40 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

40 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Not everyone likes the extra stuff on their hair, that is where natural hairstyles come to play. There are numerous styles that you can make using your natural hair. As you read through, you will get to find out the most common and best natural hairstyles to consider.

40 Best Natural Hairstyles

Here are the best natural hairstyles that you should consider making:

1. Relaxed Waves

Relaxed Waves
Instagram @atlstylistbychoice

A traditional senior woman’s style features layers of iron curls and flawlessly shaped face-framing baby hair styling.

2. Natural Kinky Coils

Natural Kinky Coils
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

Wear your naturally kinky coils and take pride in their beauty. Regular haircuts keep your hair healthy and your curls distinct and attractive.

Since curly hair is the driest of all hair varieties, limiting washing and maintaining a health care routine are best.

3. Caramel and Brown Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Caramel and Brown Hairstyle for Natural Hair
Instagram @shaddah_elyse

For short natural hair, a light balayage is an excellent color choice.

The curls gain significantly more depth and bounce, and delicious colors like a combination of caramel, mocha, and espresso also enhance the beauty of your complexion. Sweet and aromatic!

4. Clap Cornrows

Clap Cornrows
Instagram @plush_beautyhairtz

This braided style, which takes its name from the representation of two hands clasped together, is adorable and young-looking. This elevated updo form will undoubtedly look good on a round face.

5. Medium Brown Afro

Medium Brown Afro
Instagram @ebooghie

It takes time and effort to make a full volume fro. To stretch and unpack tight coils, blow-dry your hair.

To achieve a controlled reversion, softly mist hair. Pick it up and form it into a perfect spherical after adding hair oil for shine and nourishment.

6. Voluminous Natural Curls

Voluminous Natural Curls
Instagram @paintingtresses

If you want to show off your natural hair without any extensions, opt for some massive natural curls. This appearance can be achieved by black ladies with hair textures that are close to 3C.

For the finest outcomes and reactions when you let your curls out, you and your stylist should regularly maintain healthy hair and trimming techniques.

7. Vertical and Circular Flat Twists Updo

Vertical and Circular Flat Twists Updo
Instagram @touchofheavensalon

If you want to create a brand-new updo, flat twists can be a great option. Here is a wonderful hairstyle that is low maintenance and protection with no muss or hassle.

Flat twists are for you if you’re looking for a style that is trendy and won’t require much styling effort.

8. Chunky Natural Flat Twists

Chunky Natural Flat Twists
Instagram @game_of_fros

This particular kind of cornrow looks stunning on naturally kinky hair. While it may not stay as long as the conventional cornrows, it is quite beautiful while it does.

9. Curly Braid Out

Curly Braid Out
Instagram @pamshair_tea

The braid out helps prevent coils from entirely reverting by stretching freshly washed hair while it dries, similar to the twist out.

Use a water-infused hydration shampoo and conditioning solution to keep hair lustrous and hydrated.

10. Beautiful and Natural Crochet Braids

Beautiful and Natural Crochet Braids
Instagram @michellethompsonhair

This natural hairstyle, sometimes referred to as latch hook braids, involves weaving hair extensions at the roots.

The result will be fuller hair with the desired styling. Natural hairstyles with twists and highlights look good on both older women and young black girls.

11. Tight Natural Curls in Tapered Style

Tight Natural Curls in Tapered Style
Instagram @rimmysparkles

This kind of tapering hairstyle is fashionable and suitable for all ages.

Here is a great illustration of how classy short natural hairstyles are! Selecting a reliable, timeless hairdo is an elegant finishing touch for your attire.

12. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk
Instagram @cutelooksdar

One of the popular natural styles for black hair is a ‘hawk with braids. The sides are cornrowed, giving the appearance of an undercut.

13. Rainbow Curls for Short Hair

Rainbow Curls for Short Hair
Instagram @jahlocsofficial

Try a playful look as well as a chic and delicate approach to wear your rainbow hair.

How seven different colors may harmoniously coexist in a large, full Afro is my favorite feature of natural hairstyles for black ladies like this one.

To keep this appearance, we advise using a washing conditioner rather than shampoo.

Your hair is gently cleansed and conditioned and over-washing won’t fade your color, extending the life of your color. Always try to use as little shampoo as you can.

14. Side-Parted Afro

Side-Parted Afro
Instagram @heyqray

Natural hairstyles for short hair are still popular, and as you can see, the afro is getting a stylish makeover. Maybe some pomade or coconut oil is needed for the edges.

15. Twist Braids Mohawk

Twist Braids Mohawk
Instagram @Dominiquestroman

Twist braids are a protective hairstyle that helps keep your hair safe while it grows. In order to keep your hairdo bright and long-lasting, moisturize your scalp frequently.

16. Braided Halo with Curly Bun

Braided Halo with Curly Bun
Instagram @theybstudio

Here is yet another lovely look you may achieve with your natural hair. Your haircut will feel gorgeous and feminine if you braid a halo into it. For a lovely curly bun, define your back curls.

17. Lovely Natural Curly Do with Bangs

Lovely Natural Curly Do with Bangs
Instagram @hautehairbylauren

Some women find having short natural hair scary because, quite frankly, it calls for courage. If you want a more feminine look in a short length, give your curly ‘do a facelift with some sassy side bangs!

18. Short Layered Twists

Short Layered Twists
Instagram @mremboasilia_hairclinic

Who said you could only select one kind of braid? A particularly intriguing pair is created by combining flat twists and single-twist braids. For added glitz, add cuffs and beads as accessories.

19. Natural and Elegant Updo

Natural and Elegant Updo
Instagram @leysahairandmakeup

If you have natural hair, opt for a classy, understated updo that you can also wear on a regular basis.

This look’s intertwining of the two buns into a rope-like pattern is my favorite part. They are particularly noticeable due to their thickness.

20. Twisted Up Natural Updo with Curly Top

Twisted Up Natural Updo with Curly Top
Instagram @e._k.a.h.l.e.r

Many natural hairstyles are refined, making you look finished. Any casual attire is improved by this lovely cascading updo’s visually intriguing and dynamic appearance.

21. Edgy Braid-and-Drop Natural Hairstyle

Edgy Braid-and-Drop Natural Hairstyle
Instagram @trancascaroline

The real deal is to keep it real. Let your hair convey your personal style. Keep it edgy if you like it; if you prefer cool, go for cool. Feel free to select black hairstyles that are natural for you.

22. Graduated Curly Bob on Natural Hair

Graduated Curly Bob on Natural Hair
Instagram @bri_twotees_any

This natural hairstyle is what we would refer to as an asymmetrical graduated curly bob. We adore his style since the layering makes the lovely curl patterns visible.

Layering adds volume while preventing your curls from looking bottom-heavy and falling flat.

Natural moisture deficiency in curly hair necessitates the use of moisturizing, curl-friendly products to replenish moisture and define your curl pattern.

It’s crucial to remember to choose products that are silicone- and sulfate-free because these substances dry out your hair.

This cut’s versatility allows it to be worn with both wavy and extremely curly hair.

Maintaining healthy curls is crucial, so make sure to deep condition your curls for at least a week while using the right styling products.

23. Long Curly Pixie with Side Part

Long Curly Pixie with Side Part
Instagram @artistry4gg

Every form of curly hair can be styled with a pixie cut. For women who are trying out new hairstyles and are new to the pixie club, add a side part when styling.

24. Effortless and Voluminous Curls

Effortless and Voluminous Curls
Instagram @slickback_buttahtoast

These thick curls are simple to achieve. They have the excellent volume at the top and the ideal number of face-framing curls.

By doing a pineapple or tiny pineapple at night, you might preserve natural hairstyles like this. Release your curls and use a curl refresher in the morning to shake everything back into shape.

Women with a looser curl pattern (Type 3a–4a) should wear this haircut. This can be worn by anyone with any face shape because the face-framing is adjustable.

Women who have little time for hair maintenance and need three to four days of wear before restyling will love this style.

25. Two-Tone Haircut with Design

Two-Tone Haircut with Design
Instagram @naturalhairqueens

As this natural hairstyle demonstrates, just because you have a closely-cropped cut does not mean you cannot play with your appearance.

The divided style gives the style some intrigue on the sides, and the blonde color on top makes it stand out. Change the color and patterns to keep the look current while keeping the cut.

26. Band Braids with Curls

Band Braids with Curls
Instagram @leboncoin_afro

You have to adore this natural hairstyle. Your face is highlighted by the artistic front braids, which also push your ‘fro curls away from your face. The way the curly hair flows in the back is amazing!

27. Edgy Tapered Fro for Naturally Short Hair

Edgy Tapered Fro for Naturally Short Hair
Instagram @jeniseweavingservices

You can choose to have curly hair that is black and tapered. If you have hair that is three to four inches long, I suggest this style.

Longer hair can be made, but it will take more effort. A curling sponge and a leave-in moisturizing lotion are excellent for preparing natural black girl hairstyles.

After that, the sides are laid down with a little comb or gentle brush.

28. Curly Copper Red Bob for Natural Hair

Curly Copper Red Bob for Natural Hair
Instagram @haircolorkilla

Women of all ages love bobs, but for some reason, some naturalists don’t believe they can pull one off with textured hair.

Wrong! Natural hair can be cut into a bob, and different layering is especially beneficial.

29. Fulani Braids with Afro Puff Bun

Fulani Braids with Afro Puff Bun
Instagram @trancascaroline

Here is a fashionable natural hairdo that will enhance real black beauty. It makes the most of your ‘fro. Additionally, your roots remain well-protected.

30. Bantu Knots for Natural Hair

Bantu Knots for Natural Hair
Instagram @jennuinehair

One of my favorite protective hairstyles for natural hair is the Bantu knot because you may start by transitioning your hair from perm damage.

It can be carried out on hair of any length, from type 2 to type 4, and with both short and long hair. You can wear it for a few days without it getting soiled, which makes it appealing.

You can add some little accessories, such as a charming pair of earrings, before untying the Bantu knots, and wearing it all day long.

31. Fierce Natural Curls

Fierce Natural Curls
Instagram @annisalimara

Making a fake undercut is as easy as making a few side braids. The golden, magnificent abundance of curls in this hairdo really makes a statement, despite the fact that the braids and twists stand out as well. This woman is strong, and she’s aware of it.

32. Afro-American Frohawk

Afro-American Frohawk
Instagram @himenatural

The Mohawk is always the first choice for anyone searching for a distinctive approach to spice up their natural hairstyles. For individuals who are hesitant to take such a risky step, this stylish substitute is ideal. It complements natural hair beautifully and offers the edginess of a Mohawk while yet being stylish.

33. Fluffy Natural Bob Haircut with Blonde Highlights

Fluffy Natural Bob Haircut with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @inhale_mycurls

Check out this natural, fluffy bob. More black ladies have chosen to go natural without pharmaceutical relaxers over the past few years.

This style is a go-to for showcasing your healthy hair because no chemical straightening results in thicker, healthier hair.

To give your natural curls depth and style, ask your hairdresser to add light hues or highlights.

34. Natural Blonde Mohawk with Shaved Design

Natural Blonde Mohawk with Shaved Design
Instagram @dreamcutsbarberlounge

This mohawk cut complements your lovely, natural hair and is elegant and feminine in appearance. The cut’s quirky appearance is enhanced by the warm, brilliant color.

This amazing hairdo is ideal for you if you want to make a dramatic statement.

35. Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part

Big Fluffy Afro with an Off-Center Part
Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

If you don’t have much time in the morning to style your hair, go for a huge, fluffy afro with an off-center part.

To enhance the curls and texture of your fluffy hair, all you need is a lightweight product like shea butter and a tiny bit of shine spray.

36. Natural Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Natural Brunette with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @ambertamaraa

As a natural brunette with blonde highlights, experiment with some color. Warm highlights will complement your natural curls and easy twist-outs for styling.

Consider utilizing Olaplax bond repair solutions at home between salon appointments to keep your hair healthy and curl pattern consistent.

37. Burgundy and Copper Tapered Natural Hairstyle

Burgundy and Copper Tapered Natural Hairstyle
Instagram @haircolorkilla

Once you’ve selected a great form that complements your face and curl pattern, shorter natural hairstyles for black women are adaptable and universally flattering.

Many women find that tapered hairstyles suit them, and they also allow you the chance to experiment with a fashionable two-tone color job, like this stunning burgundy and copper combo.

38. Twisted 4c Curls

Twisted 4c Curls
Instagram @nicolasbeautystudio

If you’re unclear on how to style your tightly curled hair, get into 4C twisted curls. You will need to flat twist the moist, damp hair of my 4C clients with a Cantu twist cream.

The flat twists can air dry naturally or spend a few days in a dryer. Try the “freestyle” portion of this style while producing it at home to avoid any clear dividing lines.

Also, keep in mind to only carefully untwist with your hands. One of the best hairstyles for black women is definitely this one!

39. Short Platinum Crop

Short Platinum Crop
Instagram @christolhair

According to many hairstylists, every woman needs to go platinum at least once in her lifetime. And here’s why:

It’s always the most elegant, fashionable way to stand out. On natural hair, the platinum color looks stunning because it is even more unexpected.

40. Mini Puff on Short Natural Curls

Mini Puff on Short Natural Curls
Instagram @carolinebasante

A classic look for short curly hair is the little puff on natural curls. There are numerous styling solutions available to get the puffs on natural black hair.

Using a sponge or the comb-twisting technique, for instance.

To prevent them from dropping flat, I advise wearing a hat at night and occasionally dabbing a sponge at the top of your head.


Now it is clear that natural hairstyles are amazing from the look of things, you can go ahead and pick one from the above listed.

We may not know which you will go for, but we can assure you, as you have seen that natural hairstyles are amazing and they will surely look good on you.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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40 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

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