25 Straight Backs Cornrows Hairstyles

We are excited to share our collection of stunning straight backs cornrows hairstyles with you! Cornrows are a beautiful and versatile braided hairstyle. Whether you’re interested in classic or trendy looks, cornrows can be a fantastic choice.

25 Straight Backs Cornrows Hairstyles

If you’re looking for some new hair inspiration, do well to carefully go through the straight backs conrows listed below:

1. Sleek Cornrow Braids with Fun Details

Instagram @tropixbraids

Enhance your look with these sleek and elegant cornrows styles. Combine this simple yet attractive cornrows hairstyle with crisscrossed details, and don’t forget to style your hair for an added touch of elegance.

2. Color-Packed Straight Back Cornrows

Instagram @tshanibraids

Look at these thin braids with absolutely equal breadth and spacing. It doesn’t get more classic than this! While it isn’t the most daring hairstyle, the color-packed feed-in braids to the back make all the difference.

3. Millipedes Cornrows

Instagram @infinity_beautylounge

Meet the ultimate braid display! Four cornrow braids in the rear are given a fun twist with numerous little braids running across your scalp. Prepare to be wowed by its elaborate and amusing design. Embrace the millipede vibes and rock one of the most distinctive cornrows styles!

4. Blonde Feed-In Braids

Instagram @abai_braids

This hairstyle combines the best of both worlds, with two box braids that frame the face and feed in braids to the back that smoothly transition into stunning straight tresses. Are you ready to add a dazzling glitter to your look? Choose blonde feed-in braids to bring your look to life!

5. Six Cornrows to the Back

Instagram @karenbourgade

Reverse braids that compliment the typical six cornrows to the back look are an example of hairstyling talent. Karen Bourgade of Le Robert, Martinique, refers to them as “invisible braids,” and she dares to braid hair in opposite directions for a dramatic look.

6. Four Cornrows Style with Synthetic Curls

Instagram @laviniatrancista

Try a new take on feed-in braids, which use a creative technique to give the appearance of long cornrow braid styles. Instead, let the curls flow freely after constructing foundational braids to the back with your natural hair and smoothly integrated synthetic braiding hair.

7. Knotless Freestyle Fulani Braids

Instagram @beautiful.kalopsia.tt

The elegance of traditional Fulani braids is combined with the knotless technique, resulting in a quirky and unusual pattern. The freestyle feature adds an artistic flair, allowing for one-of-a-kind and individualized designs.

8. Twisted Cornrow Braids

Instagram @melissa_nerovique

Twisted braids will elevate your look! The precision and sleekness of cornrow braids are combined with the extra texture and complexity of twists in this stunning hairdo. As a result, you get a distinct and eye-catching design that is both fashionable and adaptable.

9. Stitch Braids with Two Low Buns

Instagram @tropixbraids

The accuracy and sleekness of stitch braids are combined with the versatility of low buns in this popular hairdo. As a consequence, you’ll have a trendy and elegant style that’s appropriate for any event.

10. Short Straight Back Cornrows with Beads

Instagram @tshanibraids

The sleekness of straight back cornrows styles is combined with the subtle grace of transparent beads in this stunning haircut. Whether you want a more casual or formal look, these clear beads will effortlessly take your hairdo to a whole new level of splendor.

11. Evenly Spaced Straight Back Cornrows

Instagram @tressesofsoleil

While it’s easy to get caught up in extravagant cornrows designs, don’t overlook the timeless appeal of plain straight braids to the back. Cornrows are versatile because of their simplicity, allowing you to style them any way you choose.

12. Cornrows Hairstyle with Neat Low Bun

Instagram @pearlthestylist

It’s a good idea to twist your braids into a tight, finely textured low bun and guide them to the rear to give your natural hair more protection and an attractive appearance.

13. Two Cornrow Braids

Instagram @euphoricstylez

Diligent and obedient schoolgirls often sport small rings in their braids, allowing for effortless personalization. These accessories can infuse a touch of individuality into their appearance while maintaining their studious and compliant demeanor.

14. Straight Back Braids with Zigzag Parting

Instagram @cherbraids

Cornrow styles are quite adaptable because you can experiment with not only sizes and directions. The zigzag do in the image below is not terribly complex, but it is sassy enough to steal the show. Also, don’t be afraid to request feed-in braids.

15. Cornrows of Different Sizes

Instagram @infinity_beautylounge

The sleek and delicious chocolate hair here alternates small braids with thicker cornrows to create a sharp pattern. However, the style does not stop there, since the off-center placement provides movement. Cornrow hairstyles with braids of varying sizes are quite popular currently.

16. Low Bun for Stitch Cornrows

Instgarm @mikasstyles

It’s not necessary to spend hours in your stylist’s chair every day to have gorgeous hair. Despite being straightforward and carefree, her cornrow braid style is stunning. She looks quite elegant with her hair styled in an updo.

17. Simple Big Cornrows

Instgram @prettyhair.kayy

Cornrows hairdo that is quick and easy. With these super-stylish huge stitch cornrows, you can make a seductively innocent statement. The allure will be enhanced gradually with bare make-up. Remember to style baby hair.

18. Multisize Cornrows with Pops of Blonde

Instgram @zurihairstudio

Straight-back braids are transformed into an eye-catching play of patterns and sizes in this hairstyle, with some blonde parts added to improve the look and make the style even more sophisticated.

19. Feed-In Braids with Designs

Instagram @pearlthestylist_

This hairstyle combines the best of both worlds, with two box braids that frame the face and feed in braids to the back that smoothly transition into stunning straight tresses. Are you ready to add dazzling glitter to your look? Choose blonde feed-in braids to bring your look to life!

20. Feed-In Low Pigtail Buns

Instagram @coiffuremoderne

These protected buns are a beautiful, professional option that allows you to sleep in a little longer in the morning, easing your daily routine while maintaining a sophisticated and attractive image.

21. Feed-Ins and Two Low Buns

Instagram @jamilahbeautystudio

Do you find it difficult to knot your hair into your beloved low buns on a regular basis? Wear your lovely buns for the next 2-3 weeks with feed-in braids!

22. Two Feed-Ins and a Puffy Bun Updo

Instagram @mayassalonkenya

If you prefer feed-ins but don’t want a full head of them, consider this adorable oversized updo. The braids and bun combination contrasts with the more common feed-in braids styles this year.

23. Pin-Straight Cornrows with Stitch Braiding

Instagram @braidedbykp

Masterfully executed feed-in braid styles don’t need any frills to stand out, as evidenced by this impressively accurate stitch braiding work landing an edgy, graphic vibe.

24. Six Curvy Feed-In Braids to the Back

Instagram @stacysbraids

The hairstyle is appealing to the eyes, it is comfy, and it is a low-maintenance hairstyle. Next time you visit the saloon ask your hairstylist to style your hair with this beautiful braids. You will definitely love it.

25. Ghana Braids in a Bun

Instagram @baianabraids

Cornrow braids and buns are a perfect complement! This feminine and stylish braided hairdo is ideal for braid and bun lovers alike. The feed-in Ghana cornrow braids are a very trendy and sassy style, and winding them up to make a gorgeous bun at the rear takes the game to the next level.


Straight back cornrows have a long history, and their rebirth in current fashion and culture underlines their enduring appeal. These exquisite and functional hairstyles continue to exemplify tradition, tenacity, and eternal beauty. You can rock any of the styles shown above for an elegant look.

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