sassy senegalese twist hairstyle ideas

15 Sassy Senegalese Twist Hairstyle Ideas for Inspiration

Senegalese twist hairstyles may be getting increasingly popular lately, but how should you make them look exactly? Here are 15 ideas that answer your question.

Senegalese twists are getting more popular by the day, and if you’ve ever seen someone wear one, you should already know why. The fact that it’s a protective hairstyle tick all the boxes, and there’s almost no better hairstyle you could install on your natural hair.

One common dilemma that most people face after choosing to wear the Senegalese twist hairstyle is how to make it look. Sure, you can make it bland, but why do that when there are thousands of different styling ideas that can have a tremendous positive difference?

Here, I’ll walk you through 15 Senegalese twist hairstyles that I think are just out of this world. Feel free to copy any of these hairstyles to get the perfect look for yourself. Without further ado, here are some of the best Senegalese twists you can possibly get.

15 Senegalese Twist Hairstyle Ideas for Inspiration

1. Simple Senegalese Twist

Simple Senegalese Twist

Your Senegalese twists don’t need some extraordinary pizzazz to look great; simply install them in their vanilla form on your natural hair and they can stand out. Using a colored hair extension like in this example is awesome, but it should work just fine, even with your natural hair color.

2. Black Senegalese Twist with Clips

Black Senegalese Twist with Clips

Adding clips to your Senegalese twists can achieve two objectives: it can make hold it together better, and it can also make it look better, especially if you use it correctly. This hairstyle inspiration is a perfect example of using clips with your Senegalese twists correctly, and it looks pretty good.

3. Jumbo Senegalese Twist

Jumbo Senegalese Twist

A simple trick to making your Senegalese twists look better is making them bigger. That way, you’re combining jumbo twists with Senegalese twists to create a new hairstyle: jumbo Senegalese twists. Since the individual twists are bigger, you should expect it to take less time for installation.

4. Box Senegalese Twist with Neat Edges

Box Senegalese Twist with Neat Edges

Neat edges can be the difference between an average style and a style that looks excellent. Having neat edges automatically makes it half box braids already, and intentionally making it box braids will make it look even better. When installing box braids, you may want to keep the edges neat, for the look at least.

5. Cornrow Senegalese Twist with Curls

Cornrow Senegalese Twist with Curls

Having little cornrows before naturally ending the style in long braids creates a whole new different vibe with Senegalese twist hairstyles. In my opinion, that style is insanely adorable, plus the little transition to blonde-like hair color at the tips is simply genius. But hey, that’s my opinion.

6. Long Senegalese Twist

Long Senegalese Twist

Long twists always strike differently compared to shorter ones, and one typically looks better than the other. While the better-looking one will depend on your preferences, anyone will agree that long twists look great nonetheless. If you’re struggling to find a perfect Senegalese twist style, why not buy several hair extension packs and make it as long as possible?

7. Medium Senegalese Twist

Medium Senegalese Twist

If your hair is neither long nor short, it can stay in-between. You don’t need to keep adding hair extensions endlessly to achieve a long look; simply making do with what you have can give you a beautiful, albeit medium-length hairstyle. The image above is enough proof to convince you that it’s worthwhile.

8. Short Senegalese Twist

Short Senegalese Twist

We’ve looked at short and medium, but those aren’t the only two lengths that you can get Senegalese twists in. As you can see from the above hairstyle inspiration, there’s also a short Senegalese twist hairstyle that will make an interesting choice if your hair isn’t long enough to qualify for either the long or medium variants.

9. Brunette Senegalese Twist with Curls

Brunette Senegalese Twist with Curls

If you have no idea what to do with your hair, why not use brown hair extensions to create a brunette look? That alone gives off a completely different and amazingly pretty vibe. If that doesn’t seem cool enough for you, you can add some curls at the end of the twists for an even better look.

10. Black Jumbo Senegalese Twist

Black Jumbo Senegalese Twist

Making the jumbo Senegalese twist hairstyle is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, the large size means you’ll be making fewer twists in total, which also translates to less time spent installing the hairstyle. Secondly, it’s just adorable, I mean, take a good look at this idea and tell me it’s not.

11. Mixed Tone Senegalese Twist

Mixed Tone Senegalese Twist

Why make your Senegalese twists in a single color when you can have two, or even three? Here’s a pretty example of a mixed-tone Senegalese twist that combines the brown color of the extensions with the black natural color of the model’s hair. Feel free to switch up the colors.

12. Blonde Senegalese Twist

Blonde Senegalese Twist

If you’d rather be a blonde than a brunette, here’s the perfect Senegalese twist hairstyle idea for you. With it’s medium length and huge size, there’s really nothing not to love about the style. Plus, it could even qualify as a multi-toned hairstyle with the obvious black showing in the background.

13. Micro Senegalese Twist with Curls

Ponytail Senegalese Twist with Curls

Senegalese twists don’t have to be massive to look adorable. If you’ve seen the image above, you won’t need proof of that. The tiny size makes it a bit tinier than mini Senegalese twists, and the curls at the end created the dazzling look for the hairstyle that earned it a place in this compilation.

14. Goddess Senegalese Twist

Goddess Senegalese Twist

Achieving a goddess twist look with Senegalese twists isn’t difficult; all you really need to do is keep the neat edges and avoid the knots. If you’re willing to do those basic things, however, you’ll have an adorable hairstyle that looks just as in the idea above. You can add curls to the end for extra pizzazz.

15. Jumbo Knotless Senegalese Twist

Medium Knotless Senegalese Twist

There’s this special thing about jumbo Senegalese twist hairstyles that draws me to them, and that’s why we’re looking at more than one in this compilation. Since it’s also a long-lasting knotless braid, there’s no real excuse why you won’t install this hairstyle.

If it’s about popularity, the Senegalese twist hairstyle is one of the most popular out there, but it’s not easy to get right. The styles you see all over the internet are hard to replicate, and you’ll mess up your hair trying to copy them. This compilation contains 15 Senegalese twist ideas you can try right now.

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