15 Straight Weave Ideas for Stunning Looks

15 Straight Weave Ideas for Stunning Looks

Straight weave, without mentioning is known for its elegant nature. Whenever you make the straight weave, there is an aura to it that people can’t resist. As you read through we will present to you some of the best straight-weave ideas that you can try.

Even though straight weave hairstyles aren’t as common as curly ones, they shouldn’t be disregarded. Long, straight hair is really attractive.

Although it requires more maintenance than a curly mane, the appearance it creates is simply remarkable.

15 Straight Weave Ideas

Here are some of the best straight-weave ideas that you should consider:

1. Middle Part

Middle Part
Instagram @prettiedbysi

The middle part looks great on long, straight hair. For females with petite foreheads and round faces, this is ideal.

Such a hairdo will lengthen the face and emphasize the height of the forehead. To make your hair shine, add some hair gel!

2. Bangs

Instagram @sheestandsout

Consider adding side-swept short bangs while selecting a straight weave. A clean, short fringe looks great with long hair.

It will greatly increase the style of your hairstyle. Also, be sure to maintain a straight bang.

3. Messy Volume

Messy Volume
Instagram @prettiedbysi

Making straight, dense hair appear voluminous and airy can be challenging. There is just one course of action and that is to make it windblown and chaotic.

Forgoing hair gel and allowing the hair to dry naturally after washing results in this look.

4. Natural Blowout

Natural Blowout

To achieve this lovely texture, braid the hair down the previous evening and unbraid the following morning or a few days later using a sew-in that resembles a natural hair blowout.

Pro advice is to remember to detangle because the hair is still curly and could result in dread locs if you forget to do so.

5. High Ponytail

High Ponytail

How stunning is this? Put your hair up in the middle of your head in a beautifully sleek high bun. After that, install your Remy Weave and secure it with pins.

For even better retention, you can stitch it onto your hair. Once the edges are placed, you may begin. Yes, my love!

6. Voluminous and Sleek

Voluminous and Sleek
Instagram @prettiedbysi

Straight hair extensions will offer a lot of volumes if your hair lacks it. Don’t forget to play around with color if you chose to go with a weave. You will obtain greater volume as the lighter the color.

7. Medium Layers

Medium Layers
Instagram @prettiedbysi

With medium-sized hair, layers look fantastic. You can cut the weave to match your natural, layered style.

Look at the photo’s highlights to see how they were created. To achieve a very natural-looking hue, only the shortest strands are colored.

8. Braided Front

Braided Front
Pinterest @therighthairstyle

You can experiment with the front of the hair by making some cornrows or a gorgeous halo braid. You’ll look like the goddess you are after doing this, my love!

9. Yellow Asymmetric Blunt Bob

Yellow Asymmetric Blunt Bob
Instagram @lavishqueenseffect

There is no doubt that this color and cut will draw attention. We adore the cheery, bright yellow with its sharp, blunt cut that exudes confidence and well complements dark complexion tones.

With this vibrant and striking design, you’ll stop traffic, so get ready for all the attention.

10. Full Sew-In Weave

Full Sew-In Weave
Instagram @modernsalon

Your natural hair is braided into a full weave, which is then sewn into the braids to completely cover the head.

That method was utilized to produce this stylish lob. A glossy look is achieved with a deep side part and a sleek blow dry.

11. Sleek-Straight Bob

Sleek-Straight Bob

If your hair is longer than the style you want to explore, one big benefit of a sew-in is that you can experiment with length. Why not try this really smooth blunt bob?

12. Black and Blonde Weave

Black and Blonde Weave
Instagram @modernsalon

Pair platinum blonde and black hair for a high-contrast look. To provide a subtle regrowth line, the blonde is painted in the balayage technique.

The unconventionality of the bold color combination is balanced by the blunt cut of the bob.

13. Voluminous Blowout

Voluminous Blowout
Instagram @ITSL0REN

Choose a sew-in style that can do both if you want to sport a lush blowout and lovely curls.

Additionally, because human hair extensions can sometimes develop split ends, don’t forget to deep condition them and use a heat protectant.

14. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob

Bobs are classic and this one’s golden hue truly helps the outfit stand out. It requires very little upkeep and is timeless and attractive.

And although it’s a rapid weave, a sew-in with a little leave-out can replicate it. Just remember to wrap your hair every night and lay your edges every morning to keep it looking fresh.

15. Long and Straight

Long and Straight

Long, shiny hair is always in style. A start middle part is currently quite fashionable.

You can achieve Kehlani’s sleek ‘do with a silk-pressed sew-in, but if you want to keep flyaways to a minimum without getting your hair too oily, grab a handy dryer sheet.


Straight weaves are really great styles and we know they will look exceptional on you. Just go through the list of the best straight weave hairstyles that we have presented, pick the one that will best suit your hair, then off you go.

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15 Straight Weave Ideas for Stunning Looks

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