25 Coolest Rainbow Hairstyles for Black Woman

Sometimes a new hairstyle is all you really need. Why not be daring and incorporate beautiful rainbow hairstyles ideas in all the greatest hues into your look? These vibrant hues may be added to any type of cut, instantly improving your style. When you have a fantastic hair makeover, you will receive several comments and notice heads turning in every space you enter.

25 Coolest Rainbow Hairstyles for Black Woman

Here are 25 cool ideas to spark your mind. Do well to carefully go through and find the one that best suits your personality.

1. Rainbow Pixie

Instagram @razorchicofatlantasalon

This girl’s rainbow hair is made up of orange, yellow, and tan. If you like this tropical bird color scheme, consider this rainbow hair color option for your next salon visit.

2. Candy-Coated Locks

Instagram @rainbowrage

This is a very different take on rainbow hair. The rainbow takes a back place. Those magnificent purple, fiery pink, and electric blue hair steal the show, but they transition wonderfully to lighter colors. I like how they peek through.

3. Magenta with Multicolored Tips

Instagram @lilmissvizz

The matte magenta definitely reminds us of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is a good thing. The rainbow tips are like a surprise, a brilliant confetti burst.

4. The Girl on Fire

Instagram @colordollzbytoni

This is, without a doubt, the hottest rainbow ombre hair ever. This hair is a work of art in itself. The colors mix seamlessly, the bleeding is precise and intentional, and these hues look stunning together.

5. Braids for Days

Instagram @magavilhas

This is the goal if you want to get serious about mixing rainbow hair and luscious ‘locks. Each braid is a work of art in terms of color, technique, and design. The eye is always drawn to a fresh color or twist.

6. Tie-Dyed Hair with a Twist

Instagram @modernsalon

Tie-dye hair differs from the conventional rainbow style in that it focuses on different colors, such as the aqua and magenta shown above. That’s also why it’s one of the most popular hair color options since it allows you to customize your rainbow ‘do even more.

7. Mermaid Hair with Purple Balayage

Instagram @magavilhas

This lengthy hairstyle includes a lovely purple accent that creates a shine around the base of the curls. When worn with brown hair, the purple really pops. Wear this exquisite appearance with a flowing gown to evoke ideas of a mermaid swimming in the sea.

8. Black Hair with Rainbow Highlights

Pinterest @Bhavyasharma

Of course, you don’t have to dye your entire head of hair rainbow colors if you don’t want to! Make like this lady and add a rainbow to your hair with highlights. Leave your roots their original color, then add a variety of colorful colors throughout.

9. Complicated Rainbow Curls

Pinterest @Lex Bhanot

It’s simple to elevate the rainbow look to a new level. This amazing and striking outcome is achieved by blending the colors together. This look is really brought to life by adding a ton of tightly coiled ringlets all the way down.

10. Pastel-Colored Rainbow Waves

Instagram @etchersalon

This multicolored hairdo not only looks like cotton candy, but the pastel tones are bright and gentle at the same time. The key to keeping this hue vivid and shining is to use a nutritious hair oil before your visit.

11. Vivid Rainbow Underlight

Instagram @mrsgloss

Enhance your platinum blonde look with a peek-a-boo rainbow hair underlight. This concealed rainbow color looks great in straight, curly, or wavy hairstyles.

12. Multi-Color Highlights

Pinterest @Malyutina

This hue is a terrific choice and ideal if you’re sick of your natural hair color or the typical blonde and brown hair colors. It was inspired by the rainbow hair trend. Let your inner diva come out by accessorizing your hair with a striking cosmetics look!

13. Deep Purple Rainbow Idea

Instagram @jessicapowerspaints

Feeling daring? For a dramatic effect, pair vibrant rainbow hair with a deep purple tint. Rainbow hair like this packs a powerful punch. Also, keep a hair gloss on hand to keep the shine.

14. Bright Pink Rainbow Curls

Instagram @pravana

So, while this isn’t the entire rainbow, there’s no law that says you have to get the entire spectrum. Instead, request one or two hues from your colorist, such as this hot pink summer hair color. Make sure your curly hair product arsenal is loaded and ready to care for your colored hair.

15. Pastel, Blonde Curly Rainbow Hair

Instagram @tressesandtravel

This rainbow hair is definitely on my mood board—it’s the ideal mix of soft and rainbow. Try these shampoos for curly hair for optimal protection when caring for your rainbow curls.

16. Peekaboo Purple Rainbow Highlight

Instagram @cemeterystrut

As a peek-a-boo strand, this rainbow hair has a secret agent vibe to it. If you like the color but aren’t sure if you want “ROYGBIV” painted across your hair, this predominantly purple hair with a smidgeon of the rainbow is for you.

17. Neon Rainbow Waves

Instagram @jessicapowerspaints

This rainbow hair is the only thing you need if bright is your thing. It has so much depth because only the top half of the hair is dyed, leaving the bottom half your natural color—or any color, really.

18. Prismatic Rainbow Curls

Instagram @glitter_artist

Rainbow hair looks great with ombré hair. This lengthy, curly hairstyle is Exhibit A. To achieve these bouncy, defined curls, try including a curly hair mousse into your styling process.

19. Lisa Frank Shoulder Length Rainbow Idea

Instagram @sonoranrootshair

I can’t stop feeling nostalgic for my {youth~ with this rainbow hair. I’m loving the Lisa Frank feelings this baby pink background with the greens, oranges, and blues is giving me. Pro tip: To maintain the vibrant color for as long as possible, use a mild conditioner designed for color-treated hair.

20. Pastel Unicorn Rainbow Color

Instagram @sonoranrootshair

There is absolutely no haircut that does not look nice with rainbow hair. This rainbow hair is more on the pastel side, but it’s not for the faint of heart, and it will require just as much care and maintenance as the other colors.

21. Deep Blue and Dark Green Curls

Instagram @thehairspoiler

Two-toned hair is a cute alternative to full-rainbow hair and will require less time with your colorist (who I’m sure is fantastic). This deep blue and dark green color scheme gives me serious ocean vibes.

22. Shiny Prismatic Rainbow Idea

Instagram @alyssawiener

This isn’t just any rainbow hair; it’s a combo of peekaboo strands and face-framing style that looks like a rainbow cascade. Every detail of this haircut is perfect, right down to the delicately applied color on the top of the scalp.

23. Pearly Blonde and Face-Framing Rainbow Dip-Dye

Instagram @alyssawiener

Rainbow hair will almost definitely necessitate extensive bleaching in order for the rainbow colors to peek through. And when you bleach your hair, you must prioritize giving it the extra TLC it requires.

24. Rainbow Box Braids

Instagram @Lewanika

Join the colorful revolution by wearing rainbow box braids on your black hair, embracing a spectrum of hues that represent unity, variety, and sisterhood. It’s a hairstyle that accentuates your lively personality and distinguishes you as a true innovator in the world of fashion and self-expression.

25. Expressice Color Spmphony Braids

Pinterest @tasselfairy

With rainbow braids, you can express your individual color scheme and turn your black hair into a vibrant, multicolored symphony of color. Every strand narrates a tale, symbolizing the colorful eras of your existence and your boundless creative potential.


Rainbow hairstyles emphasize uniqueness, creativity, and harmony, providing a unique opportunity for self-expression in a world of endless possibilities. So, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or thinking about trying out rainbow hair, embrace the beauty of diversity and let your true colors shine.

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