adorable mini twist hairstyles you'll love

16 Adorable Mini Twist Hairstyles You’ll Love

The last time I checked, length and size are not requirements for a good two-strand twist hairstyle. As a matter of fact, people are increasingly wearing short twists deliberately as a style, and as you may have guessed already, the twists are referred to as mini twist hairstyles.

There are many reasons why you may want to join the bandwagon of people sporting pretty short twists. Firstly, and most importantly, they take considerably less time to make than regular twists, and secondly, they cost far less because you don’t have to buy any or as many hair extension packs.

With that said, you still want your hair to look good, even when you’re wearing mini twists. This article outlines some of the best-looking mini twist hairstyles out there to inspire you.

Adorable Mini Twist Hairstyles You’ll Love

1. Full Black Mini Twist

Full Black Mini Twist

While this hairstyle is already crossing into the long hair territory, it should still fit into the list of short twists for many people. It’s just your regular twists, and you don’t even need to buy any hair extension packs. Just find yourself some time and twist away.

2. Full Beaded Mini Twist

Full Beaded Mini Twist

How about inserting a beat into every twist of your mini twist hairstyle? Since the hairstyle is pretty short, using something like beads is the only way to create the impression that something is going on, and going by the hairstyle idea above, it should turn out pretty well most of the time.

3. Two Strand Twist Curly Hair

Two Strand Twist Curly Hair

When you have curly Afro-textured, it becomes almost a rule to get two-strand twists just because it works well for the hair type. If you don’t have curly hair naturally, you can simulate the look using hair extensions, which will also make the hairstyle look neater and prettier.

4. Box Mini Twist with Curls

Box Mini Twist with Curls

Using curly hair extensions is a way to get curls that look natural at the end of your two-strand twists. It also looks prettier when those curls are the same color as your hair since it will take a trained eye and a second look to even tell. Making the edges neat will result in a box twist, essentially replicating the style above.

5. Half Upfront Bun Mini Twist

Half Upfront Bun Mini Twist

When you make several twists on your hair, you can style it however you want by tying it down in different styles as you see fit. In this hairstyle idea, you tie the half of your hair up front to make a bun, while leaving the rest to stay down normally, creating this surprisingly pretty style.

6. Black Curly Mini Twist

Black Curly Mini Twist

When it comes to to tying down your hair with ribbons to make special styles, here’s another awesome idea for you to consider. You shouldn’t expect your twists to look this way by default after installing them; you’ll have to do some tying to arrive at such an alluring look with your mini twist hairstyle.

7. Cornrow Mini Twist with Clips

Cornrow Mini Twist with Clips

If cornrow twists are your thing, you may want to try out this cornrow mini twist hairstyle, at least, for how great it looks. The hairstyle seamlessly graduates from cornrows to the short twists which go over either side of your head, making the hairstyle great if you have an oval shaped head like hers.

8. Small-Sized Mini Twist

Small-Sized Mini Twist

You can save a lot of time by making your twists bulky, but saving time isn’t the ultimate reason why we get hairstyles. If you’re willing to sacrifice a few hours of your time to look better, you can try these small-sized mini twists that take more effort but look even better.

9. Criss and Cross Mini Twist

Criss and Cross Mini Twist

Making criss crosses with your twists looks somewhat complex, but when you understand how it works, you’ll notice that it’s not really as hard as you think. After spending time making the crosses, you can add some hair extensions, make some pretty short twists, and look good.

10. Curly Bob Mini Twist

Curly Bob Mini Twist

Making your hair into a bob-like look isn’t hard, but doing so with curls is exactly what looks like an impossibility. However, that impossibility will become a lot more possible if you were willing to spend some time experimenting on your hair and testing how to get the look.

11. Jumbo Mini Twist with Beads

Jumbo Mini Twist with Beads

I’m one very big fan of beads, and you can count me in on any hairstyle that involves using beads. If you have a couple of brown beads lying around, you can insert it into your twists to create the perfect jumbo mini twists with beads. As for how adorable it is, the image above speaks a thousand words.

12. Mixed Tone Crochet Mini Twist

Mixed Tone Crochet Mini Twist

If your hair isn’t very long, you may want to add some more to it, and one of the most popular ways to do that is crocheting in the extensions. To spice things up a bit, why not add hair extensions of another color? They just make the hairstyle look cute because they’re different.

13. Criss and Cross Mini Twist with Frontal

Criss and Cross Mini Twist with Frontal

We’ve seen a criss and cross mini twist earlier, but we’re yet to see one with a huge frontal like this. There’s certainly a lot going on with this, and while it’s one of the prettiest styles I’ve seen today, I’m not sure I’m willing to invest so much time in twists that will come off after a few days.

14. Medium-sized Box Mini Twist

Medium-sized Box Mini Twist

The box twist hairstyle is a tried and tested style that looks great on most people. If your hair isn’t the longest in the world, you don’t really have to shoot for supermodel-length box twists; simply make do with what you have, it looks great that way!

15. Brunette Mini Twist

Brunette Mini Twist

It doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but altering the color of your hair makes a more noticeable difference than you actually think. You’ll be able to relate to my point if you’ve read the studies on brunette hair, but that’s beside the point. In short, we can all agree she looks cute in that style.

16. Black Simple Mini Twist

Black Simple Mini Twist

Ending this huge collection with a simple black mini twist sounds like the most logical option, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here. If you’re wondering how this style is special, it’s not; just a simple and plain black mini twist, and that’s exactly its strength.

Finally, we’ve got to the end of the alluring mini twist hairstyles you should consider getting. You don’t need humongous hair to nail these hairstyles; the entire point is a two-strand twist you can make on short hair.

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