What Hair is Best for Fulani Braids?

What Hair is Best for Fulani Braids?

Knowing the Fulani braid to be a versatile style of hair, one may ask, what hair is best for Fulani braids? Only you as an individual can answer this question. However, as you read through, you will be guided on the style you can choose from and get the best out of the Fulani braids.

The Fulani braid is a cornrow pattern braid,  braided down the middle of the head. There may be one or more cornrows braided in the opposite direction toward your face just above the temples.

The Fulani braid is a braid wrapped around the hairline, and frequently accessories like beads are all parts of the popular Fulani braids hairstyle.

Finding the best is a matter of perspective as what can be the best for person A may not be the best for person B.

However, we can show you some of the best styles associated with Fulani hairstyles and you can pick from any one of them, which will be best for you.

The Best Fulani Braid styles

Here is some Hairstyle that you can make with the Fulani braids:

1. Head-Curving Braids

Head-Curving Braids
Instagram @braidsby__ebone

This Fulani braids style happens to be a curve and not a straight braid from the forehead. With this style, you can wear Fulani braids as short or as long as you choose.

2. Updated Traditional Style

Updated Traditional Style
Instagram @theeraeexperience

Adding extensions may be necessary to achieve this look depending on the length of your natural hair. Once you’ve finished braiding and pinning your hair back, don’t forget to personalize it with beads and jewelry.

3. Micro-Fulani Braids

Micro-Fulani Braids
Instagram @golden.touch_hair

You can choose how big or tiny you want your Fulani braids to be, just like with any other braided style, but plan on spending a lot of time in the salon.

Be sure to take care of your edges and scalp after your session with an aloe or castor oil-based product because even though these aren’t exactly micro, they are little and will bring tension to the scalp.

4. Extra-Long Braids

Extra-Long Braids
Instagram @tlcdidit

This is a braiding style where you extend your braids beyond normal. With this style, it might be difficult to wash braids, especially if you want to prevent frizz.

5. Back-Length Braids

Back-Length Braids
Instagram @preciiousbraids

This particular style of Fulani braids has all the hair down to the back in equal length. It initially looks like a side party but then later falls through to the back. Most people use beads on this while other people just do it like that.


6. Y2K Braids

Y2K Braids
Instagram @mxbraids

The Y2K braid is a special kind of braid that comes all beautiful and bold. It is big with the same bold cornrow pattern all through.

It has a braid of six to eight in most cases.

7. Accessorized Braids

Accessorized Braids
Instagram @afrodesign.oficial

There are several distinct hairstyles being used on Romance Cox. The feed-in braids with baby hair accents come first.

The style was then given a creative boost by stylist TB by being embellished with cowrie shells. Taken together, it’s a look that would be so much fun to try.

8. Face-Framing Side-Part

Face-Framing Side-Part
Instagram @stylezbyaria

Braids with side parts are a fantastic way to frame your face and shield your coils. They are short and take the shape of your face.

They are easy to maintain as they are not long, they do not interfere with your movement and you can easily sleep with them

9. Simple Style

Simple Style
Instagram @blessedbybraids

Braids don’t always require additional extensions, and if you’re an experienced braider, you may complete this straightforward design in the comfort of your own home.

10. Regal Beads

Regal Beads
Instagram @the.natural.breona

the regal beads are such a nice accessory that goes with the Fulani braids. You can combine these braids and come up with some pretty good styles, depending on what you fancy.


11. Braided Bob

Braided Bob
Instagram @mykuumba

These Fulani braids develop into voluminous ends for a style that really amps up the drama on the red carpet. They are short and easy to maintain.

12. Mixed Mediums

Mixed Mediums
Instagram @gogirlgo25

The mixed braids, allows you to mix and combine different types of the braid to give you a unique look.

You can try a thick and thin braid, a curvy or ponytail, or a side braid. whatever you fancy is achievable with this style of braid.

13. Thick Braids

Thick Braids
Instagram @braids_with_jamie

For someone who desires the Fulani appearance with little time spent in the salon, these hefty braids are perfect. They are quick to make as they are easy to maintain.

14. Braided Bun

Braided Bun
Instagram @mizz_libra87

With this style, you may want to discuss proper maintenance with your stylist (especially for the area at the crown of the head where the bun sits) if you have a dry scalp or intend to wear this style for an extended period of time.

This is also good for people who do not like their hair dangling all the time.

15. Versatile Braid

Versatile Braid
Instagram @reenabraids_ja

This braided pony is proof that Fulani braids are highly adaptable. The arrangement of the beads is what distinguishes this from other items.


You can turn the Fulani braid into anything you want it to be. It has evolved from what it was when it was discovered in West Africa years back and as such, the limit you can go with the Fulani braid is only in your mind.

Try a lot of options, maybe from the listed ones or you can explore further and come up with something new yourself.

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What Hair is Best for Fulani Braids?

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