20 Top Mohawk Braids Hairstyles That Look Stunning

20 Top Mohawk Braids Hairstyles That Look Stunning

Mohawk braids are a genuine type of hairstyle that you will surely want to make. However, it isn’t a common hairstyle and as such you will be guided on what it is and the best styles associated with it as you read through. Please we encourage you to pay attention to pictures as they are a pictorial representation of the styles.

What are Mohawk Braids?

Black women’s protective hairstyles include mohawk braids, which involve braiding the hair from the sides up the middle of the head and down to the nape.

The height and volume of the braids provide the appearance of a mohawk, which is incredibly rock-chic and fantastic!

There are many different variations of the mohawk braid. To mention a few, they include twists, curly bangs, shaved sides, jumbo plaits, Ghana braids, cornrows, and many combinations of these.

Enough talk about what the mohawk braid is, we are sure that by now, you must be acquainted with it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best styles associated with Mohawk braids.

20 Top Mohawk Braids Hairstyles That Look Stunning

Here are some of the best Mohawk braids that you will find:

1. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle with Weave

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle with Weave
Instagram @cwbraids_br

For this look, the hair at the front has been braided into long, single braids that are shaped into chunky braids and run down the middle of the head.

There are also fashionable side braids. This gorgeous hairstyle will glam up your appearance. You might also attempt a shorter ponytail with just one braid.

2. Dutch Mohawk

Instagram @cwbraids_br
Instagram @blackhairideas

This kind of Dutch mohawk is a haircut that makes a big statement. Combining intricate braid designs creates a fashionable look.

It even gives hair extra length and density. When sporting a lengthy, braided mohawk, it’s impossible not to turn heads.

3. Mohawk Braid on Twists

Mohawk Braid on Twists
Instagram @cutelooksdar

Authentic hair Black women look fantastic in mohawk haircuts! Combining intricate fishbone braids at the sides with twists, which are then painstakingly groomed into a braided Mohawk, is one of the most beautiful ways to wear a fake hawk.

For the ultimate deadly effect, add dimensional copper braided hair.

4. Fully Braided Mohawk

Fully Braided Mohawk

The only way to properly introduce a collection of braided mohawks is to start with one that is covered in stunning braids.

We promise that this protective hairdo will make you shine, despite the fact that you’ll need to work with a professional to achieve these remarkable results.

5. Bantu Knots Mohawk

Bantu Knots Mohawk
Instagram @erica_letstalkhair

One of the many amazing ways to style a mohawk is with Bantu knots. The hairstyle we have for you next is composed of three oversized knots that are arranged in a straight line from the top of the head to the rear. Additionally, there are little braids between each one.

This outfit is really distinctive and eye-catching. Online instructions that demonstrate how to produce a comparable style are available.

6. French Mohawk

French Mohawk
Instagram @soglossy

Your assumption that there is nothing else you can do with your naturally occurring black curls is incorrect.

Wear a French mohawk that features a complex braided pattern on the scalp. There is nothing that compares to the edginess and style it exudes!

7. Gathered Mohawk

Gathered Mohawk
Instagram @modernsalon

To create a stunning and enjoyable to-wear hairstyle, experiment with the thickness and color of your Mohawk braids.

This updo has a minimalistic yet artistic appearance, and with the appropriate styling, it may be worn comfortably.

8. African Braided Mohawk Black Hair Idea

African Braided Mohawk Black Hair Idea

Hairstyles for African-American women frequently feature some of the most amazing braided mohawks.

Consider this lovely concept, which combines an intricately woven mohawk with feminine bead accessories to emphasize its African cultural inspiration.

9. Braided Mohawk with Curly Weave

Braided Mohawk with Curly Weave
Instagram @joana_p.b

The next mohawk is gorgeously styled with braided buns. Three pieces of the hair have been split, and the braids have been fashioned into three buns to provide the mohawk appearance.

We adore this hairdo because it’s a fresh and fashionable take on the mohawk. You can try to duplicate it or use additional buns with more slivered parts. Check out Joana’s YouTube instructional in the section below.

10. Mohawk and Weave

Mohawk and Weave
Instagram @melforddivashair

For African-American ladies, a mohawk and weave combination definitely results in a highly fashionable look!

The contrast between the sides’ smoothness and the braid’s fullness is stunning and ideal for black hair. Using a shine spray will increase its glossiness.

11. The Viking Mohawk

The Viking Mohawk
Instagram @fancy_claws

One benefit of mastering this epic long-braided hairstyle is uniqueness. A stylish and intimidating black girls’ Viking mohawk. For an extra dose of punk, choose red micro braids to go with the complete outfit.

12. Mohawk Braid for Black Hair

Mohawk Braid for Black Hair
Instagram @_ammamama_

A great suggestion for adorned hair was presented earlier in the article. Here’s another method you may complement your mohawk look using hair cuffs.

Thin side braids with a lovely curly weave complete the design. The braids are cuffed with glitzy gold accents.

This haircut is adaptable and will look fantastic on any occasion. You might attempt a different wild pattern or these side braids.

13. Designed Mohawk

Designed Mohawk
Instagram @maiaboitrago

Yes, you can accomplish such a contemporary and daring change without shaving your sides. This mohawk is styled to look hot from every angle.

Come out with such style whether you wear it with your regular outfit or on a special occasion.

14. Mohawk Cornrows Braids Hairstyle

Mohawk Cornrows Braids Hairstyle
Pinterest @hairmotive

Additionally, you might get ideas from particular braid designs, such as cornrows.

Apply this braiding method to the sides of your mohawk and create whatever style that appeals to you. After that, keep the top wavy and playful.

15. Natural Faux Hawk

Natural Faux Hawk
Instagram @touchofheavenartistry

Wearing this all-natural faux hawk braid hairdo will enhance your attractiveness and edge! The elegant and detailed pattern complements the understated nature of your black kinks.

Black women’s braided mohawk designs provide a modest dimension and brightness with traces of blonde. If your scalp needs moisture, apply oil.

16. Chic Mohawk Updo

Chic Mohawk Updo
Instagram @ebonybomani

The sleek twist mohawk is the next. The hair is divided into parts and then styled in a lovely twist mohawk on top of the head.

This is a stunning hairstyle that can be worn for both a day out and a night out. You can experiment with tighter twists on top as well as adding braids on the sides.

17. A Short Mohawk

A Short Mohawk
Instagram @thebaddestbarber

An edgy short mohawk that looks good from any angle! Twists and braids work well together to create a novel texture.

Any black mohawk braids style can look dapper with the addition of a vivid brown tint, too!

18. Twist Mohawk with Side Braids

Twist Mohawk with Side Braids
Instagram @boobabe1202

We have one more gorgeous mohawk braid look to show you. It’s a complex style with side braids that are tidy and elegant and a twisted mohawk on top.

Such hair resembles a piece of art. This is for you if you desire hair that stands out. Try to recreate this look or try this hairdo in a striking color; red would be a fantastic option!

19. Mohawk Top Knot

Mohawk Top Knot
Instagram @bookalisharenee

What more sophisticated appearance could there be than this mohawk top knot? This is the sort of style you’ll love to flaunt, with all those twists and shaved lines from side to side.

Your black hair’s reddish-brown color is definitely a great accent.

20. Ghana Braided Updo

Ghana Braided Updo
Pinterest @hairmotive

Ghanaian braids stand out among other African braiding patterns for their distinct appeal.

Consider getting your Ghana braids with a mohawk silhouette if you genuinely want to surprise others with your protective hairstyle. You’ll shine brightly!


Just like you have come to see, Mohawk braids are quite the attention catcher. You can do these styles as we have presented or you can pick a style and be creative about it.

Whichever you choose to go for, we are sure that you will look amazing in it.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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20 Top Mohawk Braids Hairstyles That Look Stunning

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