30 Prom Hairstyles for Black Ladies

Prom is the perfect occasion for black girls to showcase stunning hairstyles. From elegant prom hairstyles and updos to braids and beautiful colors, there are countless options to choose from. Here are inspiring prom hairstyle ideas to elevate your hair game on your special day.

Feel free to mix styles to achieve your desired look. The ultimate goal is to wear a style that makes you feel both confident and beautiful.

Prom Hairstyles for Black Ladies

Here are your top 30 glam hairstyles to wear to any prom party:

1. Ginger Color with Long Side Fringe

Instagram @kisslovehair

This hairstyle gives a perfect color and vibe for a prom night. Try a more versatile half-up half-down hairstyle with the ginger color. This color seats pretty in black women, it’s not so bright a color, but it still gives you that extra look.

2. Afro with Clip

Afro with Clip
Instagram @theweddinghaircompany

Nothing finishes off your look like a soft, natural fro. This look not only emphasizes your natural beauty but also proudly displays your blackness. This style reveals your neck and shoulders, and you can take advantage of this by using a beautiful neckpiece.

3. Red Medium Hair With Side Bangs

Instagram @kadoyeehair_amazon

This hair gives you that prom queen look. Medium length hair can be styled in a variety of ways, from straight and smooth to bouncy and voluminous. The slight texture of the side bangs adds dimension and interest, and the bold statement-making deep red hue completes the style.

4. Stylish Short Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @anthonycuts

A stylish short bob gives you the perfect glam for a prom party. If you are okay with revealing your neck and shoulders, this is a great option. What’s even better is that it goes with almost dress styles.

5. Simple Chignon with a Twist of Updo

Simple Chignon with a Twist of Updo
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

If you are gunning for a sleek look, this will definitely do the trick. This hairstyle lets you show off your make-up while wearing a sleek twist, as it pulls your hair backward. This style is perfect if you have a beautiful neckpiece you wish to display.

6. Voluminous Bridal Bun for Natural Black Hair

Voluminous Bridal Bun for Natural Black Hair
Instagram @funmi_ni_hair

Elegantly display your black girl magic with your natural hair. This style elegantly sweeps your hair backward, creating a huge bun behind your ears. This is perfect for a prom party as it not only leaves you with enough to showcase your make-up, accessories, and of course your dress.

7. Braided Pompadour Updo

Braided Pompadour Updo
Instagram @kaiyinbeauty

This sophisticated variation on the pompadour keeps natural hair looking lovely and in place. For a more glittering appearance, add some pins with pearl or gem tips. Although it could appear a little difficult, you can easily add additional hair to achieve the desired volume.

8. Bob Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram @lamajbackwards

Well, let’s put your beautiful curls to use, shall we? All you need is a bit of color for highlights. This style can be as long as you want it to be. This is a good style to frame your face and give you that queenly look. And guess what! It’s perfect for any face shape.

9. Bubble Color Mix

Instagram @amourrdbyv._

Because they are simple to do, bubble braids are attractive. Now for a more intricate look, you can mix colors and expand the bubbles you create. This could either be worn long or short, what ever you like.

10. Side V Butterfly Braid

Pinterest @Blackhairtribe

Butterfly braids will always do the trick. You may change a casual butterfly braid to fit your style, and another versatile hairstyle you can make with butterfly braids is the side V butterfly braid.

11. Folded Mohawk Updo

Folded Mohawk Updo
Instagram @ texturelifeatl

What could be better for black ladies than a fancy faux hawk updo? The same hairdo in golden brown or blonde hair! Colors will give your updo the desired shining touch. Use delicate hair ornaments here and there to spice up the drama. This will keep all eyes on you through the party.

12. Gorgeous Natural Hair Updo with Twists

Gorgeous Natural Hair Updo with Twists
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

Another secret to beautiful prom hairstyles is contrast. The contrast of micro braids on the sides and statement twists piled on top gives such magnificent updos as this one impact. Extensions are used to create chunkier twists or braids.

13. Afro Puff with Highlights

Afro Puff with Highlights
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

Here is another natural hairstyle you can try. Slick your hair entirely up and away from your face to replicate the hairdo. Put them together into a magnificent puff. Consider ahead what highlights will work best for your skin tone.

14. Bubble Braid Updo for Natural Hair

Instagram @ruutos 

For a big and important event such as a prom party, you might want to try out some eye-catching and unusual natural Black hairstyles, this is the option for you. Many admiring views will be directed at the bubble braid with precise geometric pieces.

15. Tri-Color Curls

Instagram @ashley4odom

Short natural hairstyles do not have to be totally natural. The emphasis is on natural texture; the color is entirely up to you. So why not play around with some cool colors? Furthermore, the color blocking is a unique approach to transition from black to blonde.

16. Half Up Half Down with Curls

Half Up Half Down Quick Weave with Curls
Instagram @dhghairstudio

The consistent curl pattern throughout the style adds to its overall appeal, and the abundant hair further contributes to its gorgeous look. In a nutshell, this quick weave half up half down hairstyle is a good choice for a perfect prom look.

17. Claw Clip Half Up Half Down Quick Weave

Claw Clip Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
Instagram @dolledbybc

Using a claw clip gives your hair a distinctive look, and whether you prefer it or not largely depends on personal taste. While some individuals appreciate the wider appearance it creates, others find it less appealing.

However, if you find it adorable, it could be one of the best hairstyles for you to experiment with.

18. Box Bubble Braids

Box Bubble Braids
Instagram @soleildoeshair

Bubble braids can be paired with box braids for added protection or customized by stopping halfway and creating bubble portions at the ends. Consult with a hairstylist to determine the best approach for your desired prom look.

19. Retro-Inspired Natural Pompadour

Retro-Inspired Natural Pompadour
Instagram @gadartistryllc

This unique and enticing natural hairstyle mixes cornrows with a classic roll style. One or two jeweled hairpins or a nice hair comb can add some glitter. Your comfort during the wedding day is ensured by this roll-up style, which functions like a high bun.

20. Curl Updo With Large Crown

Curl Updo With Large Crown
Instagram @blackweddinghair

This is one super elegant hairstyle you can create, and while it can be worn on any occasion, it is most frequently seen at weddings and formal events like prom.

21. Ombre Bubble

Instagram @afrodarosa

There is a color to suit every complexion, whether you choose a light pastel that is simple to wear or a dramatic, saturated shade that demands attention. Simply choose a color mix that best suits you, and enjoy your party!

22. Black Swirled Updo Hairstyle

Black Swirled Updo Hairstyle
Instagram @blackbridesdaily

Try this look on your big day if you have chemically straightened your hair or you can simply wear a weave.

A retro-glam vibe is created by super-smooth hair that is perfectly twisted into circles. The exquisite updo is given a little extra glitz by the jeweled hair clip.

23. Natural Pulled Back Tight Curls

Natural Pulled Back Tight Curls
Instagram @blackweddinghair

If you choose to wear a headpiece of any kind, this is a good prom hairstyle for black women. The natural hairstyles are significantly more practical since the Afro puff at the back is securely fastened with crown braids that keep that hair thickness away from the face.

24. Deep Red Cinnamon Wave Curl

Instagram @yajuan_hair

Speaking of perfect prom hairstyles deep red cinnamon wave curl is another great choice. Black women’s dark skin tones match the deep red tint, and the waves provide depth and structure to the hair. This design is great for those who want to make a bold statement and stand out in a crowd.

25. Snake Part Bubble

Instagram @yourhair_yourbeauty

If you are a fan of ponytail styles then you should try this. The hair is pulled to form the bubble. To add more drama, this look looks great with medium-length to long hair! Although you can play about with the parting, this hairstyle looks best with a center part.

26. Side Fringe Half Up Half Down

Swept Side Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
Instagram @kdthaslayer_

Although this style is not suitable for everyone, it gives you that extra look. This hair-do has the ability to change your look from the regular to a more stylish and trendy look. It’s also great for fun events like prom.

27. Half Up Half Down with Crimps

Half Up Half Down Quick Weave with Crimps
Instagram @differenceis_hairsalon

Crimps are the secret to elevating your hair’s beauty, and this example proves just that. The uniform crimp pattern in this style enhances its overall charm, and the hair volume adds another layer of attractiveness. In essence, this quick weave half up half down style is a strong contender for the best choice.

28. Dark Red Hair Color for Natural Hair

Instagram @michellethompsonhair

If you want eyes on you all night then this is a fitting look. This look highlights the beauty of dark red hair against dark skin tones. This deep hue of reddish-red hair looks fantastic! The natural texture and form of the cut also contribute to the look’s incredibly cool vibes.

29. Side-Swept Afro

Instagram @marini.naturals

Short, natural haircuts can be styled in the same way that longer hair can. The side braids that are oriented upwards and embellished with gold cuffs provide a touch of beauty to this short hairstyle.

30. Short Curls with Side Bantu Knots

Instagram @itsdoreseb

Long bangs that fall over the eyes are an excellent technique to highlight your twisted-out curls. Bantu knots are a popular choice among women looking for natural African-American hairstyles that pay reverence to the past.

The loose, curly ringlets can be twisted back into a beautiful topknot or worn in a Mohawk style as shown.


Now you have the most elegant styles at your fingertips. You should consult your hairstylist before deciding. As mentioned earlier, feel free to combine two or more styles to achieve that perfect look. Also, you should choose a style that fits your dress. Have fun!

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