sassy protective mohawk hairstyles you should try

18 Sassy Protective Mohawk Hairstyles You Should Try

Mohawks have always been around as a badass hairstyle, but you can even get more creative. In addition to wearing the style for the associated ‘coolness,’ you can get a protective mohawk, which gives you the benefits of wearing a protective hairstyle, in addition to the adorable look of the style.

An interesting fact about mohawks is that there’s no one correct way to install them. When it comes to wearing protective mohawk hairstyles, you have even more options, especially if you have African hair.

If you have no idea what protective mohawk hairstyle you should get, the internet is loaded with a lot of ideas. Here, I’ll show you 18 protective mohawk hairstyles you should try for protective qualities to your hair, as well as an alluring look.

18 Sassy Protective Mohawk Hairstyles

1. Side Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Side Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

This braided style looks more like a side braid than a mohawk, but it looks awesome nonetheless. By resting the bulk of your hair on the right side of your head, as illustrated above, you can create a mohawk-like look that still qualifies as a protective hairstyle.

2. Full Curly Mohawk

Full Curly Mohawk

As someone who loves curls, this hairstyle is obviously one of my favorites. By making a couple of braids sideways to meet at the center, you can use some curly hair to create some buzz across the vertical length of your hair, resulting in one of the best-looking mohawk protective hairstyles you’ll ever see.

3. Braided Mohawk with Gold Tips

Braided Mohawk with Gold Tips

A black mohawk looks adorable, no doubt, but you know what’s even better: a mohawk with golden tips. Achieving this look is easy, and it seems like one awesome cheat code for getting a dope-looking style without spending too much or working too hard.

4. Tribal Star Mohawk

Tribal Star Mohawk

I’m not sure you can possibly achieve this hairstyle without going to a hairstylist, but I believe the effort is worth it. This is not a perfect tribal star hairstyle by any means, but I guess we can live with it as long as it looks cool.

5. Small Feed-in Slides Mohawk Individual Twist

Small Feed-in Slides Mohawk Individual Twist

This hairstyle is special for many reasons, but my favorite is that it uses a combination of braids and twists to create a style that eventually looks like an adorable mohawk. While this will certainly take hours of your time, the look makes that time worthwhile.

6. Crystal Mohawk Braids

Crystal Mohawk Braids

Braiding towards the center of your head to create an alluring mohawk has to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen today, and it’s definitely a sassy hairstyle. You can change it up a bit and make the side braids your style; just ensure it creates a mohawk at the end.

7. Braided Twisted Mohawk

Braided Twisted Mohawk

Here’s another protective mohawk hairstyle, but this even looks hotter than the one we reviewed earlier. You can achieve cool-looking twists using a twist-out, and basic knowledge of braiding should be enough to get those side cornrows. If you’re looking for a DIY hair project, here you go!

8. Red Mohawk Mix with Low Bun

Red Mohawk Mix with Low Bun

This hairstyle looks like a mix between a mohawk and a low bun, but that’s exactly why it’s so unique and beautiful. In addition to the uniqueness of the style in and of itself, it’s still in a red color, which means you’ll need to color your hair to replicate it precisely.

9. Curly Braided Mohawk

Curly Braided Mohawk

We’ve seen a couple of this kind of mohawk earlier, but this adds a slight twist. The braided cornrows at the side are tiny, giving it a somewhat different feel from what we’ve seen in this compilation. Also, the entire hairdo is natural, except for the curls part, where you can add extensions to spice it up.

10. Flat Twist Out Mohawk

Flat Twist Out Mohawk

This hairstyle makes use of only flat twists and twist-outs to create a mohawk that looks heavenly, and it’s one of my favorites in this collection. In addition to looking cool (as a mohawk), it’s also a protective hairstyle, a property that brings about a slew of advantages on its own.

11. Burnette Braided Mohawk

Burnette Braided Mohawk

This mohawk is more like a complex and gigantic structure of cornrow braids, with the bulk collecting at the center to create a giant mohawk. It’s just as complex as it’s beautiful, and getting this hairstyle will certainly require some commitment from you. Plus, you’ll need a lot of colorful hair extensions.

12. Platinum Mohawk Twist

Platinum Mohawk Twis

Concentrating the bulk of your hair towards the middle of your head could create a faux mohawk, as the idea image here clearly demonstrates. While it’s not quite the most pronounced mohawk out there, you can see the idea, and it looks pretty nonetheless.

13. Tribal African Mohawk

Tribal African Mohawk

If you have afro-textured hair, you may want to try this tribal African mohawk for its simplicity and pretty look. You won’t be needing a degree in hairstyling to pull this off perfectly, and ensuring you have cowries here and there on the hair will help enrich the traditional African look.

14. Knotted Coiled Braided Mohawk

Knotted Coiled Braided Mohawk

As someone who fancies the traditional look of Bantu knots, this mohawk style is nothing short of adorable. While it isn’t really a mohawk in the traditional sense, the fact that it lines up to the back of your head qualifies it as one; besides, it’s also one of the prettiest in this collection.

15. Mixed Tone Mohawk Braids with Curls

Mixed Tone Mohawk Braids with Curls

Who said a mohawk must stand upright for it to qualify as a mohawk? Even if that happens to be a rule, it’s pretty clear that the model here is not planning to abide by it with her adorable mohawk braids with curls. Since the curls are also mixed-tone, you should get ready to buy some extensions.

16. Braided Mohawk with Clean Edges

Braided Mohawk with Clean Edges

If you’re all in for the long mohawks, here’s another interesting idea to try. While this still retains the traditional look of the mohawk, you shouldn’t ignore the long part that runs all the way down. Also, the edges should be neat to perfectly replicate the style.

17. Marley Braid Mohawk

Marley Braid Mohawk

You can make your Marley braids into a mohawk by emulating the idea above. It’s not the easiest kind of hair to make, but with enough time, effort, and hair extensions, you can get something that looks as pretty, with all the benefits associated with protective styles

18. Burnette Braided Mohawk

Burnette Braided Mohawk

If you adore brown hair, you may want to try this awesome brunette braided mohawk idea. The mohawk itself is certainly not as pronounced as most of the other options in this compilation, but it’s certainly one of the most adorable. You can use brown hair extensions to help with getting the perfect brunette look.


Most people don’t think of twists and braids as methods of making mohawks, but as most of the images above show, they work just well. Not only do they look just as good as regular mohawks, but they’re also protective, giving you all the benefits of protective hairstyles without you ever having to cut your hair.

If you want to learn about protective hairstyles and what they do to your hair, here are some articles to read.

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