pretty fishtail braid hairstyles you should try

15 Pretty Fishtail Braid Hairstyles You Should Try

Fishtail braid hairstyles may not be the newest thing in town, but they’re certainly one of the most adorable. Here are 15 fishtail braid hairstyles to prove that point.

Fishtail braid hairstyles come in different shapes and sizes, and variety is one of the hairstyle’s biggest strengths. With the style becoming increasingly common in recent years, you may want to try the hairstyle yourself one of these days. However, not every fishtail braid looking great on you someone will look the same on you.

For a variety of options, you should consider checking out as many fishtail braid hairstyles as you can before settling for something. To help you with that, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 most beautiful fishtail braid hairstyles I could find on the internet. Before scrolling to the final suggestion, you should have found something that will work for you.

1. Black and Blue Fishtail Braids

Black and Blue Fishtail Braids

An easy way to make your fishtail braids look adorable is adding color, and blue happens to be one of my favorite hair colors. With that little explanation, I don’t think everyone should understand why this hairstyle made it so high in this compilation; although, I’m not ranking them in any particular order.

2. Simple Black Fishtail Braids

Simple Black Fishtail Braids

Colors can make your fishtail braid hairstyles look better, but they don’t have to be present for the style to look stunning. I don’t think there’s a better way to say “black is beautiful” than with this hairstyle, and the neat edges only make everything look much better.

3. Classic Braided Fishtail

Classic Braided Fishtail

Tiny braided hair tend to last a bit longer than bigger ones, which sums up the benefits this hairstyle has over most of its competitors. Not only is it one of the better looking fishtail braids you’ll see here today, it’s also one of the longer lasting, making it an absolute no-brainer if you don’t fancy salon visits (who does)?

4. Mixed Color Fishtail Braids

Mixed Color Fishtail Braids

We’ve seen colored fishtail braid hairstyles, but we haven’t seen any mixing three or four colors in one. That changes here, however, as there are about three different colors in this style. The color combination doesn’t seem to have any negative effects; rather, I’m a big fan.

5. Freestyle Fishtail Braids

Freestyle Fishtail Braids

It’s always fun to have the freedom to play with your hair when getting braids, and fishtail braids offer you that freedom. As long as you end it in that ponytail-like updo, you have all the freedom to make whatever you want, and I’m a big fan of what this model did with hers.

6. Black and Blonde Fishtail Braids

Black and Blonde Fishtail Braids

Still on styling freedom, the base of this model’s fishtail braid is something I’d totally try. However, there are some better elements to copy here: the color or the blonde color being excellent examples. It’s unarguably a 10/10 hairstyle from where I stand.

7. Feed-in Fishtail Braids

Feed-in Fishtail Braids

Two hairstyles is better than one, and that’s why you should always try to combine whenever you can. Here’s a foolproof way to combine feed-in braids with fishtail braids, while retaining all the awesomeness of both. You know what else to add to the mix? Her hairstyle’s neatness!

8. Formal Fishtail Braids

Formal Fishtail Braids

I don’t have to announce for the eighth time that I’m a fan of colored hair, so there’s no way this isn’t making it to my list. It looks good, full, colorful, and will last a long while; basically features everything I’d want in any fishtail braid hairstyle without adding any extra weight: 10/10.

9. Red Love-Shaped Fishtail Braids

Red Love-Shaped Fishtail Braids

No, this hairstyle didn’t make it here because of the color. When you have such an adorable short hairstyle with irresistible patterns and beads to adorn it, the color is the last thing you’ll notice. However, don’t skip the color if you want a chance on this list, I love it!

10. Brown Fishtail Braids

Brown Fishtail Braids

Red may be cool, but what hair color looks nearly as natural as brown? The only acceptable answer is black, and is the only other color in this hairstyle. Frankly, I don’t think you’ll find many fishtail braid hairstyles that will look nearly as good as this hairstyle does anywhere

11. Classic Fishtail Braids with Beads

Classic Fishtail Braids with Beads

Here’s the second short fishtail braid to appear in this compilation, and there’s something common to both hairstyles: beads. To cut the long story short, use a generous helping of beads if you want your short fishtail braid hairstyles to look adorable. If you have more time on your hands, replicate her adorable pattern and intricate updo.

12. Zig Zag Fishtail Braids

Zig Zag Fishtail Braids

When it comes to fishtail braids, there’s absolutely no limits as to what patterns you can make with the hairstyle’s base. With this suggestion, you shouldn’t want anymore proof; just do whatever comes to your mind and you should end up with something usable.

13. Butt-Length Fishtail Braids

Butt-Length Fishtail Braids

If you have no idea what pattern to make with your fishtail braids, you should probably consider making it ridiculously long. Judging by this butt-length butt-length fishtail braid hairstyle, whatever you do should work, as long as it hair reaches your lower back, at least.

14. Pink and Black Fishtail Braids

Pink and Black Fishtail Braids

Pink isn’t one of the most popular hair color you’ll find out there, but it’s not as rare as you might think either. Exclusively pink fishtail braid hairstyles may not look as acceptable as you’d want, but when you combine it with black, you get something that’s capable of putting you on the front cover of a magazine.

15. Butt-Length Stitch Feed-in Fishtail Braids

Butt-Length Stitch Feed-in Fishtail Braids

We’ve seen a butt-length hairstyle earlier, and this idea does well to drive the point home. While it doesn’t have a lot of other extraordinary parts apart from the length, it manages to be one of the most beautiful fishtail braid hairstyles: length matters.


With the hairstyle only recently catching steam, there’s almost no better time to get fishtail braid hairstyles. I just made the process of getting it better by providing you with some of the most adorable examples of people who have, and you can simply copy any of them for free. You’re welcome.

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15 pretty fishtail braid hairstyles

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