15 Peekaboo Braids Styles for Black Women

15 Peekaboo Braids Styles for Black Women

Peekaboo braids are the trending hairstyle and as such many may not be familiar with it. The fact you are here today means that you wish to know more about the peekaboo braid. We have put together some information that will guide you and give you a better understanding as you read through it. We have also included some stunning peekaboo hairstyles that we know you may want to consider. Read on!

What are Peekaboo Braids?

On the other hand, the community of braid wearers’ newest fashion trend is precisely peekaboo braids.

Peekaboo braids are box braids that are similar to the blonde streak hairstyle in that part of the hair is braided with extensions in vibrant color while the rest of the hair is left its natural color.

The term “peekaboo” is used to describe the hairdo because brightly colored braids frequently lend a subtle yet distinctive touch to the style by peeking out from the rest of the hair.

Although many black women may have worn a haircut resembling this when they were younger, we have merely given it a name because it has become increasingly popular this year.

Why Should You Switch to Peekaboo Braids?

Peekaboo braids are wonderful for standing out, as was already said.

Why not vary things up with a burst of color instead of sticking to the traditional box braids or the more modern knotless braids?

Peekaboo braids are excellent for giving your look a unique touch.

Peekaboo braids make it possible for others to truly notice you since they start to associate that style with you because of how different it is, so choose a vivid color that best represents you.

15 Peekaboo Braids Styles You Can Try as a Black Woman

Considering that the peekaboo style is only recent, a lot of people may not have the creativity to come up with something.

However, you can trust us to always guide you in matters like this. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves as we present to you, 15 of the best and trending peekaboo styles out there for you to try.

Let’s check them out:

1. A Shock of Pink

A Shock of Pink
Instagram @creationsby.kyy

The hot pink peekaboo braids underneath gave these conventional box braids more pizzazz.

We adore how a little color can breathe new life into something that was once stale. You should try this and see how marvelous it will make you look

2. A Little Blonde

A Little Blonde
Instagram @kamiby5

Another excellent illustration of classic peekaboo braids is seen here. The way the blonde braids contrast with the black is very unanticipated.

3. Seeing Red

Seeing Red
Instagram @braidsxnicole

We love the idea of the rockstar-inspired energy that these middle-part, waist-length, knotless braids with the red peekaboo give off.

If you are thinking of something a little bit crazy and out of the ordinary, then you should try this.

4. A Squeeze of Lime

A Squeeze of Lime
Instagram @samyaj_beautiqueandco

We adore the subtle peek-a-boo effect these braids have going on. Green accents draw attention without taking away from the wonderful aesthetic. It will surely look good on you, we guarantee it.

5. Black and Gold

Black and Gold
Instagram @tamarindhair

Black knotless braids with gold peekaboo braids underneath are a gorgeous combination. It gives the hairstyle a different tone and makes your hair looks colorful but not too colorful.


6. Pink Peekaboo Goddess

Pink Peekaboo Goddess
Instagram @aylasbraids

These pink peekaboo goddess braids with butt length have a lot going on in the greatest manner possible.

7. Lavender Peekaboo

Lavender Peekaboo
Instagram @herlinehq

These peekaboo braids on knotless goddess braids have a tint that is incredibly ethereal and fairy-like.

8. Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite
Instagram @hair_x_lena

These braids are a fantastic illustration of how the look can be reinterpreted in several ways. We adore how the dyed hair is not evenly distributed.

When it comes to braids, it offers “peekaboo” a whole new meaning.

9. Blonde and Pink

Blonde and Pink
Instagram @braidsby.dae

Together, blonde and pink just make sense. These hot pink peekaboo braids definitely stand out against the blonde knee-length knotless braids.

10. Beaded Peekaboo Braids

Beaded Peekaboo Braids
Instagram @cabelounisex

Adding beads to the end of your hair is one technique to style peekaboo hair. Finishing off your hairstyle with some beads can give it that extra edge.

11. Copper and Pink Duo

Copper and Pink Duo
Instagram @ultimateluxstylesalonllc

We are enamored with these copper braids with a pink peekaboo. We adore the change from the more typical braids in black or dark brown. It’s a fun way to change the look-up.

12. Goddess Peekaboo Braids

Goddess Peekaboo Braids
Instagram @jazzedupbyjaii

We are really disgusted by these goddess braids. The electric blue peekaboo braids that are genuinely hidden beneath the other braids are only one of the many wonderful aspects of this design.

13. Curly Peekaboo Braids

Curly Peekaboo Braids
Instagram @royalbeauty804

Now a classic, blonde peek-a-boo braids. Curling the end of your hair, though, might help if you want to stand out a little more.

14. Orange Peekaboo

Orange Peekaboo
Instagram @mobilebraidsng

This braider gave their customer stunning thigh-length braids with a few orange braids interspersed throughout.

Although not a typical peekaboo, the appearance nonetheless closely follows the current fashion because the braids may be easily disguised by the other braids.


15. Multicolour Peekaboo Braids

Multicolour Peekaboo Braids

Why do you spice it up with different colors that symbolize the peekaboo hair if you think just one color is too plain?


The peekaboo is a new and trending style but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it yourself. Depending on the texture of your skin and the shape of your face, you can play with the peekaboo hairstyle.

Is it a goddess black braid with a touch of gold or a Fulani brown braid with a touch of blue? Whatsoever you can imagine can be done with this hairstyle and with any type of braid.

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15 Peekaboo Braids Styles for Black Women

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