adorable weaving hairstyles for adults

15 Adorable Weaving Hairstyles for Adults

Some hairstyles tend to look better on adults than kids, and some are impossible to replicate for non-adults anyway. These hairstyles form the basic idea of weaving hairstyles for adults if you’re wondering what that entails. If you’re old enough to be called an adult, you want to take advantage of that to make the best hairstyle possible.

However, styling your hair in the best way possible could be a pain, especially if you’re going for the best style possible. To save you the hassle of having to worry about what hairstyle to wear, I’ve compiled 15 of my favorite weaving hairstyles for adults from across the internet.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best weaving hairstyles for you to try. While most of them will work best on an adult with sufficient hair, some should work for kids too. With that said, let’s jump right in.

1. Blonde Straight All Back Weaves

Blonde Straight All Back Weaves

All-back weaves have always been a classic for adults, thanks to the simplicity associated with them and how long they last once you install them. To add an adorable twist, you may want to consider installing the hairstyle on blonde hair. You can achieve the blonde effect by dyeing or using hair extensions, as the results look similarly great either way.

2. Freestyle Feedin Braids

Freestyle Feedin Braids

You can do a lot of great things with feed-in braids, and this hairstyle is one of the examples of the possibility. Before trying to replicate what she did 100%, it’s crucial to note that it’s a freestyle style; the point is to make whatever comes to your mind, instead of locking yourself down to a specific style guide. If you choose to replicate what she did, however, you’re in safe hands.

3. Classic Long Purple Weaves

Classic Long Purple Weaves

There’s nothing exceptionally remarkable here; just your regular lengthy weaves that go all the way to the back. The hair goes in different directions to make for a hairstyle that separates her tresses almost evenly if you noticed. If you have no gripes with your hair bring purple, here’s an excellent hairstyle for you.

4. Low Bun Stitch Braids

Low Bun Braids

Stitching your hair in braids to make for a low bun is another way to style your hair as an adult. I love the smooth edges of this style, as they add a lot to the charm, which is amazing. Also, the hairstyle will look amazing without the bun; if you want some length, you can undo it and watch the excellence of your new multipurpose hairstyle.

5. Asymmetric Weaving

Black Side Swoop Weaving

While most people tend to weave their hair symmetrically, that isn’t a requirement for it to be adorable. Sure, symmetry is beautiful, and using it in your hairstyle will make you achieve better results without trying too hard, but what if you want to try too hard? That’s exactly what the model did here, and I’ll give it a 10/10 for beauty.

6. Tribal Weaving with Twisted Ends

Tribal Weaving with Twisted Ends

If asymmetrical weaves don’t look especially interesting to you, you can go with regular symmetrical tribal weaving. With the help of hair extensions, you can make it look thick and consequently more beautiful, which you can see clearly above. You may also want to add twisted ends to the mix for extra flair, which does give the hair some extra charm.

7. Tribal Zig-Zag All Back Braids

Tribal Zig-Zag All Back Braids

Why make your cornrows simple and straight when you can install them in a zigzag? You can try adding the twist to your tribal braids and judging by the image above, it seems to look really cool. The neat edges and frontal are also nice touches that you don’t want to miss when installing the style for the best possible look.

8. Centered Braided Bun with Jumbo Twists

Centered Braided Bun with Jumbo Twists

This style is one of the more complicated ones in this compilation, and all the added complexities are far from unnecessary. The hairstyle starts with simple cornrows to about half your head, where the cornrows change into a huge bun tied uprightly. From there, the bun gives way to jumbo twists that conclude the style. If you have enough time for the installation, the hairstyle looks good enough to be worth the effort.

9. Classic Cornrow Rasta

Classic Cornrow Rasta

If the preceding hairstyle was complicated, you can describe this as a complication itself. It looks like a chaotic jumble of cornrows, but everything seems to come together prettily at the end. When installing this hairstyle, you generally want to use a professional hairstylist, as it looks a bit too complex to do alone before a mirror.

10. Brunette Criss and Cross Braids

Brunette Criss and Cross Braids

This style may not be as complex as what we’ve been seeing, but it’s undoubtedly alluring. As you can see, it consists of criss and cross braids that end with long braids, making it one of the more adorable styles in this compilation. You can also color the lengthy braids brown to replicate the beautiful brunette look perfectly.

11. Spear Weaves with Ponytail

Spear Weaves with Ponytail

You may not have heard of spear weaves, but you can clearly see how good it looks above. The hairstyle uses a beautiful cross-section of cornrows to create long braids that eventually end in a ponytail. It’s no doubt one of the best weaving hairstyles for adults.

12. Long Bun Weaves with Frontal and Beads

Long Bun Weaves with Frontal and Beads

Replicating this hairstyle will require tons of hair extensions and a couple of beads, but it’s only a tiny sacrifice for such an adorable-looking hairstyle. To get something that looks like hers, you want to use brown hair extensions and transparent beads. While you don’t have to do that, who wouldn’t want to replicate this beauty 100%?

13. Mixed Tone Tribal Straight All Back Weaves

Mixed Tone Tribal Straight All Back Weaves

If entirely brunette hair seems excessive to you, you may want to mix it with black hair extensions to create a mixed-tone hairstyle. The image above represents how mixed-tone an adorable mixed tone hairstyle with weaves for adults should look.

14. Tri-colors Cornrow with Beads

Tri-colors Cornrow with Beads

You don’t have to make the other colors in your hairstyle subtle. If you really intend to turn heads, you must be ready to showcase those extra colors boldly as this model does here. You’re free to use different colors if those three colors don’t look all that great to you.

15. Super Long Criss and Cross Weaves Bun

Super Long Criss and Cross Weaves Bun

Replicating this gigantic bun won’t be easy, and I think you should know that already. Firstly, you must be ready to carry almost the load of your head as extra cerebral weight. Then, you’ll have to install the longest braids you’ve ever worn, so you can tie them into the big bun you can see here. If you can do all that, you’ll have one of the best weaving hairstyles for adults.


This sums up the most adorable weaving hairstyles for adults. However, I don’t think adults alone should monopolize the charm here; if any of them seems great for a kid, why not?

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