25 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Ebony Ladies

When preparing for your wedding day, you’ve likely put a lot of effort into finding the perfect dress. While the gown is important for showcasing your style, the hairstyle you choose adds the final touch and can elevate your overall look. Let’s take you on a visual journey through the best 25 wedding hairstyles for any black woman.

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Ebony Ladies

Here are the best picks for stunning wedding hairstyle for ebony ladies:

1. Cornrows and Curls

Cornrows and Curls
Instagram @maribeiro.noivas

Many black women worldwide, especially those who prefer their natural curly hair, really like and choose cornrows as a hairstyle for their weddings.

Cornrows work well with any hair length and go nicely with different bridal dresses because they are simple and versatile. It’s a great option for both brides and bridesmaids, and you can also keep wearing this hairstyle even after the wedding.

2. Curly Burnt Cut Pony on Natural Hair

Curly Burnt Cut Pony on Natural Hair

If you have a skilled hairstylist, a ponytail can be a nice hairstyle for a wedding. This style combines a sleek base with curls, creating a natural and beautiful look that fits well with natural hair. It’s one of the top choices for wedding hairstyles with natural hair.

3. Afro with Clip

Afro with Clip
Instagram @theweddinghaircompany

A soft and natural afro hairstyle adds a great finishing touch to your overall look. It not only highlights your natural beauty but also celebrates your black heritage. This hairstyle showcases your neck and shoulders, allowing you to accessorize with a beautiful necklace or neckpiece.

4. Kinky Twists Bun with Bangs

Instagram @pogziemah

A kinky twists bun with bangs is a hairstyle where the kinky twists are gathered and styled into a bun, while leaving a section of twisted hair in the front to create bangs, giving a chic look that combines elegance with playful fringe.

5. Simple Chignon with a Twist of Updo

Simple Chignon with a Twist of Updo
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

Simple and clean hairstyles with precise lines are timeless and classic. Adding hair flowers can make this look even more amazing, and you can even use real fresh flowers.

Future brides, we hope you found inspiration for your wedding hairstyle here. Remember to do a hair trial before the big day to ensure it’s perfect. 

6. Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part
Instagram  @glowkinks

For an easy and quick hairstyle, leave the front strands loose and create a large bun with the rest of your hair, perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look. Try a stylish side part and add shiny gold or silver bobby pins throughout your hair. It will definitely make a stunning impression!

Finger Wave Updo With Tendrils
Instagram @toyoglow

These finger waves are incredibly beautiful and unique. They give a feminine and elegant touch to the traditional wedding updo. With delicate tendrils on the sides, all eyes will be on you.

You can also add your own personal touch by incorporating colors like honey blonde, ash blonde, or even red chunky highlights for a fantastic look!

8. Voluminous Bridal Bun for Natural Black Hair

Voluminous Bridal Bun for Natural Black Hair
Instagram @funmi_ni_hair

It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural or relaxed, wearing it in an updo can be a beautiful and comfortable choice. Explore our collection of creative black updo hairstyles for some great options!

9. Stylish Short Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @anthonycuts

For a glamorous look for your wedding, a stylish short bob hairstyle is perfect. It’s a great choice if you’re comfortable showing off your neck and shoulders. The best part is that it complements almost any dress style.

10. Braided Pompadour Updo

Braided Pompadour Updo
Instagram @kaiyinbeauty

This elegant twist on the pompadour hairstyle keeps your natural hair looking beautiful and well-styled. To add some sparkle, you can use hairpins with pearls or gem tips. If you want more volume, it’s easy to add extra hair for the desired look, even though it may seem a bit challenging.

11. Updo Ponytail on Natural Hair

Updo Ponytail on Natural Hair

This hairstyle is simple and sleek. However, if you like the long ponytail look, it could be a great option for a wedding hairstyle. It’s also convenient for brides who are short on time since it’s relatively easy to create.

12. Twisted Wedding Hairstyle for Black Bride

Twisted Wedding Hairstyle for Black Bride
Instagram @nnaturalhairstudio

This is a beautiful choice for black brides. This hairstyle creates depth by carefully separating and skillfully twisting the naturally textured hair at the front and back.

13. Full Braid Updo

Full Braid Updo
Instagram @kaiyinbeauty

For a beautiful and easy wedding hairstyle, consider a braid. This side-swept big braid is simple yet elegant, and you can style it in different ways and add stones, pearls, or other accessories. Another option for some extra sparkle is to wear a bridal tiara.

14. Classic Round Bun with Natural Frontal Hair

Classic Round Bun with Natural Frontal Hair

When browsing wedding hairstyle options, you’ll notice that buns are a popular choice. This simple bun is eye-catching, and it would be a great wedding hairstyle for those who prefer simplicity. The addition of a fringe adds a nice touch to the overall look.

15. Folded Mohawk Updo

Folded Mohawk Updo
Instagram @ texturelifeatl

Black ladies can rock a stylish faux hawk updo, which looks even more amazing in golden brown or blonde hair. Adding colors will give your updo a glamorous touch. Enhance the look with delicate hair accessories to add a touch of drama and make sure all eyes are on you at the party.

16. Tuck N’ Roll Updo

Tuck N’ Roll Updo
Instagram @ileevents

If you’re aiming for a vintage-inspired look, this hairstyle is perfect for you! It has a simple yet captivating style that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Personalize it by adding a delicate hairclip that reflects your own individuality. This hairstyle suits any face shape and pairs well with vintage or traditional wedding outfits.

17. Accessorized Braided Bun

Accessorized Braided Bun
Instagram @lauraya_coiffure

Next up, we have a stylish and easy bun hairstyle. It has a beautiful pattern with braids of different thicknesses, and we particularly love the thick and tall bun. This versatile look can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

18. High Jumbo Kinky Bun

High Jumbo Kinky Bun
Instagram @thebellesanya

It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural or relaxed, wearing it in an updo can be a beautiful and comfortable choice. You have many options to choose from when it comes to modern black updo hairstyles.

19. Low Updo with Flowers and Lovely Ringlets

Low Updo with Flowers and Lovely Ringlets
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

Romantic curled updos are currently a trendy choice for wedding hairstyles among black ladies. You can achieve a beautiful look without making it complicated.

The delicate curls at the back of the neck, adorned with creamy white flowers, are feminine and lovely. The contrast between sleek hair and large, bouncy curls creates a stunning effect!

20. Gorgeous Natural Hair Updo with Twists

Gorgeous Natural Hair Updo with Twists
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

To create stunning prom hairstyles, contrast is key. This hairstyle stands out with micro braids on the sides and bold twists piled on top. Extensions can be used to make the twists or braids thicker for added impact.

21. Simple Curved Bun on Natural Hair

Simple Curved Bun on Natural Hair

Curved buns are a popular and beautiful choice for natural hair wedding hairstyles. If you like this design, you can show it to your hairstylist for inspiration. Don’t forget to wear a bright smile in your photos too, and maybe you’ll even end up in my compilation someday!

22. Polished Beehive Bun with Sculptured Face Framing

Polished Beehive Bun with Sculptured Face Framing
Instagram @christalchignon

Now here is a polished beehive bun with sculpted hair framing the face. It creates a sleek and elegant look This is a more refined and formal interpretation of Brigitte Bardot’s famous beehive with curtain bangs.

23. Fleecy Rolled Updo

Fleecy Rolled Updo
Instagram @ruutos

We adore roll-and-pin natural hair wedding hairstyles because they can make unusual forms and give off an authentic vibe by emphasizing the kinky texture.

24. Neat-Centered Twisted Bun on Natural Hair

Neat-Centered Twisted Bun on Natural Hair

Despite its intricate appearance, this hairstyle is actually just a very big bun. However, black ladies admire the effort required to create such a stunning and adorable look. Now this is a beautiful style to consider wearing on your wedding day.

25. Curved Frontal with Downward Chignon Bridal Hairdo

Curved Frontal with Downward Chignon Bridal Hairdo

Unlike many other hairstyles we’ve seen, this one stands out with a few adorable features. The large chignon is the main attraction, accompanied by the curved front and matching ornaments. Creating such an awesome hairstyle requires expertise and skill.


In conclusion, your wedding day is a momentous occasion where every detail counts. Choosing the right hairstyle is important in completing your overall bridal look. From timeless updos to modern braids and curls, there are endless options to match your personal style and enhance your beauty.

Remember to consult with your hairstylist, consider your dress and theme, and select a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and radiant as you walk down the aisle.

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