20 Sisterlocks Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

Sisterlocks Hairstyles are a compelling trend that promotes natural beauty and uniqueness. These intricate locks provide a one-of-a-kind and empowering method to dress your hair. We will take a look at a variety of Sisterlocks designs, from timeless classics to current adaptations, to get you inspired for your next hair adventure.

20 Sisterlocks Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

Below are 20 Sisterlock hairstyles that are bound to inspire you.

1. Firey Red Ombre Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks Hairstyles
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Sisterlocks are so adaptable that you can color, style, curl, and braid them the same way you would natural unbound hair. As with any Sisterlock upkeep, it is critical to check with your qualified consultant about how to maintain hair health during the coloring process.

2. Short Micro Locs Half Up Half Down

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Microlocs are a non-trademarked variant of a micro interlocking hair system. Microlocs can come in a variety of sizes. Thicker locs allow for faster work, and installation and maintenance can be done on your own.

3. Naturally Gray Shoulder-length Sisterlocks

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Sisterlocks are an excellent way to add or maintain volume over time. Maintaining a relationship with a consultant who understands your hair development patterns and issues will assist in reducing thinning and loc breakage.

4. Waist-length Graying Sisterlocks

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Regular maintenance, including retightening every 4-8 weeks, is the key to maintaining length with sisterlocks. Daily care is low-maintenance, but ongoing attention from your consultant is required.

5. Microlocs with Combined Locs

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Due to hair thinning, two thin locs may need to be united into one. Thicker locs cascade down her back, while thinner tendrils stretch from the crown. This combined procedure can assist to prevent loc shedding and breakage.

6. Red-tipped Nappylocs

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These larger locs are interloc’d (the end is pulled into the root), resulting in a beautiful brick-lay pattern along the exposed scalp. They are too huge to be sisterlocks, but the installation method is the same.

7. One-sided Locks

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Getting the perfect sisterlocks may take you days, but we promise it will be worth your time. Layer your hair before doing the locks so that your braids fall in a cascade. You can wear them flipped on one side like your real hair.

8. Half Up Half Down

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Using a yellowish blonde, copper undertones, and a lighter brown color, you may create an ombre before doing the actual haircut. Make those locks and a portion for the top. This section will be used to create a ponytail, with the other half of your hair worn on the back.

9. Twisted Sisterlocks

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You can style your hair whatever you want after you’ve dyed it electric purple and developed your thin locks. Think about a mohawk hairdo. Make little sections of hair and twist them towards the top. Make little buns and secure them using hair elastics.

10. Braids with Bangs

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Dreadlocks can be used to produce a variety of hairstyles. Pin all of your hair back in a ponytail or bun, and leave your bangs alone. You will spread them across your brow, producing an amazing framing for your face.

11. Hair Braided Crown

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This hairdo is suitable for a variety of occasions. You can wear it to work, to an event, or whenever you want to seem casual. Make a center part and two French braids that follow the hairline and meet in a ponytail in the back.

12. Two Ponytails

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Consider a playful sisterlock hairstyle with two ponytails made on top of your head if you have short, thin dreadlocks. Use bright hair elastics to draw attention to your hairstyle.

13. Blonde and Caramel

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Make an ombre that highlights your tresses before fixing your locks. Combine platinum blonde subtleties with caramel tones for a hairdo that is worth the effort. Furthermore, you will protect your hair from environmental influences and get a low-maintenance hairstyle.

14. Curly Thin Dredlocks

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If you want thin dreadlocks that stand out in a crowd, try balayage, which keeps your roots natural and provides a beautiful gradient. The other half of your hair should be lighter in color.

15. Short Sisterlocks

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Even if your hair is short, it will take a long time to achieve these thin locks. So, if you want your hairdo to be flawless, empower yourself with patience. You can also apply a pinch of copper to brighten up that dark hair color.

16. Salt And Pepper

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As an older woman, you should choose a hairstyle that complements your salt and pepper hair color, is easy to maintain, and fits your hair type. And just what you need are sisterlocks that are rolled onto a rod and then submerged in hot water to give them a curl.

17. Mohawk with Sisterlock

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Despite its intricate appearance, a sisterlock mohawk is quite simple to make. The hairstylist should create sisterlocks on top and cornrows on the sides for you. This haircut will make a statement.

18. Side Sweep Sisterlock

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A side sweep is a less dramatic take on the mohawk. Here cornrows may not even be necessary. Rake the hair in two directions: up and down. To keep the hair in place, clip it with big clips.

19. Ombre Locks

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You can dye your sisterlocks using a variety of methods. You may wish to experiment with a light ombre, for instance. Only the ends of your sisterlocks would need to be dyed. The result will be spectacular right away.

20. Partial highlights

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Try several shades of blonde for your sisterlocks. To achieve a stunningly contrasted impact, think about dying the front strands. Take pleasure in the tidy appearance of your front hair when styled with the above side sweep.


Sisterlocks are the ultimate fashion trend this year. You can choose any of the Sisterlocks hairstyles and be sure to set fire to the ramp. Your sisterlocks will shine like a diamond after a few salon appointments. These haircuts are fashionable in every way.

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