how long does jumbo twist last

How Long Does Jumbo Twist Last?

Are you looking for a versatile, fashionable, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle? Then jumbo twist is the best trick for you? Due to its simple maintenance, most people want to wear it for a long time, but how long do the jumbo twists last?

Most often, jumbo twists last for six to 10 weeks if adequately taken care of. You can even wear it for up to 12 weeks. It all depends on your maintenance culture. This is why you must learn to maintain your jumbo twist to serve you better.

This article will discuss how long the jumbo twist lasts, the costs of making it, the pros and cons of the hairstyles, and how to care for it to enjoy the best of it.

What is Jumbo Twist?

Jumbo twists are obtained from twisting/overlapping tan extension over a large section of the hair. To make a jumbo twist, you will have to cut a large section of your hair, apply the extension, interlock your hair into it and twist it to produce a crochet-like appearance.

Jumbo twists are perfect if you have thicker hair, as it tends to exert pressure on your hair. It is best done when you are young.

If you have an active lifestyle and don’t always have the time to dress, comb and prepare your hair every morning, then a jumbo twist is the best choice because it only requires minimal care.

Its versatility is an excellent advantage as you can easily style it to suit any occasion without spending much time.

To get a full hair of jumbo twist, you will need 6 to 8 packs. However, the number of packs greatly depends on the size of the jumbo and the twist length.

You can easily make them with hair extensions, which are easier to make than cornrows, microbraids and other braided hairstyles.

How Much Does it Cost to Make Jumbo Twist?

To make jumbo twists, you will have to spend between $80 to $250 depending on the quality of the extension, size of the hair, the thickness of the twist, the nature of the saloon, and the location. The shorter the jumbo twist, the cheaper it is, while the longer it is, the more expensive.

The nature of the saloon plays a great role here. If you visit a celebrity saloon, you should know that the price will be relatively higher than when you visit a regular saloon across the street. If you must compromise on the above factors to achieve cheaper twists, don’t compromise on the quality of the extension, as it can influence the longevity and appearance of the twists.

Pros of Jumbo Twists

1. It is easy to maintain

Jumbo twists do not need complex maintenance twists like using special creams or lotions. You are good to go with a simple shea butter moisturizer and a watered shampoo (for occasionally washing the twist). This makes it a cost-effective hairstyle.

 2. It’s versatile

You can carry out different styling types on your jumbo twist. Let it fall backward, make upfront buns, or make two sides buns with some dropping forward, etc. The more creative you are, the more you appear fresh and new daily.

3. It is stylish

Jumbo twists are very stylish, especially when you play around with complementing colors on your hair.

Cons of Jumbo Twists

1. It is heavy

Compared to braids, a jumbo twist is quite heavy, and you can feel the weight of the hair when you style it like a bun. You won’t feel the weight resting on your shoulder when it is all down.

2. Showering becomes tasking

Due to the weight of the hair, it might pose a challenge when taking your bath. If you use a shower cap, you must get a bigger size that will cover the bottom of the twist. In the absence of this, you can try using a scarf at the front and a plastic bag at the bottom to protect the roots of the twist from getting wet.

3. It may cause your jewelry to snag

Your jumbo twist easily catches your jewelry, causing them to appear frizzy or sang. This extends to your nails, especially if you keep long nails.

4. It makes sleeping not comfortable.

It can make your head feel heavy at night, making it difficult to get a good sleeping posture. It often makes you restless for some minutes before eventually falling asleep.

How Long Does Jumbo Twist Last?

If you don’t fancy going to the salon too often, you may want to learn how long jumbo twists last before getting them.

Jumbo twists last for six to 10 weeks if adequately taken care of. You can even wear it for up to 12 weeks. It all depends on your maintenance culture. This is why you must learn to maintain your jumbo twist to serve you better.

Regular maintenance allows you to keep your jumbo twists for up to six weeks, just like with most other twists. Trying to make the style last longer will either require insane maintenance or have you wearing a weird-looking hairstyle around.

Talking about maintenance, there are a couple of maintenance tips that will make your jumbo twists last longer than normal. The following section will outline some of the best maintenance tips for jumbo twists to help you out.

Can I Shower With My Jumbo Twist?

Water can ruin your jumbo twist. It is essential to protect your jumbo twist when showering. Make sure you wear a shower cap that is large enough to cover your jumbo twists from the roots to the tips.

Are Jumbo Twists Better?

Jumbo twist helps to make your hair longer. Also, it takes a shorter time to install and remove than other types of twists. Also, jumbo twists are less severe on your hair than braids, making it more relaxing.

Jumbo Twist Maintenance Tips

The following tips will help your jumbo twist in good shape.

  • Apply moisturizers like shea butter, olive oil, or coconut oil on the twist. All you have to do is to pour some quantity of these on your palms, add some water to it and carefully rub each twist from the end to the root so that all the twists.
  • Deep condition your hair once a week. If you must extend it, it shouldn’t pass four weeks because the health of your scalp is essential.
  • Sleeping correctly and placing your head over a silk pillowcase will help to prevent tangling. Do not sleep and rub your hair against aggressive surfaces.
  • Try deep conditioning your twist with avocado or coconut oil at least once a month, as it helps the twist glow more and prevents breakage.  
  • When showering, ensure water does not get to the roots of the twist, and it can cause it to fizzle.


Jumbo twists are stylish, versatile hairstyles for young ladies with thicker hair. Jumbo twist can last six to ten weeks if adequately taken care of. It can be lower or higher. It all depends on the nature of your hair and your maintenance culture.

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