15 Best Pixie Braids Hairstyles Ideas

15 Best Pixie Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Pixie braids have always been an exceptional design. It has this unique look that it gives. No wonder it is a very common hairstyle but still, you might be a little bit not sure what particular pix braid you want to do. This is where we come, as you read through, we will enlighten you on the concept of pixie braids and some of the best styles you can make.

Small, individual braids that are fashioned closely to the scalp make up the trendy hairdo known as pixie braids.

Most braids are short, although some do reach the nape of the neck or the area right behind the ears.

This design is ideal for people who desire a fashionable yet low-maintenance appearance that can last for several weeks.

Pixie braids are hairstyles that wrap most or all of the head with many small pixie braids. Black or African-American women frequently sport this braided hairstyle.

The pixie braids are made up of several hair braiding strands, each about the width of a pencil.

The stylists singe the ends of these pixie braids to prevent them from unraveling, and they typically range in length from 6 to 24 inches.

Black ladies who want to grow their actual or natural hair are highly fond of braids since they don’t damage the hair and are very adaptable. The lifespan of pixie braids is one to three months.

What are the Styling Options for Pixie Braids?

There are many different lengths and colors of pixie braids, offering you a wide range of styling options. Here are a few common pixie braid designs:

1. Straight Pixie Braids

These braids have thin, straight, close-to-the-scalp braiding. From just above the ears to the nape of the neck, they can be styled in a variety of lengths.

2. Curly Pixie Braids

Small, coiled braids that are close to the scalp are used in these braids. You may dress them in a variety of lengths and colors for a distinctive and fun look.

3. Colored Pixie Braids

These braids are available in a variety of colors, from neutral tones to vivid hues. You might go with a hue that accentuates your skin tone or one that makes a strong statement.

These are just the surface, let’s take a closer look into the pixie braid styles by looking at the best pixie braids hairstyles ideas.

15 Best Pixie Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Here are some of the best ideas to go with the pixie braid:

1. Messy Updo

Messy Updo
Pinterest @stylecraze

You may even style your pixie braids into an updo thanks to their versatility.

Installing the braids beforehand is all that’s required; otherwise, the procedure is as simple as creating a typical sloppy updo with your hair.

We always enjoy a good hairdo, so this basic yet messy updo with pixie braids definitely fits our vibes.

The braids, which are black with sporadic brown tints, are incredibly elegant.

The rest of the braids on the back have been styled to resemble a messy updo while some of them are maintained apart and left undone at the front.

This look is classy enough to be worn without hesitation to a fancy or formal occasion.

2. Box Braid Bob

Box Braid Bob
Instagram @albertine_couturehairsalon

This fashionable set of pixie braids is so simple to wear and carry that anyone can pull it off. Get a decent, medium-length bob cut. Make a crooked division in your hair.

Create subsections and little parts in the hair on either side as previously mentioned. until all of the hair is braided, begin with each portion. Verify the braids’ tightness.

3. Mid Length Braids

Mid Length Braids
Instagram @caringloft

This style is similar to the one mentioned above except that you can carry it in a longer length. So, the steps to make are the same.

The only difference is that you should get long bob hair cute. Almost 3.4 inches below the shoulder length.

4. Pixie Braided Top Bun

Pixie Braided Top Bun
Instagram @hairkimistcom

Well, carrying this one is an extremely attractive look. It can make you look hot. Don a bob haircut. Alternately, cut hair to shoulder length. Put all of your hair in pixie braids as previously mentioned.

To create a volumized bun, remove a segment of braids from the top of your head’s center. The bun will continue to be on top. With makeup, you may carry and complete this appearance!

5. Long Braids

Long Braids
Pinterest @righthairstyles

Despite being the easiest to create, this pixie braid style is lovely. You only require long, beautiful hair.

They can be styled with long bangs or layers. Then proceed to braid every hair. With a center divider, let all of the hair fall on the front.

6. Braid with Half Pony

Braid with Half Pony
Instagram @andshecanbraid

Make pixie braids out of all of your hair to achieve this stylish look. Then take the braids in the upper half part and bind them into a ponytail.

7. Blonde Pixie Braids

Blonde Pixie Braids
Pinterest @braidsbytasha

For this look, you can dye your hair golden at the ends or add blonde extensions.

8. Brown Highlights

Brown Highlights
Instagram @albertine_couturehairsalon

We advise choosing black and brown braiding hair for your braids if you want to subtly add highlights to your hair.

The brown braids can be used to add highlights while the black braids serve as the base hue.

This image is a perfect illustration of brown highlights on pixie braids. For that highlight effect, there are sporadic placements of brown pixie braids among the mostly black braids.

This medium-length bob style is shouting cool-girl vibes thanks to the nicely groomed ends!

9. Cute Pixie

Cute Pixie
Instagram @iamtoyastouchofbeauty

The fashion of wearing unique hair clips with pearls and rhinestones was popularized by Instagram.

Any hairdo, from elaborate ponytails to braided looks, can be worn with these hair clips. Try pairing them this time with your adorable pixie braids.

10. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob receives a new kind of stylish sensation when it comes to pixie braids because of how distinctively the hair is fashioned.

One of your eyes is completely hidden by the braids, and the style is stunning with so many colorful braids.

There isn’t a single element about this classic example of an asymmetrical bob with pixie braids that we don’t like. This style has advanced because of the use of yellow braided hair.

This hairstyle’s use of black and yellow gives us serious gold feelings, so you must give it a try!

11. Black and Purple

Black and Purple
Pinterest @braidsbytasha

Your originality will be clearly displayed if you use two different colors in your braided design.

So why not pair a neutral color with something striking and dazzling while you’re doing it? We are, in fact, referring to our very own purple braided hair.

You should select braided hair in shades of black and purple for the look seen in the image. For the ideal result, creatively combine your black hair with purple hair like this and cut your hair into a bob.

These pixie braids, which have attractively curved ends, are sure to rock any party!

12. Pixie Cornrows

Pixie Cornrows
Instagram @caringloft

If being creative is your jam and you enjoy giving your go-to looks a little twist, you can arrange your pixie braids like cornrows.

Your hair will undoubtedly appreciate your choice of such a distinctive style, and it looks quite nice.

You can part your hair in a variety of fun ways, like the ones in this image, for pixie cornrows.

This hairstyle’s haphazard addition of brown braids offers a highlighting effect. Overall, this bob hairstyle is quite clean and appropriate for any setting.

13. Blonde Money Piece

Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @albertine_couturehairsalon

The money piece style has gained a lot of popularity because of the way it frames your face.

Therefore, this time around, in addition to your base color braids, you can add a blonde money piece in the front to change up the look from the usual pixie braid style.

This image demonstrates what we’re referring to. Simply because the blonde braids created the money-piece impression, the bob hair with the ideal pixie braids looks incredibly fantastic.

This is a stylish hairdo for forthcoming fancy occasions as well as girls’ nights out.

14. Blonde and Burgundy

Blonde and Burgundy

When it comes to braiding your hair, you should always consider using vibrant colors in addition to the traditional black.

It’s acceptable if you wish to continue with the traditional hues. And everyone is aware that the two most popular shades for such clothing are blonde and burgundy.

If you want these same pixie braids, show this photo to your hairstylist the next time you go to the salon.

While some braids are only blonde and burgundy, other braids have been created using both braiding hairs. The girls’ night out is the ideal occasion for this incredibly amazing haircut!

15. Pixie Braids with Curls

Pixie Braids with Curls
Instagram @ceshasempire

Pixie braids must occasionally be wavy. By creating curls towards the end, you may give it a little extra spice. This simultaneously helps you appear original and distinctive.

How Do I Maintain the Pixie Braid?

To guarantee that pixie braids last for several weeks and maintain their best appearance, adequate maintenance is necessary. Here are some pointers for keeping pixie braids in place:

1. Keep the Scalp Moisturized

Use a scalp treatment or hair oil to moisturize the scalp and stop itching or dryness.

2. Protect the Braids While Sleeping

To avoid frizz and breakage, wrap the braids in a silk scarf or a satin or silk pillowcase.

3. Avoid Tight Braids

To prevent irritation and harm to the hair follicles, avoid braiding the hair excessively firmly.

4. Wash the Hair Regularly

Wash the hair gently, paying special attention to the scalp and avoiding the braids as much as possible.

Guidelines for Making Good Pixie Braids

Making the pixie braid is not usually easy but here are some guidelines that can help you:

1. Choose the Right Hair Extensions

For a more natural appearance, use high-quality hair extensions with the same texture and color as your natural hair.

2. Opt for Small Braids

The low-maintenance style of pixie braids, which are often small and fashioned close to the scalp, can last for several weeks.

3. Experiment with Different Lengths and Colors

Pixie braids are available in a variety of colors and lengths, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different looks to see which one suits you the best.

4. Seek the Help of a Professional Stylist

If you’re unclear on how to create pixie braids, ask a professional stylist for guidance. They can offer pointers and suggestions on accomplishing the ideal style.


The trendy and fashionable hairstyle, and pixie braids, can give you a low-maintenance appearance that lasts several weeks.

You may get the ideal pixie braid look that enhances your natural beauty and sense of style with the appropriate hair extensions, styling methods, and care.

If you enjoyed this hairstyle compilation, you may want to check out our similar ones.

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15 Best Pixie Braids Hairstyles Ideas

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