20 Short Fluffy Hairstyles for Black Women

If you enjoy rocking short fluffy hairstyles and want to step up your hair game, you’re in for a treat. Our collection of charming short fluffy hair ideas is your one-stop shop for bringing out your hair’s cuteness. Prepare to enter a world of fun and amazing hairstyles that will make your heart skip a beat!

30 Short Fluffy Hairstyles for Black Women

Whatever your face shape or hair texture, these hairstyles will have a look for you. Continue reading!

1. Short Messy Layered Bob

Short Fluffy Hairstyles
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A short bob cut with lots of layers is here to save the day if you can’t wait to get your hair up and off your neck in hot weather. We recommend using a structure spray for this hair.

2. Copper Chin-Length Bob

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This hair combines plenty of poofy volume to soften this fiery chin-length haircut. A great blend of sexiness and femininity! You should try it out.

3. Short Fluffy Bob with Bangs

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The fluffy texture is created by adding lots of layers, which gives the hair a lot of volume and movement. The bangs are usually wispy and framing. You should try it next time you are getting a new hair do.

4. Black and Blonde Bob

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Instead of dying your entire head, try a half-black, half-blonde bob. Having a side part that is a different color will give you an edgy look.

5. Modern Mullet for Black Hair

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This shaggy black female haircut with a dramatic choppy fringe offers a nice retro vibe while remaining completely modern. The fluffy outlook makes it really cool and fly.

6. Faux Hawk Spiky Pixie


Ready to experiment with a pixie cut? For optimum impact, shape those long bangs upward. Apply a hydrating styling cream to flipped ends to keep them smooth, and add a root boost for extra punch. Your faux hawk pixie cut is sure to turn heads!

7. Voluminous Wavy Bob

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Voluminous wavy bob haircuts have been popular for a long time. It’s making a strong resurgence now. If you prefer this style, you should have thicker hair. You’ll have to do a lot of teasing else. But, hey, it’ll make you appear happier and more carefree.

8. Plum Hair Flipped Bob

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Here’s a more carefree version of the Hollywood flipped bob, complete with deep bangs. If you wanna rock a hairstyle that takes you back to the 80s, this one is for you.

9. Short Fluffy Pixie Mullet

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Accept short hair with micro bangs that highlight your facial characteristics. They look great with a pixie mullet, and they add a stylish touch to short fluffy haircuts. After washing, air dry for a naturally fluffy texture that screams effortless chic!

10. Short Bob for Fluffy Hair

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The traditional bob is popular among black ladies. It makes no difference whether you obtain a weave or have your hair straightened. The shape is all that matters. This bob’s popularity stems from its rounded form and soft, fluid layers.

11. Arched Wispy Bangs and Wavy Locks

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Bring all of that thick, wavy hair forward and use a good amount of product to tame it down for a look that is distinctly Brooklyn cool girl. Generally speaking, girls with thick hair are reluctant to wear short hair, but when done properly, short hair looks great on thick hair.

12. Blowout Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

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A layered style is ideal for women who want to reduce the bulk of their thick hair. The major volume would create an effect on its own, but this takes it a step further with a deeper shade. The deep side part and swooping bangs help to shape the face.

13. Wavy Hair Bob Cut

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The hair contrasts with its natural, darker color in this attractive medium-length haircut, bringing off the gorgeous hair waves. With sew-in hair, you can make the best hair impressions.

14. Short & Blonde Blunt Bob

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It’s no secret that modern women enjoy experimenting with color. But what about the dedication? You can, of course, rock any bob haircut for black women with weaves of your choice. This blowout blunt bob has nailed the contrasts!

15. Cropped Curly Style

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To style African American fluffy curly hair, go for a short curly bob or a curly pixie cut that complements its various hair types. A thorough moisturizing routine will help you achieve bouncy curls. Consider curled bangs for a more sophisticated style, or loose curls for a more relaxed vibe.

16. Black Wavy Short Hair

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Because the curl pattern is already broader and looser, this look is most easily achieved by black women with type two or three hair. Keeping your curly hair cared for and moisturized is vital for a healthy, long-lasting look.

17. Curly Bob with Streaks

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The fluffy curls can be natural or achieved with styling tools, and the streaks can be any color you like. You can rock this hair if you want to get a more youthful experience.

18. Carefree Curls

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Nobody can stop you from having the most amazing fluffy short hairdo every day if you have a head full of curls. The strands are clipped at different lengths to create a flawlessly round haircut with curling bangs that graze the eyes.

19. Kinky Afro Fluff


When it comes to short fluffy hair, mixed-race women have an advantage because nothing is fluffier than those natural kinky afro curls. Request that the hairdresser trim the hair into a precisely spherical shape and tease the strands with a pick to create a cloud sitting on the head.

20. Salt and Pepper Bixie

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Ladies in their forties and fifties can show off their salt and pepper locks with an exquisite short haircut. A bixie, which combines the edginess of a pixie with the form of a bob, is great in this regard. For a fluffy finish, brush the strands back while drying.


We bet you had no idea short fluffy hairstyles could be so flexible. Now that you know, it’s time to grab your hairdryer, rollers, and style tools before heading to your favorite hairdresser. Remember that proper maintenance is required to preserve those fluffy locks frizz-free and bouncy.

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