awesome mini braid hairstyles to look cool

17 Awesome Mini Braid Protective Hairstyles to Look Cool

While the mini braid protective hairstyle is one of the best looking out there, you still have to make it into attractive styles to make your hair look even better. For an experienced stylist, that shouldn’t be an issue, but for you as a beginner, it will take some real work.

As you might have guessed already, there are many different mini braid styles out there for you to try.

Mini Braid Protective Hairstyles for Inspiration

Here are 17 neat options you can try yourself at home to inspire you. They’re all mini braids, but the underlying style is what makes the difference.

1. Mini Braids with Beads

Mini Braids with Beads

A simple way to make a radical change to the look of your mini braids is by adding beads. Beads don’t require you to make any drastic changes to the way you make your hair, and you can even add them after the fact. However, they do make a drastic change to the look, as you can confirm below.

There are several ways to braid beads onto your hair to make them look natural and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. Some of the most popular ways include using a little elastic rubber band or using a beading tool.

2. Scanty Mini Braids

Scanty Mini Braids

The scanty mini braid protective hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like: braids scattered on your hair somewhat scantily. Making this mini braid style requires your hair to not have a ton of volume, and apparently, we’re not using any hair extensions here to keep that scanty look.

Since the goal is to keep the braids both tiny and scanty, you want to ensure you’re leaving some hair at the roots to prevent that rich and voluminous look.

3. Box Mini Braids

Box Mini Braids

When making mini braids, the best way is to make lots of mini sections into strands. Instead of creating mini-sections in a haphazard manner, you could make them into little box-like sections to make an adorable box mini braids. That eventually gives you something that looks similar to the hairstyle above.

The box mini braid protective hairstyle is one of my the most adorable things you can do with mini braids, but that’s just my opinion. If you also think it looks awesome, there you go!

4. Mini Braids with Curls

Mini Braids with Curls

Adding curls to the end of regular hairstyles is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Apart from the fact that it’s interesting to see and do, it also looks crazily cute, which sum up the two properties of a blockbuster hairstyle.

All you need to add curls to the end of your mini braids is a curly hair extension. There are many in the market: simply head in, get a good hair extension, and attack it to the end of your braids.

5. Purple Box Mini Braids

Purple Box Mini Braids

A slight but noticeable change to the regular look of mini braids would be in the color. By changing from the default black to a purple color, you’ll effectively create a new hairstyle that isn’t much different from what you’ve been wearing. Again, all that’s required for this is purple hair extensions; nothing more.

6. Medium-Sized Mini Braids with Clips

Medium-Sized Mini Braids with Clips

Certain styles require you to separate your hair into several small sections, which you simply can’t do with your hair alone. To achieve such styles, you may need to use clips, which is exactly what she has done to look this adorable.

7. Shoulder Length Mini Braids

Shoulder Length Mini Braids

Mini braids are cool, but what’s even cooler is getting mini box braids that’s shoulder length. While this hairstyle may require a couple of extension packs if your hair is not long enough, the eventual look makes the expense all worthwhile.

8. Mini Braids with Full Beads


We’ve seen mini braids with beads earlier, but you can make the hairstyle look a bit better by adding many extra beads to it. When you add so many beads to your mini braids, you make the mini braids with full beads hairstyle, which admittedly looks insanely cool.

9. Cornrow Mini Braids with Beads

Cornrow Mini Braids with Beads

If the preceding beaded style looks too aggressive for you, you can still wear mini braids with beads that’s not as full. To add some extra flair, you may want to precede the braids with cornrows, which will make the entire thing look way better, as you can see just above.

10. Jumbo Mini Braids with Clips

Jumbo Mini Braids with Clips

Adding tiny clips here and there on your braids can change it from being bland and boring to actually looking good. The clips can also help hold the braids together as a way to end them, a function that makes them way more useful than they look.

11. Purple Medium-Sized Box Mini Braids

Purple Medium-Sized Box Mini Braids

Having your mini braids in a different color is one of the easiest ways to make them look better without having to do physical styling. Apart from simply dying your hair purple, you can also use purple hair extensions, which is a more common way to achieve the same effect.

12. Bob Mini Braids

Bob Mini Braids

Making your hair into a bob-like look is another clever way to style your mini braid hairstyle to look even cooler. Starting with a couple of cornrows to spice up the hairstyle is also not bad, as it looks in the inspiration above.

13. Star and Cross Mini Braids

Star and Cross Mini Braids

If you have a pretty talented stylist, you can try out the star and cross method before the mini braids. While it does look complex and difficult to make, it won’t require much of an effort from you, as long as all you’re doing is sitting back and watching the hairstylist do their magic.

14. Burnette Small-Sized Box Mini Braids with Curls

Burnette Small-Sized Box Mini Braids with Curls

Mini braids with curls look a bit better than making the bland version with no curls whatsoever. The curls are pretty easy to make; just find a hair extension that has the right curls you seek, and you’ll have the perfect hairstyle.

15. Mixed Tone Bob Braids

Mixed Tone Bob Braids

If you’re not decided on the color you want for your braids, why not try out multiple colors? I mean, why should you have to choose between black or blue when you can have both, and that without spending a lot more. With the right color of hair extensions, you can achieve something similar to what you see above.

16. Blonde Mini Braids

Blonde Mini Braids

If blue doesn’t look your style, you’re fine with going for something else. An adorable option, at least in my opinion, is going for blonde mini braids. You can have a healthy mix of blonde and black if that’s what you want, but either way, you should look awesome.

17. Neat-edged Black Curly Mini Braids

Neat-edged Black Curly Mini Braids

Box braids with neat edges and alluring curls at the end? Count me in. If you’re not decided on what to do with your mini braids, here’s an excellent example for you. You’re welcome.

That’s pretty much all the awesome mini braid protective hairstyle ideas we have for you. Apart from the fact that these styles look gorgeous, the fact that they last for weeks, even months after making them.

If you need to learn more about braids, here are some articles to help you out.

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