Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

30 Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

There are a lot of Pixie-cut hairstyles for women, but unfortunately, most ladies don’t know this. A pixie cut can be a brilliant hairstyle if you pick the right one. As you read on, we will present different Pixie cuts that you can pick from that will suit your person and bring the best out of you.

Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

We promised you some amazing hairstyles and that is exactly what we are about to dive into. Here are thirty of the very best pixie hairstyles and we are sure one of them will look amazing on you.

1. Sexy Platinum Pixie Cut with Designs

Sexy Platinum Pixie Cut with Designs
Instagram @helensofierce

This distinctive hairdo combines elements of a stylish pixie haircut, a daring platinum shade, and one-of-a-kind patterns. The platinum color enhances the allure of the hairstyle, infusing it with a sophisticated and contemporary feel.

2. Black Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Black Pixie Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @modernsalon

Black hair is typically characterized by its thickness, which can sometimes pose challenges when trying out various hairstyles.

In the case of this short haircut, the sides are trimmed exceptionally close above the ear line, allowing the top section of hair to maintain its natural volume and texture.

To create a distinct look, it’s advisable to separate these two sections with shaved lines.

3. Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

Curly Tapered Pixie Cut
Instagram @queen_mixedmedia

Enhance the beauty of those bouncy curls by opting for a tapered pixie haircut. The undercut in this style encircles the entire head, emphasizing the rounded form of the hair on the upper part.

4. Textured Pixie Cut with Highlights

Textured Pixie Cut with Highlights
Instagram @msklarie

Pairing vibrant colors at the crown of your hair with elegant black strands is a fantastic way to make a bold statement. This pixie cut features long, brightly colored bangs that bring a lot of flair to your overall appearance.

5. Short Pixie for Relaxed Hair

Short Pixie for Relaxed Hair
Instagram @gilliangarciaartistry

Here’s a stylish and hassle-free hair option for black women with chemically relaxed hair. Consider going for a short pixie haircut! This trendy hairstyle is an excellent choice for those seeking a fashionable and easy-to-manage appearance.

The short pixie cut, thanks to its abbreviated length, not only saves you time but also offers versatility when styled to complement your hair’s natural texture.

It’s particularly well-suited for Black women with relaxed hair, as it’s simpler to style and achieve a sleek look.

6. Pixie with Feather Spikes and Bangs

Pixie with Feather Spikes and Bangs

If you’re not looking to go too extreme with your spikes, you might want to consider these softer, feathered spikes.

This hairstyle blends the feathered cut with a pixie cut, and a key feature is the inclusion of feathered bangs.

These bangs have an irregular and tousled appearance, resulting in an overall hairstyle that exudes a very relaxed and laid-back vibe.

It’s an ideal choice for individuals who prefer an effortless look. This style complements the natural texture of hair, particularly black hair, and can also be experimented with other hair colors such as blonde or platinum for a unique twist.

7. Pixie with Red Highlights

Pixie with Red Highlights
Instagram  @iammeganpaige

If you opt for a short pixie cut, you have the option to create the illusion of longer hair by straightening it.

This hairstyle showcases its short, textured layers even more prominently when hair is straightened, especially when combined with stunning red and purple highlights.

8. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut
Instagram @indinstrands

Many black women enjoy experimenting with blonde hair shades. If you’re considering trying it out, consider pairing it with an ultra-short pixie cut like this striking almost-white one.

This curly pixie cut features short bangs and a tapered back, creating a stylish and confident frame for your face.

9. Relaxer-Free Pixie Cut

Relaxer-Free Pixie Cut
Instagram @hairbyraw

If you’ve already had the big chop or are considering it, opting for a pixie cut without a relaxer is an excellent transitional haircut.

This classic and timeless style can provide you with a blend of elegance and edginess that many other hairstyles may not offer.

10. Funky Tricolor Pixie

Funky Tricolor Pixie

If your natural hair texture isn’t satisfying enough, consider elevating it to its fullest potential by incorporating contemporary hair coloring techniques.

Embrace a striking appearance by using modern coloring methods that blend shades of brown, golden, and black.

This trend remains popular within the Black community, and it has also gained traction among English women who want to stay current with today’s fashion trends.

To achieve this look, think of it as a fusion between a typical pixie cut and a bob cut, infused with a vibrant array of colors. In this style, all the hair flows freely to the right side of the person.

11. Blonde and Brown Curls

Blonde and Brown Curls
Instagram @iammeganpaige

You will adore the combination of glamour and drama in a pixie haircut featuring oversized curls. The short layers enhance the beauty of the blonde highlights, with the lower half of the hair intentionally left shorter and straight, creating a captivating contrast.

12. Natural Hair Pixie Cut

Natural Hair Pixie Cut
Instagram @mayasworld

Elegant and charming, this pixie haircut celebrates the inherent beauty of your natural hair while showcasing your unique sense of style.

If you’re considering a switch from long locks to a shorter, more manageable look without the need for extensive morning preparation, this haircut is a fantastic choice to explore.

13. Golden Pixie with Soft Waves

Golden Pixie with Soft Waves
Instagram @indinstrands

Experiment with a golden pixie hairstyle featuring gentle waves if you prefer short hair. This warm, honey-toned shade is an ideal choice to brighten up your look for the summer season.

14. Red Thick Layers

Red Thick Layers
Instagram @hitbyhaunna

If you’re aiming for a bold and vibrant hairstyle, choosing a bright red shade is a surefire way to make a statement.

Let the fiery intensity of this color capture everyone’s attention and highlight the thick short layers of your pixie cut.

15. Pixie Style with Gold Highlights

Pixie Style with Gold Highlights
Instagram @modernsalon

Occasionally, blondes do enjoy a bit more excitement – particularly when it’s a stunning, self-assured Black woman with highlights in blonde! For black pixie cuts, there’s no need to stick to a single shade, you can add variety with highlights in blonde, red, or even striking neon colors.

16. Textured Golden Blonde Pixie Style with Bangs

Textured Golden Blonde Pixie Style with Bangs
Instagram @b_andrew_hair

This textured golden blonde pixie hairstyle with bangs exudes a professional and polished appearance. Such short pixie cuts for black women effortlessly combine edginess with timeless style.

To achieve this specific color, you’ll need to discuss it with your hairstylist and possibly undergo a hair dyeing process.

It’s advisable to bring a reference picture or describe the desired shades as ‘honey-blonde’ or ‘golden highlights’ to ensure you achieve the look you desire.

17. Pixie with Shaved Detail

Pixie with Shaved Detail
Instagram @a_beatrizmalta

Adding shaved elements creates a captivating position in a curly pixie haircut for black hair.

If you opt to shave only one side of your head, ensure that the bangs elegantly cascade over the opposite eyebrow. Soft layers work exceptionally well to complement this style.

18. Sassy Pixie Cut with Colored Bangs

Sassy Pixie Cut with Colored Bangs
Instagram @indinstrands

Observe the opulent appeal of this short black pixie cut. Delicate layers on the upper section enhance volume, while the vibrant fringe adds a stylish and daring touch.

This hairstyle can also accentuate your eyes and assist in the rejuvenation of thinning hair edges.

19. White Pixie with Finger Waves

White Pixie with Finger Waves
Instagram @brownbaldie

This stylish platinum white pixie cut, adorned with finger waves, is a fantastic choice for black women of any age! Elevate your hair’s elegance with these silky, smooth finger waves.

This layered pixie cut strikes a perfect balance between a conservative and daring look when styled with just the right touch of playfulness.

It’s an excellent way to showcase your bold personality without going to extremes.

When you visit your stylist, request a combination of setting mousse, skilled fingerwork, and a fine-toothed comb to achieve this hairstyle. And remember, securing your hair at night will help maintain those beautiful waves.

20. Black Round Curled Pixie

Black Round Curled Pixie

Curly hair is known for its luxurious texture and volume, but without proper care, it can appear unruly and frizzy.

If you’re short on time for styling your curls, there’s no need to worry. Consider opting for this short hairstyle, which imparts a rounded shape to your head.

The front and sides are shorter than the top, enhancing the natural texture and beauty of your rounded curls.

Black is a versatile color that complements all skin tones and outfits, making it a convenient choice for busy routines.

A quick spritz of hairspray is all you need to style your pixie, and pairing it with a dark lip shade adds the perfect finishing touch.

21. Blonde Pixie

Blonde Pixie
Instagram @exper.tese

If you’re seeking a fresh hair color that complements your skin tone, consider a blonde pixie haircut for black women.

This choice works exceptionally well for individuals with warm undertones in their skin, which may include subtle shades of yellow, gold, or pink.

22. Curly Natural Pixie Cut

Curly Natural Pixie Cut
Instagram @soulchile_

Embrace the beauty of your natural hair texture with this pixie cut, allowing Mother Nature to play the role of your stylist.

Whether you have tight curls or gentle waves, this cropped graduated pixie cut is designed to enhance and showcase the unique charm of your natural hair, making the most of what you’ve been naturally blessed with.

23. Extra Short Buzz Cut Pixie

Extra Short Buzz Cut Pixie
Instagram @msmonikaj

If you’re in search of a chic and effortless style that’s sure to make a statement, consider an ultra-short, buzz-cut pixie.

This timeless look suits black women of various ages and hair textures, and you can easily customize it with accessories like barrettes or headbands.

To achieve the perfect ‘do, make sure to communicate your desired length to your hairstylist, being cautious not to go too short initially, as it’s easier to trim more if needed than to add back length later.

24. Layered Pixie Cut

Layered Pixie Cut
Instagram @the.white.chick

Layered pixie cuts for black hair provide versatility in styling, allowing you to experiment with different looks.

You can achieve gorgeous pin-curl waves with these layers. While the focus is on the bangs, you can effortlessly sweep them to either side if you prefer a less pronounced fringe.

25. Red Pixie Haircut

Red Pixie Haircut
Instagram @indinstrands

Enhance your straightforward pixie cut by incorporating layers and vibrant colors. This exciting style allows you to maintain short hair while embracing your femininity.

It pairs wonderfully with bold colors that complement deep skin tones, making it an ideal choice for accentuating your facial features.

26. Brushed Up Pixie Cut

Brushed Up Pixie Cut
Instagram @malik_hairstylist

These tousled pixie cuts are fantastic for highlighting your natural hair texture. They tend to complement various face shapes, and the short length promotes hair health and strength.

When discussing your desired style with your hairstylist, it’s helpful to show them a picture to ensure they grasp the precise look you’re aiming for.

Additionally, be clear that you’re interested in a pixie cut, so they can gauge the appropriate amount of length to trim.

27. Ombre Pixie

Ombre Pixie
Instagram @ms_houston

One prominent trend in hair coloring is the ombre pixie haircut designed for black hair.

It involves effortlessly blending a color, such as a soft caramel or honey shade, into the lower part of the hair, creating a laid-back, grown-out appearance.

To make the color stand out, concentrate it on the front section of the sweeping bangs.

28. Black Curls with Undercut

Black Curls with Undercut
Instagram @modernsalon

Featuring neatly trimmed sides and a curly top, this pixie haircut is perfect for a self-assured black woman.

It’s well-groomed for a professional office look but also exudes a lively party vibe. The hairstyle is elevated with added volume and precise, attractive edges.

29. Professional Pixie with Soft Waves

Professional Pixie with Soft Waves
Instagram @hairbyniyot___

A significant number of black women prefer pixie cuts because they allow them to accentuate their facial features.

In my experience, opting for professional pixie cuts with gentle waves is an excellent choice for those who want a style that isn’t overly short or bold.

To achieve this look, we recommend using a round brush while blow-drying your hair and applying texturizing spray to add volume and texture.

This approach will give you a refined yet easygoing appearance that’s suitable for both work and various occasions.

30. Wispy Pixie with Undercut

Wispy Pixie with Undercut
Instagram @thecultureofcolor

Experiment with texture and fullness through this remarkable pixie haircut.

The undercut section of your hair provides a stable foundation, while the front portion, larger than the back, incorporates delicate, wispy layers to achieve both volume and a carefree, playful sensation.


It is evidence that the pixie cut is an extremely amazing hairstyle for everyone and it won’t hurt to say especially black ladies.

You can pick from anyone that we have listed and we are sure that either one of them will look good on you.

Call your hairstylist today, make an appointment and you are good to go.

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Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

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