15 Best Pineapple Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

15 Best Pineapple Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

The Pineapple Updo for black women, isn’t a really popular hairstyle. However, because of the way it brings the beauty out of anyone on it, it is worth the mention. This is why we have for you some of the best pineapple Updo hairstyles for black women that you should consider.

15 Pineapple Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

As we said earlier, this is the best pineapple hairstyle that you can find and here they are:

1. Blonde

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Use a bright blonde color to give your hair a mid-90s vibe. To conceal the hair on your back and nape, use a scarf as a headband.

To add height and volume, tie it up in the front, and keep the tips falling on your forehead to give the appearance of bangs.

2. Pineapple with a Scarf Wrap

Pineapple with a Scarf Wrap
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When it comes to this style, accessories are crucial! A head wrap is a simple solution. With a scarf and a pineapple, you can create a variety of styles for natural hair, and this is one of them.

3. Pineapple Afro

Pineapple Afro
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Afro hair requires a lot of care, and while many women choose to manage it with braids, there is another choice.

Choose a haircut like a pineapple with a headband to keep the coils off your forehead while still displaying that gorgeous texture.

4. Pineapple Pony

Pineapple Pony

The pineapple puff is my go-to hairstyle. It’s simple to do; just gather your curls into a ponytail using a drawstring ponytail holder or an elastic hair tie.

To vary up the look, I do apply my fave Mielle Organics edge gel to the edges and various accessories.

5. Short Pineapple Bun

Short Pineapple Bun
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If you want to avoid damaging your roots and hair follicles, don’t tie your hair in a pineapple bun too tightly. Your naturally curly hair will be perfectly kept, and the hairdo looks gorgeous with spectacles.

6. Updo for Short Hair

Updo for Short Hair
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Like any other hair color, black hair also has a lovely appearance. Making an updo is the ideal method to show off your jet-black hair.

As you can see, use hairpins to secure the hair in a curly shake. You can try this adorable hairstyle for a fun day out.

7. Pineapple Curls

Pineapple Curls
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Apply a leave-in conditioner to your ringlets before developing a pineapple curly hairdo so that it will define them.

Choose a brief scarf, and don’t wrap it too tightly. If you save your bangs, let them fall on one side so that your hair will have a lot of volumes.

8. Half Up Half Down with a Pineapple

Half Up Half Down with a Pineapple

Buns and loose hair are combined in this look for the best of both worlds. I applied curly clip-ins for this style to enhance length and volume.

9. Pastel Purple Weave Hairdo

Pastel Purple Weave Hairdo
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Making a weave ponytail is another pineapple natural hairstyle suggestion for long hair. The woven hairdo is incredibly distinctive and fashionable.

You should dye your hair a lavender tint to make it more distinctive. This unusual hue will make the weaves flow smoothly.

10. Sleek Topknot

Sleek Topknot
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As we previously mentioned, short hair looks stunning in a ponytail, and a sleek one is ideal for your workplace attire.

By the end of the day, you’ll still have manageable hair and look stylish. First, use hairspray to ensure that all of your curls are secured in the pony.

11. Textured High Bun

Textured High Bun
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Although frizzy curls are possible, you can still style them. Your hair’s frizz can be effectively concealed with a high, tidy bun. Short curls will fall out here and there, so you can only accomplish this if you have long hair.

12. Curly Brown Updo

Curly Brown Updo

One of the traditional pineapple hairstyles for short natural hair is a ponytail. Ponying up short hair looks fantastic.

For a long day, tie your hair up in a tight ponytail. Maintain a simple overall appearance because this hairdo is very simple. To set the hair from the front, use gel.

13. Long Blonde Bangs

Long Blonde Bangs
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If you have long hair, you might get artificial bags in another way. Don a black headband made of fabric. Your hair will be split horizontally as a result.

Let the curls in the front run to the sides and tie the hair in the back in a low updo. You’ll appear to have long side bangs.

14. Very Curly Pineapple Hairstyle

Very Curly Pineapple Hairstyle

Your style can be completed and your face can look longer with puffy pineapple hair. If you don’t naturally have curly hair, you might choose a curly bun, which is very simple to put on top of your head.

15. Curly Weave

Curly Weave

If you have short hair, pineapple hair in a weave will give you a lot of volume and movement. On top of the head, make braids and pin them in place. Wear the weave in place and style your curls to one side.


The pineapple Updo hairstyles for black women can come in handy if you were aiming at catching the attention and still look elegant.

It is not a common hairstyle, the more reason you will get that attention.

Pick from the ones we have presented and we assure you that they will look good on you.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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15 Best Pineapple Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

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