another faux locs style that uses the flexibility to create something that’s easily one of the best hairstyles on this compilation. The semi-crown locs hairstyle is one of the more unique dreadlocks styles, and if you want another adjective to qualify it, I’ll suggest “adorable.

3. Double Bun Blonde Dreadlocks

Double Bun Blonde Dreadlocks

This style looks a lot like the initial one in this compilation, but given how adorable that is, I don’t see it as a negative quality. The otherworldly length allows for two humongous buns to add some exquisiteness to the hairstyle, making it one of my favorite dreadlocks styles.

4. Classic Black Curly Locs

Classic Black Curly Locs

Locs with artificial colors may look flashy, but flashy isn’t necessarily better than natural. For some people, good old black-colored hairstyles with slight curls signify beauty, and if you find yourself in that category, you’ll love this style.

5. Short Dreadlocks on Natural Hair

Short Dreadlocks on Natural Hair

We’ve seen several long dreadlocks styles so far, but length doesn’t help the style dramatically. If you need something that looks good while being easy to handle, you may want to go with short dreadlocks. Not only will it save you a lot on hair extensions, but see how excellent that looks!

6. Jumbo Locs Retwist

Jumbo Locs Retwist

Another excellent way to style short locs is the jumbo style, which is a fancy way to describe extra-large locs. It’s not limited to short dreadlocks styles, but with how adorable this one looks, you can’t convince me it’s replicable with longer locs.

7. Flat Locs Twist with Mohawk

Flat Locs Twist with Mohawk

This isn’t your traditional dreadlock, but it manages to replicate the look of actual locs, especially toward the end. If you’re not averse to the idea of mohawk-like two-strand dreadlocks, here’s an excellent style idea for you.

8. Protective Box Dreadlocks

Protective Box Dreadlocks

How about combining box twists with a dreadlock? That’s exactly what’s going on here, and you can probably already tell from the heading. While I love the neat edges and the general look of the hairstyle, I’m not a fan of the style’s overly masculine look.

9. Short Jumbo Dreadlocks with Beads

Short Jumbo Dreadlocks with Beads

If the short jumbo dreadlocks hairstyle from earlier looks appealing to you, you may want to take it a step further by adding beads. While that doesn’t change the overall look of the hairstyle significantly, the beads do add a bit of an interesting touch to the style.

10. Locs Flat Twist with Chignon

Locs Flat Twist with Chignon

We’ve had an array of short dreadlocks styles so far, and here’s yet another one. It may not be as long as many we’ve seen earlier, but any excess length gets tucked into the chignon to create a unique and adorable look.

11. Simple Box Flat Twist

Simple Box Flat Twist

If you aren’t sick of short black dreadlocks styles yet, here’s another to consider replicating. The boxed look takes away some of the locs look, but it does make the hairstyle appear neater overall.

12. Brown Short Dreadlocks

Brown Short Dreadlocks

Black is beautiful, but a combination of black and brown is the bomb. This hairstyle takes that combination to the next level, creating what’s easily one of the best dreadlocks styles on the internet.

13. Tribal Dreadlocks with Cowries

Tribal Dreadlocks with Cowries

Locs are common, but seeing cowries in the hairstyle is certainly not a very usual occurrence. However, this hairstyle should be enough proof that even unconventional hairstyles can look great.

14. Mixed Color Dreadlocks

Mixed Color Dreadlocks

Earlier, you learned that black and brown are a winning combination, and here’s another style to drive the point home. My favorite part is the ponytail; you don’t usually see that with locs these days.

15. Neat Distressed Dreadlocks

Neat Distressed Dreadlocks

Distressed locs is a type of faux locs that recently became popular, and this model aptly describes why. If you can also make yours this neat, you’ll likely make it to a compilation of beautiful dreadlocks styles.

16. Reversed Mohawk Dreadlocks Twist

Reversed Mohawk Dreadlocks Twist

Mohawk-themed faux locs aren’t uncommon, but this model takes it to the next level. If it sounds like something you’d want on your head, it’s one of my recommendations for beautiful dreadlocks styles.

17. Black and Silver Shoulder-Length Dreadlocks

Black and Blonde Shoulder-Length Dreadlocks

The silver looks more like an ash color, but that’s part of the appeal. Its seamless blend with the black color is not unrelated to how adorable the entire hairstyle looks; it’s definitely one of the best dreadlocks styles for this year.

18. Multiple Colored Tiny Dreadlocks

Multiple Colored Tiny Dreadlocks

Longevity isn’t one of the strengths of faux locs, but making the style tiny can also make it last longer. This dreadlocks style demonstrates how that works in practice, making it one of the best I’ve seen thus far.

19. Graphic Dreadlocks

Graphic Dreadlocks

I can’t imagine how much work went into this hairstyle, but that’s likely why it’s one of the best dreadlocks styles. From the individual tiny twists to the large chunk leading to the bun at the back, this hairstyle is undisputably a pack of goodies.

20. Casual Medium-sized Dreadlocks

Casual Medium-sized Dreadlocks

This hairstyle looks somewhat traditional, creating a unique but interesting twist on dreadlocks styles. The uniqueness earned it a place on this list and will hopefully earn it a place on your head too.


The growing popularity of dreadlocks is enough proof that they’ve come to stay. However, there are different dreadlocks styles, and the trend keeps changing by the hour. Here are the ones in vogue right now; be sure to check back to see the trend.

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20 latest dreadlocks styles

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