Top 20 Hottest Triangle Box Braids That Look Stunning

Top 20 Hottest Triangle Box Braids That Look Stunning

Triangle box braids are really easy to identify but still, most people have difficulties picking a perfect triangle box braid for themselves. As you read through, you will get to understand the concept of triangle box braids and some of the best styles associated with this hairstyle.

What are Triangle Box Braids?

Box braids with a twist are known as triangle braids. Each hair strand is typically divided into portions in traditional braided hairstyles using rectangular or square shapes.

The segment is triangular, though, in the case of the triangle braid. Do you like the sound of this interesting trend? Here are twenty chic looks to get you motivated!

Top 20 Triangle Box Braids

Here are some of the best triangle braids that will suit you very well:

1. Triangle Crochet Box braids

Triangle Crochet Box braids
Instagram @mahalas_touch

Triangle crochet box braids are stylish and eye-catching on shoulder-length hair! Add your own flair to it by accessorizing it with hoops and cuffs.

Maintain simple, black triangular braids for a timeless look that is simple to grow out.

2. Scarlet Triangle Box Braids with Wrapping Detail

Scarlet Triangle Box Braids with Wrapping Detail
Instagram @atelie_badu

Box braids have the excellent advantage of allowing for the addition of synthetic hair in any hue.

This implies that you can choose any color you want for your style without worrying about the damage that occurs with chemically based hair coloring.

Without overpowering the look, the triangular split adds interest.

3. Multicolor Triangle Part Braids

Multicolor Triangle Part Braids
Instagram @@miccheckk12

Looking for a statement-making hairstyle? Then you should try these braids.

Long triangle-shaped braids with yellow, light purple, blue, and black blending into them are shown here. Such a lovely combination of hues.

You can try to reproduce this or use a different color scheme. Longer braids are ideal for multicolor styles like this so that you can really appreciate the color shift.

4. Middle Part Triangle Box Braids

Middle Part Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @kersti.pitre

Wants hair that is extremely long and reaches your thighs? This triangular box braids style with a central part will provide you with more than you require.

Your natural hair will be protected and requires little maintenance. Request two strands of blonde to go with your black braids if you want to add a touch of brightness.

5. Ebony Triangle Braids with Elegant Hair Cuffs

Ebony Triangle Braids with Elegant Hair Cuffs
Instagram @larabelle_makeover

Fortunately, jewelry isn’t just for the body! Utilizing rings or hair cuffs lend an impression of luxury and Cleopatra vibes.

These look best when combined with triangular box braids for a well-rounded haircut. Simple snaps allow for covering braids, cornrows, or twists with accessories.

6. Triangle Goddess Box Braids

Triangle Goddess Box Braids
Instagram @@hairby_scg

Adding curly hair to your braids is another way to glam them up. The ends of these lengthy triangle braids are curled.

The braids seem sleek and fashionable with this stunning combo. You can try curls with shorter braids or lengthy braids like the ones shown.

7. Red Short Bob Triangle Box Braids

Red Short Bob Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @mgbeautyhair

Do you consider having long, protective hair to be standard? Get these red short bob triangular box braids to save time.

It is the ideal length, exactly where you want it to be at shoulder-grazing length. Of course, you can’t overlook that vibrant color either, since it instantly lifts everyone’s spirits.

For a more glitzy appearance, feel free to add cuffs and other jewels.

8. Half-Up Bun with Wrapped Front Braids

Half-Up Bun with Wrapped Front Braids
Instagram @braiids.madness

An attractive complement to your overall look is a hair wrap string. Depending on the color of your hair, you can choose from a variety of strings or cords.

Both braided and unbraided hair are equally versatile. Try experimenting with a ponytail or bun that is half-up, half-down like this one!

9. Caramel Blonde Triangle Braids

Caramel Blonde Triangle Braids
Instagram @saraihairdesigns

Next, we have a chic braiding suggestion. This gorgeous caramel-blonde color is present in these thick triangle braids.

With braids, blonde looks very fashionable. Everyone will look well in this shade of blonde, but if you’d rather, you can opt for a cooler, brighter shade.

n either case, everyone will covet your blonde braids!

10. Burgundy Triangle Box Braids

Burgundy Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @raizmistica.vix

Be raucous and vibrant! Try out these lengthy, giant, triangle-shaped burgundy box braids.

A touch of aesthetic pleasure is added to the overall appearance by the white strings that have been wrapped around a few of the triangular part braids.

11. Thick Triangle Braids for 3C-Type Hair

Thick Triangle Braids for 3C-Type Hair
Instagram @venice_braids

Any hair type and face shape can wear box braids with a triangle portion. Inform your stylist if there is a particular parting that you believe enhances your facial features.

The strands on your crown can be parted in this original style.

12. Sleek and Stylish Triangle Part Box Braids

Sleek and Stylish Triangle Part Box Braids
Instagram @atelie_badu

Next, we have a different braid design that seems elegantly effortless. Although they are lengthy triangle braids, the triangles are arranged differently.

Here, smaller triangles are employed to create a more detailed pattern. Everyone will look beautiful with this hairdo, which is lovely. You can use braids of various colors to liven it up a bit.

13. Medium Triangle Box Braids

Medium Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @laid2impress

For a little surprise, try a haircut with a fantastic attractive root pattern. Wearing these medium triangle box braids will complete your look. Your hair will look fuller and more polished with the help of them.

14. High Twisted Bun with Chunky Box Braids

High Twisted Bun with Chunky Box Braids
Instagram @qthebraider

By carefully placing your borders, you can boost your braided top knot. Babyhairs, often referred to as edges, are typically “laid” or smoothed down with butter, pomade, or gel based on wax.

This gives any updo a professional, 90s vibe.

15. Black and Copper Braids

Black and Copper Braids
Instagram @slayedbymeliz

You don’t have to go all out when you add color to your braids. Simply add a few eye-catching braids to complete the appearance.

These braids are black and copper. As you can see, the color is still stunning, but it is less overt than in designs where each braid is a different hue.

Any length of the braid will look stunning with the trendy color copper.

16. Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Jumbo Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @slayed.elegance

Do you possess a contagious personality and empress-like charm? If so, you shouldn’t pass up trying out these large triangle box braids! Show them how a shoulder-length style can make a statement with additional accessories.

17. Mahogany Poetic Justice Braids with Gold Cuffs

Mahogany Poetic Justice Braids with Gold Cuffs
Instagram @sodivinehairsalon

Braids with a triangle part can be a pretty, subtle haircut. They are thus the perfect blank slate for distinctive add-on elements.

The greatest option for braids in reddish brown and black is a pair of golden cuffs.

18. Blue Ombre Triangle Braids

Blue Ombre Triangle Braids
Instagram @ezbeautified

With this haircut, be daring! These triangular braids begin black and eventually transition into various blue tones.

This hairstyle is just gorgeous. It’s a wonderful way to flaunt your vibrant and exciting sense of style. Long braids or shorter ones both work well in this style.

19. Parted Big Triangle Box Braids

Parted Big Triangle Box Braids
Instagram @hairbygat

These are reliable and genuinely elegant! Discover these large triangle box braids with a parted look and style them like a diva.

20. Bold Teal Box Braids with Triangle Parts

Bold Teal Box Braids with Triangle Parts
Instagram @styledbyavii

On practically everyone, box braids with triangle portions look good! But to achieve this look, a lot of manipulation and scalp pulling is needed.

Box braids might not be for you if you discover that simply combing slightly knotted hair makes you cry.


With these triangle braids styles, you will see that you easily pick any of the listed ones and you will look as beautiful as the photo as shown.

You can even go as further as trying something new or playing with one or two styles to come up with something new.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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Top 20 Hottest Triangle Box Braids That Look Stunning

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