15 Collarbone Length Hairstyles for Black Women

Collarbone length hairstyles are beautiful and versatile hair ideas for those who want something a little longer than a bob. This hair length is flattering on most face shapes, and there are many styles to it. Are you ready to learn more about collarbone length hairstyles? Then read on!

15 Collarbone Length Hairstyles for Black Women

Here are collarbone length hairstyles for perfect black women

1. Straight Locks

Collarbone Length Hairstyles
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Women with relaxed hair types and oval faces look the best in this style. To keep the style in place at night, wrap your hair in the direction that it grows from your head and cover it with a satin scarf.

2. Two-Strand Twists


This is a fun way for black girls to play with and protect their hair. This design, which can be embellished with beads or ribbons, is popular among young girls.

3. Twisted Afro

Instagram @thelaurynicole

This sassy lioness is killing this easy look! It has a sensual, stylish, and classy appearance that will turn heads. To keep the curls smooth, use products like Biosilk Beach texture. These medium hairstyles will suit ladies of various facial shapes and hair types.

4. Kinky Long Bob

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This style suits square, pear, round, and heart-shaped faces the best and may be worn with any hair type. Wear a satin cap over your hair at night to keep it from drying out because cotton roughens and dries it out.

5. For 4C Hair

Instagram @mandy_jacobz

It doesn’t take much to achieve this look, other than a huge tooth-styling comb. This style suits women with round and square faces and is best worn with relaxed hair. Use a shine serum and a light-hold spray to keep hair from being weighed down.

6. Magenta Magic


Before applying the color, use a lightener to the portion of hair you want to dye, stripping it to a golden orange for brighter results. This style works best on oval face shapes and medium-length, smooth to natural hair types.

7. Color Me Blonde

Instagram @koexperience

As she smiles at the world, loose waves cascade over her shoulder. What is her secret? This design is best suited to people with slim faces. Hair with medium to long lengths and a smooth texture is good.

8. Curtain Bangs

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Any hairdo is made more elegant with curtain bangs. They softly frame the face and are worn with a center parting that is cut shorter in the middle and gradually longer on the sides. The fact that curtain bangs complement all facial shapes is the nicest part!

9. Curly Shag

Instagram @msnaturalhairexpo

Ladies, the elegance of the shag haircut from the 1970s is back! Even more, it looks amazing on ethnic hair. Even a hairstyle with this level of aesthetic appeal cannot stay in the past. Black ladies can show off their natural texture and love for their hair with a well-cut shag haircut.

10. Blunt Lob

Instagram @hairbyniaya

A crisp and blunt-cut lob is always eye-catching and attractive on the face. This style emphasizes the angle from the ear to the chin, resulting in an admirable angle that is perfect, slimline, and stylish. This is a great medium-length hairdo that is currently highly popular and attractive.

11. Cute in Caramel

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Lighter tones that stick to warmer tones can work wonders on a darker complexion. These tones brilliantly bounce off the skin tone, creating a stunning head of locks suited for summer.

12. Mid Length Layered Bob

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It’s both charming and classy. Suitable for the ‘girl next door’ type of girl, yet with a dash of attitude. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style. Soft layers add volume and flow to mid-length hair, especially on finer hair.

13. Dark Blonde Layered Style

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Choppy layer cuts look fantastic on collarbone length hair, especially in sunny blonde tones. This stylish hairstyle, which is both sassy and adorable, will make you the life of the party and win over everyone’s affection!

14. Dark Roots And Bleached Blonde Hair

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This is the ideal slayer team! Dark roots can lengthen your face, whereas bleached white hair can highlight features like your eyes and mouth. This golden blonde hair dye would look stunning on any dark-skinned woman.

15. Blonde Highlights

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Lighter highlights are an excellent approach to complement your dark skin tone and natural hair color. Because black women have darker skin tones and black hair, adding blonde highlights near your face might help define it.


The hairstyles we have show you are stylish. They are a great option for those who want a style that is easy to maintain and looks good both straight and curly. Whether you opt for a blunt cut or layers, collarbone length hairstyles will definitely make people look at you more than once. We highly recommend giving it a try.

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