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15 Protective Hairstyles For Black Hair

Thin hair needs protective hairstyles, but getting ideas could be difficult. Here is a compilation of the best protective hairstyles for thin hair to try.

The disadvantages of thin hair are well known to everyone with an average level of enthusiasm for their hair. While several preventive measures exist to ensure you don’t end up with superfine hair, there are many scenarios where you have no real choice. What do you tell someone whose hair is naturally thin, for instance?

In cases when there’s no other option, the best thing to do is embrace your hair as is and go with some hairstyles that will bring out your beauty. To avoid further thinning of your hair, you want to ensure that you’re only wearing a protective hairstyle.

If you don’t know what hairstyles will work best for your superfine hair, you’re at the right place. Here, I’ll show you the 15 most adorable protective hairstyles for thin hair to make you look your best always. As long as you choose something from here, you should have nothing to fear.

15 Pretty Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

1. Red Jumbo Passion Twist

Red Jumbo Passion Twist

One of the most compatible hairstyles with fine hair is the passion twist hairstyle, especially when you make it loose enough that it doesn’t cause breakage over time. The natural-looking curls and the adorable color are my favorite parts of this style, not to talk of the neat edges; in short, it’s perfect.

2. Black Soft Distressed Locs

Black Soft Distressed Locs

Thin hair doesn’t create the ideal scenarios for locs, but it’s not impossible to lock thin hair either. With some effort and probably some hair extensions, you can create pretty realistic faux locs like the sample above. What we have here is the distressed locs hairstyle; if it sits well with you, why not try it?

3. Stitch Braids Updo

Stitch Braids Updo

This hairstyle is probably the prettiest you’ll see in this compilation for many reasons. There are so many excellent things about the hairstyle that I’m not sure where to start naming them. Is it the neat edges or the length, or the excellent updo that’s the highlight of the style? If you’re after an adorable hairstyle for your thin hair, here’s something to try.

4. Feed-In Braids Updo

Feedin Braids Updo

If you want to put something that looks great together within a couple of minutes, your best bet is an updo made from feed-in braids. Since the base consists of very few cornrows, you won’t have to spend hours on that, and the bun itself doesn’t look like the most complicated thing in the world. Needless to say, this style is excellent for your thin hair.

5. Long Cornrow Twist

Mixed Tone Cornrow Twist

When you look closely, you’ll notice that this hairstyle uses regular braided cornrows to secure the base, while using two-strand twists for the length of the strands. It’s a common method designed to make the style hold together better, and you should consider using it if you want longevity. Another great idea that will make your twists last long is holding them with rubber bands, as you can see above.

6. Stitch Braids with Chignon

Stitch Braids with Chignon

The stitch braids look like something a typical lady with thin hair would wear as it doesn’t rely heavily on the thickness of the hair. I believe the chignon at the back incorporates some hair extensions, but we’ll never know for sure without a full view. Either way, we can all agree that it’s a pretty style.

7. Cornrow Ponytail

Cornrow Ponytail

You shouldn’t even attempt this hairstyle if you don’t have a couple of hours to spare, because it’s just as time-consuming as it looks. As you can see from the image, you’ll have to make several cornrows in different directions that eventually converge to form a ponytail. If you can sacrifice some time and make it work, you’ll surely be wearing the hairstyle for days.

8. Medium Knotless Braids with Curls

Medium Knotless Braids with Curls

If you’ll be making knotless braids with thin hair, you want to ensure you don’t make too many braids, as that could end up putting unnecessary pressure on the hair, causing breakage. To be on the safe side, you can simply copy the idea above for free and reap all the benefits. You also want to add the curls to the end to make it more fashionable.

9. Large Box Twist

Large Box Twist

As I’ve explained earlier, you want any protective hairstyle for thin hair to be pretty big to avoid stressing your hair. If the knotless braids from earlier don’t sound appealing to you, how about trying box braids in all their glory? I love how this looks like the perfect box braids, probably because it is.

10. Jumbo Long Twist with Curls

Jumbo Long Twist with Curls

Jumbo twists for ladies with thin hair may not look very large, but there’s no denying that they do look very beautiful. When you add those beautiful curls at the end, the style takes up a whole new look, which is even better than the initial look. You can take the image above as an example.

11. Double Colored Marley Twist

Double Colored Marley Twist

The Marley twist hairstyle is not restricted to ladies with thicker hair alone; you can add some hair extensions to your thin hair, make Marley twists, and have them look sick. For extra elegance, you can use different colors like the model here, as it makes the style pop without much additional effort.

12. Small-Sized Knotless Braids

Small-Sized Knotless Braids

Having superfine hair takes away most of the choices you should have with the size of your hair. If you’re trying to stay all natural without any hair extensions, you may not be able to make your hair thicker than this. Thankfully, it looks adorable as is, which is why it made it into this list in the first place.

13. Black Sexy Beaded Braids

Black Sexy Beaded Braids

Beads have a way of adding extra sparkle to any hairstyle, and that’s why they make a frequent occurrence on protective hairstyles for thin hair. Since we’ve not looked at any beaded hairstyle, here’s something you may want to try, and yes, it looks hot with the curls and all.

14. Trancas Box Braids with Curls

Trancas Box Braids with Curls

I’ve never heard someone use the word “Trancas” in relation to a hairstyle, but the first time I’m seeing it, the style looks somewhat dope. The idea is simple: make box braids to almost half the length of your hair and let the curls define the rest. I also love the brown color, but you’re free to try it with something else.

15. Bomb Knotless Braids Bob

Bomb Knotless Braids Bob

So, there’s a lot going on in this hairstyle and I think it’s good enough to end this amazing compilation. On one side, it’s the size of bob braids, and on the other, it’s pretty long. You can attribute a lot more to it, but one thing is undisputable: the style looks adorable.


To ensure your hair doesn’t suffer from the drawbacks commonly associated with thin hair, you need to “love” protective hairstyles for thin hair. If you have no ideas, you can use the ideas in this compilation for free; I won’t be charging you for them.

Here are some other free guides that will help you care for your hair better.

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  1. This article is supposed to highlight thin hair styles. Styles that are heavier such as some of the ones highlighted here are actually bad for thin hair and pull too much on your roots. This article does a bad job and is poorly researched for certain.

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