Stylish Short Braids Hairstyles

Top 15 Stylish Short Braids Hairstyles

Not everyone wants that long hairstyle and that is where the short braids come in. You can practically braid your hair and make it short. Everyone has their own perspective on these things but here are some of the best short braids there is, such as you will find.

Although braiding is an old craft, these looks never go out of style!

Remember when you wore a straightforward three-strand braid to class? Now, each person gets their own unique braid!

If you’re confused by the numerous styles of braids, from French braids to braid twists, let us make things simpler for you.

You can select a braid for every occasion, whether it be a wedding, business meeting, workout, or date. Your hair is protected from injury with braids, which are a protective hairstyle.

Braids can also come in handy on days when you haven’t washed your hair but suddenly need to go somewhere.

And you can wear it with virtually any other hairdo, including twists, ponytails, updos, and free-flowing hair.

Additionally, there is a braid for each mood but today, we will be focused on shorts braids and different top short braids hairstyles that you can make.

15 Stylish Short Braids Hairstyles

Here are some of the best short braids hairstyle that you can make, check them out:

1. Bob Goddes Braids

Bob Goddes Braids
Instagram @esescabelo

This is a cute look to try if you’re seeking something to wear with beautiful clothes for a special event. This hairstyle provides you with a braided appearance with a touch of traditionalism.

2. Small Passion Box Braids

Small Passion Box Braids
Instagram @beautifully.laid

I know it took almost five hours to complete these tiny braids, but the outcome was well worth the wait. If maintained, the hairstyle should last for a while, which makes it even better.

3. A Pretty Blond Box Braid Bob

A Pretty Blond Box Braid Bob
Instagram @madleen_beautypro

When I look at these short braided hairstyles, I adore seeing color. The hairdo looks stylish because of its blond tone.

4. A Simple Medium Fulani Braids

A Simple Medium Fulani Braids
Instagram @justbraidsinfo

When you talk of short braids, then you should consider the Fulani braid. It is easy to make and it makes you look exceptionally beautiful while keeping it simple. You can’t miss the Fulani braid.

5. Medium Side Braids

Medium Side Braids
Instagram @hair_by_chichie_

The side braids can also make you look astonishing. Not to mention when it is short, you come out looking beautiful, and traditional, and still not having to work up having a whole lot of braids around you. You should try this.


6. Big Box Braids With Curly Ends

Big Box Braids With Curly Ends
Instagram @lungibeauty

An adorable and simple summer hairdo with short braids. Even while we all adore box braids, they may occasionally take hours to complete, especially when they are little.

This hairstyle’s huge size is what makes it so great. Why not add some bouncy curly ends to this hairdo to make it even cuter?

7. Small Box Braid with Curls

Small Box Braid with Curls
Instagram @the_diamond_effect_

The box braid is a versatile style and can be constructed for just anything. The small box braid is one such variation that we trust will look extremely good on you.

And when you add curls to it, say at the end, that even makes it cooler. You should try this style.

8. Side Parted Bob Braids

Side Parted Bob Braids
Pinterest @hadviser_com

These side-parted bob braids are fantastic to try if you’re seeking a short style that’s suitable for the office. For a splash of color, add a back highlight braid in a single color.

9. Triangle Patterned Butterfly Locs

Triangle Patterned Butterfly Locs
Pinterest @xtrendhair

Why not mix things up a little by substituting some triangle portions for the standard square? Did you also notice anything unique about these locs as opposed to the others?

These locs begin as simple faux locs before becoming damaged locs. Two distinct loc styles combined are quite cool.

10. The Heart Tribal Braid

The Heart Tribal Braid
Instagram @styledbyauuj

It is interesting that we are still waiting to see someone that the heart tribal braid doesn’t look good. This is an exceptional style. It looks great and will go with anything you want it to go with.


11. A Short Tribal Hairstyle

A Short Tribal Hairstyle
Instagram @yesinglamour

A cute hairdo that combines cornrows with box braids. This hair color goes well with the hair accessories. If you like, you may experiment with this hairstyle by creating two space buns in the front and leaving the hair in the back out.

12. Jumbo Knotless Box Braids

Jumbo Knotless Box Braids
Pinterest @CourtneyEWhitaker

The only distinction between this short braided hairstyle and the third hairdo is the curling ends. The hairdo looks just as fine without them. It is also now simpler to replicate.

13. A Pretty Red Bob

A Pretty Red Bob
Pinterest @hadviser_com

Another deep side parting in a bob, but this time in red. This haircut looks much better with such a vivid hue. The silver cuffs on the ends of the braids add even more beauty to this crimson bob.

14. A Short Box Braid Bob

A Short Box Braid Bob
Instagram @fab.hairstylz

An adorable short braided hairdo that you should try this summer. You need a curvy bob to keep the hair off your shoulders and back.

15. Shoulder Length Box Braids

Shoulder Length Box Braids
Instagram @hairgrandezw

That’s exactly what this short braided hairdo is: easy and adorable. Can you now distinguish between rubber band ends and burnt ends?  Which one do you favor, if any?


If you are among those that value simplicity, then the short braids hairstyle is for you. As you may have noticed, there are a vast majority of short-braid hairstyles that you can pick from.

Take your time, go through the list as we have provided, and check for the one that mostly suits your style of hair.

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Stylish Short Braids Hairstyles

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