5x5 closure vs frontal

5×5 Closure vs Frontal; what’s the Difference?

Wig and weave closures come in different sizes, with the commonest being 4×4 closures; mind you, there’s still a huge market for the 5×5 size. The same goes for frontals, but the latter is typically much larger and wider than the former, hence the naming difference.

Since it seems like both a frontal and a 5×5 closure are larger versions of your typical 4×4 regular closure, you may have some difficulties telling the difference between all of them. So, 5×5 closure vs frontal; what’s the real difference between the two wig attachments?

In this article, you’ll learn what a 5×5 closure wig or weave means and how it compares to a frontal. I’ll also show you the other closure sizes and their applications to help you determine what to buy for your weave or wig.

What’s a 5×5 Closure?

5x5 closure

The concept of a 5×5 closure is easy to understand: it’s a closure that measures five inches both in length and breadth. It’s practically the same as a 4×4, but slightly larger, perfect for people with bigger head sizes or whoever needs the extra dimensions for a unique hairstyle.

As you can already tell, a 5×5 closure isn’t the most common, as that trophy goes to the 4×4 variant, but it’s also pretty popular.               There’s also a 6×6 inch closure for ladies looking to get a hairstyle that requires such a large patch, but that pretty much sums up the different sizes of closures available.

Apart from the size, there’s not a world of differences among 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 closures, but a frontal is pretty different from the three. Since we’ve analyzed 5×5 closures and how they relate to the other sizes, there’s no better time to introduce frontals.

What’s a Frontal?

frontal image

A frontal is pretty similar to a closure, but just larger and mostly wider, going from ear to ear to form a sort of half-wig shape. While closures typically come in square 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 sizes, frontals tend to have a more rectangular look, with 13×4 being the most common in the market.

Apart from your run-of-the-mill 13×4 frontal, there are 360 degrees frontals designed to go all the way around your head. The most common size for a 360 frontal is 22.5×4, which is only a tiny bit smaller than putting two regular frontals side by side.

Frontals are generally more popular than closures, as they give a unique but alluring look that you can’t quite replicate with anything else on the market yet. While they also come with a couple of drawbacks, we won’t be dwelling on that; this article is only focusing on the differences between 5×5 closure vs frontal.

5×5 Closure vs Frontal: what’s the Difference?

Most people recognize frontals as a larger version of closures, and that tends to create confusion when identifying the different sizes of the latter. For people that are unaware that 5×5 and even 6×6 closures are a thing, they simply refer to them as frontals, which is wrong.

Now that you already know 5×5 closures aren’t the same as frontals, here are the biggest differences between the two.

1. Size

The first noticeable difference between a 5×5 closure and a frontal is the size. While the former is slightly larger than its 4×4 sibling, it doesn’t hold a candle to the latter when it comes to physical size, as the average frontal measures 4 inches long and 13 inches wide.

In other words, you should expect a frontal to be around two to three times as large as a 5×5 closure, and that’s excluding 360 frontals, which extend around the surface of your head. Long story short, frontals are massively bigger than 5×5 closures.

2.  Longevity

The truth is that you can make either last as long as you want, as long as you’re willing to put in the work you need for that. With that in mind, the question changes from ‘how long they last’ to ‘which lasts longest without requiring extensive maintenance procedures,’ and the answer for that is obvious: frontals.

Since frontals are generally larger and take up a more significant portion of your hair, they’re intentionally designed to last much longer than competing solutions. On the other hand, a 5×5 closure is more or less a temporary styling solution, and it’s hard to get it to last without retouching it every other day.

3. Price

I don’t think you need a lengthy article to understand where this is going: frontals are more expensive than closures, regardless of what kind you’re getting. Apart from the simple fact that it’s larger and thus costs more to make, frontal also seems to be very much in demand, which significantly affects the price of a commodity.

The higher expense doesn’t only apply to the items; your hairstylist will likely charge you more when installing frontals compared to a 5×5 closure, with everything else being equal. Given the benefits, however, that doesn’t seem to be a big problem for most people.

Is 5×5 a Closure or a Frontal?

Any lace or silk hair extension that measures 5 inches wide and long falls under the category of closures and not frontals. For any hair add-on to qualify as a frontal, it must stretch from ear to ear, and for most people, that’s the same thing as being 13 inches wide.

Is 5×5 Closure Better?

5×5 closures aren’t necessarily better than the 4×4 or 6×6 sizes, they’re only different. What you’ll choose will ultimately depend on which of the three will work best with your head size and the kind of hairstyle you’re trying to install.

While 5×5 closures fall in the middle, somehow deserving of the “best of both worlds” tag, it’s frankly not the best option for most people. 4×4 closures are popular for a reason, and more than half the time, that’s the style your hairstylist will be recommending.


A 5×5 closure is still a closure; you need a couple of inches more to qualify to be in the frontals zone. When comparing 5×5 closures vs frontals, however, there are some strong points to each side. What’s best for you will ultimately depend on what you’re seeking, and most times, it will be the latter.

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