20 Curtain Bangs Straight Hairstyles for Black Women

You can never get it wrong with bangs, as they give a perfect finish touch, particularly on straight hair. For black ladies, there are more than enough ways you style your curtain bangs straight hairstyles, and this post displays images and guides on how to achieve each style. So let’s dive in!

Curtain Bangs Straight Hairstyles for Black Women

Here are the top options for a trendy curtain bang, for black women:

1. Blonde Bangs for Black Girl 

Blonde Bangs for Black Girl
Instagram @unicehairwigs

This style features blonde bangs that complement your dark skin, striking contrasts and enhancing the overall look. It also frames your face, revealing a beautiful dark complexion.

2. Bob Weave with Fringe

Bob Weave with Fringe
Pinterest @_luxuryhcollection

Your bob could be either chin length, short, or long bob. This style requires one color, allowing your fringe to blend nicely with your straight bob. This style is also a face-framing style.

3. Blonde Hair with Bangs

Blonde Quick Weave with Bangs
Pinterest @sslays__

You’ll be turning heads and stealing the spotlight wherever you go! Show off your fabulous blonde-styled hair with bangs and let your locks shine with sassy charm.

4. Blue Blunt Bangs 

Low Bun, Blunt Bangs
Instagram @thetouchlounge

Rock those fierce blue blunt bangs and make a bold statement with your look! They’ll add a bright color and a touch of attitude to your style.

5. Black Hair with Thin Bangs

Black Hair with Thin Bangs
Instagram @beauteparjay

With this hairstyle, you have delicate wispy bangs that gracefully rest slightly above the eyebrows. Thin bangs can be an excellent choice for black ladies seeking a low-maintenance style that adds that extra touch.

6. Black Wispy Bangs 

Black Wispy Bangs
Instagram @wighaus_ca

Get ready to slay with those black wispy bangs, girl! They’ll give your hair a flirty and playful vibe, adding a touch of mystery to your look. Feel free to style it as it suits you.

7. Black Bob with Bangs 

Black Bob with Bangs
Instagram @celine_cc22

Here is a sleek and sassy black bob with bangs that frame your face flawlessly. It’s the ultimate hairstyle that screams confidence and sophistication. Get ready to turn heads and feel like a total queen!

8. Springy Curls, Straight Bangs

Springy Curls, Straight Bangs
Instagram @mih_mirantsoa

Imagine rocking these springy curls paired with sleek and straight bangs that create the perfect combo. It’s the ultimate combination of bounce and sleekness that’ll have you looking fabulous and ready to take on the world!

9. Straight Bangs 

Straight Bangs
Instagram @thehairstorespot

This hairstyle showcases layered bangs that seamlessly blend with the rest of the hair, which is usually black. Layered bangs can enhance the texture and depth of straight hair, or provide a gentle touch to soften the overall appearance of curly hair.

10. Layered Bob with Bangs

Pinterest @indiquehair

This hairstyle features bouncy, springy curls throughout the hair with straight bangs that fall above the eyebrows. It’s an excellent option for those with curly hair who want to add some structure to their look while keeping their natural curls intact.

11. Brown Bob with Curtain Bangs

Pinterest @therighthairstyles

Here is another chic brown bob with trendy curtain bangs that effortlessly frame your face. It’s the perfect combo of sophistication and modern flair, giving you that effortlessly cool look.

12. Black and Green Curtain Bang

Pinterest @Jalautise

For a trendy look, you should rock a fierce combo of black hair with vibrant green curtain bangs that make a bold statement. It’s the perfect mix of edgy and playful that’ll have all eyes on you.

13. Straight Copper Hair with Bangs

Pinterest @weheartit

It’s the perfect combo if you are gunning for elegance and a personality that’ll have you standing out in the crowd. This sleek and straight copper hair paired with bangs is a good color for black ladies

14. Long Red Hair with Wispy Bang

Pinterest @5KANZ

Imagine rocking long this colorful red hair with a wispy bang that adds a touch of fun to your look. It’s the perfect hairstyle to showcase your bold personality and turn heads wherever you go.

15. Styled Bob with Curtain Bangs

Pinterest @Tot Dollaz

This classy styled bob with curtain bangs will effortlessly frame your face. The ultimate combination of sophistication and modern flair gives you that effortlessly chic look. Get ready to rock this hairstyle and make heads turn wherever you go!

16. Blonde Bob with Whispy Side Bangs

Pinterest @amazon

This one is for blonde lovers! Imagine rocking a fabulous blonde bob with some whispy side bangs that add a touch of charm to your look. It’s the perfect hairstyle to showcase your playful and stylish side, turning heads and stealing the spotlight wherever you go.

17. Black Curtain Bang with Color

Pinterest @temu

You can rock a trendy look with this black curtain bang paired with a pop of color! These stylish bangs frame your face beautifully, while the vibrant hue adds a playful touch. It’s a fun and fashionable way to express your style and turn heads wherever you go!

18. Chin Length Bob with Curtain Bang

Pinterest @women-club

This stylish haircut sits right on your chin, giving you a modern and edgy look. The curtain bangs add a touch of softness and frame your face perfectly for an effortlessly cool look.

19. Long Curtain Bang

Pinterest @Kiana F

These flowing bangs cascade down your face, adding a touch of mystery and charm. Whether you’re rocking a beachy wave or a sleek straight look, long curtain bangs will give you that effortlessly cool and stylish vibe!

20. Deep Red Bob Curtain Bob

Pinterest @m.shein

Finally, this bold and fiery hair color communicates confidence and personality. Combined with the chic curtain bangs, you can make a fierce style statement wherever you go!


Check it out, there are loads of bang hairstyles for black women to rock, feel free to tweak the style to match your taste. When you’re getting all dolled up, give these styles a thought and see where they’ll take you!

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