What Does Tribal Braids Look Like

What Does Tribal Braids Look Like?

You may have been seeing it but you have no idea what it is. What does tribal braids look like? As you explore this post, you will come to an understanding of what tribal braids look like, so you can identify them when you see them.

Tribal braid is a style of braid that originated in West Africa. A lot of researchers particularly claim that it was traced to the Fulani women in West Africa.

It is a cornrow pattern of braid that falls back against the head. The cornrow style is what separates it from other braids as you will notice in the images below.

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What Does Tribal Braids Look Like?

Tribal braids over the years have evolved, to the extent that there are different designs and styles associated with them.

People even call it different names or know it in different styles. There are so many many representations of tribal braids but the most popular in our list is listed below:

1. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids
Instagram @nsgalore

The Fulani Braids is usually a small braid that runs from the front to back of the head along the middle in this style. Then, more braids are inserted on either side of the head, going from back to front.

2. Ghana Braids

Ghana Braids
Instagram @gbemzybeauty_

This particular cornrow design calls for a different method of hair feeding. The hair is fed over the braid as opposed to braiding it from underneath. This gives the braids’ top a distinctive ring shape.

3. Box Braids

Box Braids
Instagram @esseh.honorine.ahonsou

The box braid is one of the most versatile styles of the braid. This is true because it has multiple variations.

You can achieve a box braid by using your natural or even adding an extension. The first step to making this type of tribal braid is to part the hair into sections. It may be boxes, triangles, or any other shape that you can create.

4. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids
Instagram @queenhairbyjanice

With the Goddess braids, the hair is braided near the scalp. In the end product, the braids are thicker and lifted over the skull. Despite being incredibly adaptable, they don’t endure as long as some of the other common types.

5. Two-Layer Braids

 Two-Layer Braids
Instagram @braidsandbeyond_216

To make the two-layer braids, your hair will first be separated into horizontal parts to create this style. Extensions are fed in while braiding each part in a distinct manner.

Are Tribal Braids a Protective Style?

Are Tribal Braids a Protective Style
Instagram @cidies_hair

Any style that minimizes manipulation and tucks the hair’s ends away is considered a protective style. They protect our hair from harsh weather conditions, and they tuck away the fragile ends of the hair.

If these are the conditions for hair to be considered a protective hairstyle, then the tribal braid is a protective hairstyle as it achieves this objective.

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How Long Do Tribal Braids Last?

How Long Do Tribal Braids Last?
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In a normal situation, the tribal braid is observed to last between four to six weeks. The thinner, the more they last longer.

You can follow these tips to help you maintain them:

  • Try using silk, satin scarves, or pillows to shield them at night.
  • Maintain a proper scalp hydration
  • Avoid using mineral oils
  • Wash them as your stylist advises
  • Avoid often pushing your hair up or back.
  • Don’t leave them out for too long.

When you follow these steps, you can increase the life span of your tribal braid.


Tribal braids are one of the most popular hairstyles, people know them for what it is but cannot identify them.

It will be great if you can know them and identify them as well, so when maybe a friend needs a style done or asks questions like, what does tribal braids look like? You can either explain or give them a pictorial representation of what it is.

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