Bomb Twists vs Spring Twists What is the Difference

Bomb Twists vs Spring Twists: What is the Difference?

There are many different kinds of twists: from spring twists to Senegalese twists, we can’t just seem to get enough of them. When trying to choose the best for you, it’s crucial to compare popular options to see the differences between the two, but are there differences between bomb twists vs spring twists?

Bomb twists and spring twists refer to the same hairstyle, so there aren’t any differences between them. They look the same, are made from the same kind of hair, and have the same feel; the only difference is the name. Moreover, there are many other names to refer to this same kind of hairstyle.

Since there isn’t a lot to discuss regarding the differences between bomb twists and spring twists, this article will focus on describing the hairstyle. You’ll learn what it means, how to install it properly, and some of the pros and cons of the style.

What are Spring Twists?

The spring twists hairstyle is a popular protective style among ladies with natural hair that requires using curly hair extensions to create a unique “springy” feel to your hair. It’s basically two-strand twists, but with the signature curly look of course.

Since the springy feel will cause your hair to come together pretty quickly, spring twists are usually preceded by a braid that’s about an inch and a half to make the twists hold together better. This prevents the entire hairstyle from looking terrible after just hours of making it.

Spring twists work across all hair lengths, as long as you’re not technically bald (or something very close). Recall you’re adding hair extensions to it anyway, so, the initial length of your hair actually matters very little in the entire process.

What are Bomb Twists?

You should know that spring twists has a couple of unofficial names which people use to refer to it, depending on where you stay. In some parts of the world, you’ll rarely hear “spring twists” since they have a different name they use to refer to the hairstyle.

One of these alternate names is the bomb twists hairstyle. When you hear someone referring to bomb twists in a conversation, they’re actually talking about spring twists; there’s technically no difference between the two hairstyles.

If that seems surprising, wait until you learn that there are some other names for spring twists. Names like fluffy twists, natural twists, and mini twists are some of what you’re likely to hear bomb twists being referred to as. In summary, there is no difference between bomb twists and spring twists, apart from the name.

Are Bombs Twists and Spring Twists the Same?

While the names are certainly different, there’s no real difference between bomb twists and spring twists in practice. They’re both the same hairstyle with the same properties, and you use the same kind of hair to make them.

When you see any kind of hair labeled for spring twists, you can use it to make bomb twists and vice versa. For that reason, both hairstyles have the same curly look and delicate texture, which makes them beloved to most ladies with natural hair.

As the preceding section has proven, there are some other alternate names for the hairstyle. Before digging out for the differences between two hairstyles, especially when they’re twists, consider plugging the names into Google or Instagram to determine if there are differences in how they look.

Bomb Twists vs Spring Twists: What is the Difference?

If you’ve followed this article carefully, the answer to this section should be pretty clear. It’s technically impossible to have differences between bomb twists and spring twists when both of them are the same hairstyle under the hood.

A post like this is necessary because others like you are asking about the differences between the two hairstyles, and there needs to be a kind of response to it. Since I believe I’ve responded sufficiently, you can now stop looking for the differences between these hairstyles.

What Hair is used for Bomb Twist?

When you search for bomb twists hair extensions on any marketplace, you’ll notice there aren’t a lot of options. If you’ve been following this article carefully, you should already have an idea why that is the case, but I’ll explain anyway.

Whenever you see hair extensions for spring twists, you can also use them for bomb twists. The two hairstyles are basically the same, so it only makes sense that hairdressers also make them with the exact same kind of hair extensions.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t any hair extensions marked bomb twists. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if you saw something like “bomb spring twists” in the product description; the retailers are just trying to cater to people searching for both products.

Pros and Cons of Bomb Twists

Since it’s already established that bomb twists and spring twists both refer to the same hairstyle, we can safely group the pros and cons together. Like with every other kind of two-strand twists, you should expect a fair deal of advantages and disadvantages with spring twists and bomb twists.

On the positive side, the hairstyle is very lightweight, making it one of the easiest twist hairstyles to wear. Generally, it’s also a low-maintenance hairstyle since you don’t have to implement sophisticated maintenance tips to keep the hairstyle at its best.

Talking about the negatives, however, you should know it takes very long to complete a bomb-twists hairstyle. If you’re the type that detests sitting under your hairdresser, while they spend upwards of five hours making your hair, you should probably look for alternatives.


Given that the names are different, it’s not very surprising that you’re looking for differences between bomb twists and spring twists. However, you may be surprised to learn there’s absolutely no difference between the two, with both names referring to the same hairstyle.

 If you’re looking to take a break from either, you should probably check out other twists.

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