How Does Hair Length Affect Styling

How Does Hair Length Affect Styling?

The length of your hair has a minimal effect on whatever style you intend to install. However, it’s only delusional to claim that it doesn’t affect styling in any way since some hairstyles are unavailable to people with specific hair lengths; but how does hair length affect styling?

Wearing shorter hair makes it considerably easier to style your hair, cutting hours off the time required to install most hairstyles. However, longer hair gives you access to a wider collection of hairstyles, and your choice will depend on what you prioritize.

In this article, we’ll analyze the different hair lengths and see how they impact some of your favorite hairstyles. I’ll also recommend some of the best hairstyles for specific hair lengths to help you determine your options before going to the hairstylist.

Is It Harder to Style Short Hair?

One myth that seems to jump around is the fact that short hair is considerably more difficult to style than other hair lengths. On the surface, it looks so, but the surface doesn’t always tell the full story. So, is it harder to style shorter hair?

Contrary to what you may be hearing about the difficulty associated with styling short hair, it’s pretty easy to style short hair. Not only is it easier, but you don’t have to sit for hours on end, just to get a style that will have to come apart in no time.

However, it’s crucial to note that the collection of hairstyles available to ladies with short hair is pretty limited, compared to those with longer tresses. This small subsection of hairstyles falls on the uncomplicated end of the spectrum, which is why it seems way easier to style short hair.

If you want versatility, you may want to keep your tresses as long as possible. With that, however, you’ll have to sit at the hairstylist for longer than normal to have a style you’ll be proud of. On the other hand, short hair is the sweet spot if you prefer healthier hair that’s easier and quicker to style.

What Hair Length is the Most Flattering?

Let’s be frank: not many people care about healthy hair or ease of styling; what they care about is how well their hair looks on them. While any hair length can be styled to look excellent, it’s simply dishonest to claim no one is better than the other, especially since there are surveys that have proven so.

According to a poll on 3,000 men in 2008, the vast majority of men (43%) preferred a long and wavy hairstyle on women, while 13% went with a long and straight hairstyle, which is second. These stats only point to one obvious conclusion: long hair looks the most flattering on women, and by a long shot.

To be fair, the shape of your face plays a part in determining what hair length would be the best for you, but in general terms, long hair is the best pick, especially if you have wavy hair. There are many explanations as to why that is the case, but I don’t think that matters a lot in the context of this article.

In short, if you’re for the most alluring look without much work, you should always try to grow your hair beyond your shoulders. However, if you prioritize the health of your hair and the ease of styling, shorter hair should work a lot better for you.

Is It Healthier to Have Short or Long Hair?

Before getting into the benefits of a specific hair length, it’s crucial to know how long we’re talking about. Anything from being bald to having your hair over your shoulders is considered short hair, while anything longer than that fits comfortably into the long hair category

Since the spectrum is so wide, it’s unwise to make sweeping statements, but there are generalities. Generally, keeping your hair shorter is always better than keeping long hair for a variety of reasons, some of which I’ll list here.

Firstly, longer locks are more vulnerable to all sorts of damage since your hair gets weaker as it grows longer. When you cut your hair short, you’re only leaving the healthy and strong part, getting rid of the part that makes you spend hours dealing with frizz.

Another plus of cutting your hair short is that you don’t have to wait several hours for it to dry anymore. Since you’re technically reducing how much hair you have to dry, it only makes sense that the drying process becomes naturally faster.

Also, getting more air on your neck when wearing short hair is an experience that’s second to none. You won’t understand how comfortable that is until the summer when everyone starts complaining about the debilitating heat, but you can’t even relate since you’re wearing short hair like a champ.

What Hair Length is best for Styling?

When it comes to choosing the best hair length for styling, it eventually all boils down to the hairstyle you’re trying to install. While some styles look best on short hair, some don’t even work with tresses above your shoulders.

The best hair for styling is the shortest hair because your hair routine will become increasingly less cumbersome with how short your hair becomes. Of course, trying to install crochet braids on a pixie will take far less time than trying the same style on hip-length hair; it’s just natural.

However, it’s not always worthwhile to cut your hair short for ease of styling. As I’ve demonstrated earlier, people generally find longer hair more attractive, so, the extra hours you’ll have to put into styling will eventually pay off by making you look better.

How Does Hair Length Affect Styling?

At this point, the article has already said so much about how hair length affects styling that this section has become almost unnecessary. But since it’s still the point of the entire article, it remains a crucial point of discussion.

In case you weren’t paying too much attention, the length of your hair will determine how long you’ll have to sit making your hair. Shorter hair shines here since it’s significantly easier to style short hair when compared to long tresses.

However, when it comes to how many hairstyles are available to you, longer hair appears to be better. You just have a lot more options when your hair is longer, but that comes at the price of having to spend more time styling your hair, especially compared to someone with shorter hair.


The different hair lengths give you different options when it comes to styling, and that is generally a good thing. If you want the ability to install more hairstyles, keep your hair long, but if you’d rather get your hair done in the shortest possible time, nothing beats shorter tresses.

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