pretty ponytail hairstyles with weave

15 Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles with Weave

One simple but adorable way to style your hair is by tying it into a ponytail. It never looks out of place since everyone else does it, and it takes a few seconds at most. Also, you don’t need to meet a professional hairstylist to help you with it; it’s simply the easiest way to get a presentable hairstyle.

However, if you have an affinity for ponytails, you may want something more complex than a simple tie to the back. One way hairstylists add charm to ponytails is by adding a weave; it makes the hairstyle more complex, holds it together, and adds to the already beautiful look.

If you’re trying to improve your ponytail style, adding a weave is a no-brainer. However, you want to follow adorable templates of people who have tried the style successfully. To help you with that, here’s a compilation of the best ponytail hairstyles with weaves.

1. Ponytail with Weave and Frontal

Ponytail with Weave and Frontal

In addition to a regular ponytail hairstyle with a weave, this style makes an alluring frontal that adds to the charm of the entire hairstyle. The ponytail itself is somewhat irregular in a way that makes it adorable and neat. If you have some time and expertise, making your ponytail in this style is a no-brainer.

2. Criss and Cross Braids with Curly Ponytail Weave

Criss and Cross Braids with Curly Ponytail Weave

This hairstyle is clearly a lot more than a simple ponytail with a weave. The criss and cross braids on either side of the hair has already set it apart from most of the other styles in this compilation, but that exactly is the source of its beauty. Another fantastic touch is the curly ends; in short, here’s the absolute ponytail with a weave.

3. Six Feed In Braids with Ponytail Weave

Six Feed In Braids with Ponytail Weave

Feed-in braids are great, but ponytails are greater. However, why should you choose from one of the greats when you can have them both in the same hairstyle? This hairstyle combines feed-in braids with ponytails, and frankly, it looks much better than I imagined.

4. Side Swoop Ponytail with Weave Extension

Side Swoop Ponytail with Weave Extension

You can add some extra flair to your ponytail by making a side-parting to make it look like this model’s hairstyle. There’s not much to the hairstyle apart from that, and it looks almost flawless, even with its lack of ingredients. The length and the curly edges are also excellent touches that contribute to its adorable look.

5. Black High Sleek Ponytail with Weave

Black High Sleek Ponytail with Weave

Instead of making a simple parting to the side, why not decorate it with a single cornrow that runs across? As you can see, that’s exactly what’s going on here, and it looks absolutely stunning. The smooth edges also have a charming effect to them, making the style look almost magical.

6. High Butterfly Braided Weave Ponytail

High Butterfly Braided Weave Ponytail

If you’ll be adding weaves to your ponytail, you might as well take the best advantage of the extended length. Here is a fun way to utilize the extra length while looking ten times better in the process. This style works best for very long hair, which is achievable by anyone, thanks to the abundance of hair extensins.

7. Feed In Braids with High Ponytail Weave

Feed In Braids with High Ponytail Weave

Feed-in braids has grown to become massively popular in recent times, and the fact that I’m listing it for the second time in this compilation seems to prove that. Instead of the regular boring ponytail that everyone does, you can add some feed-in braids to the base, making the hairstyle even more adorable.

8. Two-Sided Frontal Ponytail

Two Sided Frontal Ponytail

This hairstyle is bold and daring, and those qualities may be why it looks so good. It involves parting your hair into two different compartments from the front and bringing them together with one huge ponytail at the back. To further make your replica more realistic, you may want to dye your hair in that color.

9. Blunt Cut Ponytail with Side Swoop

Blunt Cut Ponytail with Side Swoop

Side swoops always work great with ponytails, and this hairstyle might just be another proof of that. You should definitely consider it if you happen to have a lot of hair, as that makes it easier to really “swoop” the hair to the side, as in the inspiration above. The upright ponytail completes the charm, making it the complete hairstyle.

10. Smooth High Ponytail with Weave

Smooth High Ponytail with Weave

Like many other women, I have an affinity towards smooth hairstyles, especially when the bulk of the hair is used for something creative towards the back, like in this hairstyle. The weave only makes things infinitely better, creating a load of hair beneath the ponytail. You should also consider replicating the waves, as they contribute to the hair’s awesomeness.

11. Brushed Frontals High Weave Ponytail

Brushed Frontals High Weave Ponytail

This hairstyle might look pretty easy to make, but that would be deceptive, as it could be challenging to brush your hair in such a uniform and adorable pattern. On the positive side, you don’t need this to be excessively long, and it’s easier to make than styles that require braids. If you want a ponytail you can make quickly, here’s an option to consider.

12. Black Simple Ponytail with Weave

Black Simple Ponytail with Weave

Still on smooth hairstyles, you definitely don’t want to skip what this model has to offer. It’s one of the easier to install from this compilation, thanks to the absence of any cornrows or braids. Apart from the effort you need to expend to smoothen the base, this style should be a walk in the park.

13. 12 Feed In Braids with Weave Ponytail

12 Feed In Braids with Weave Ponytail

How about creating feed-in braids with the entirety of your hair, and using the weave only as the hair extensions? This isn’t the first time we’ll be seeing something like this in this compilation, but it’s clearly the boldest example. However, you should know it’s a lot more work than a “simple ponytail.”

14. Classic Ponytail with Weave and Frontal Extension

Classic Ponytail with Weave and Frontal Extension

Adding a frontal extension to your hair might seem like a strange idea, but that’s exactly how all fashionable hairstyles were born. If you’re going with weird, you want to make sure that it’s at least adorable, and this hairstyle seems to balance both pretty well. Also, don’t forget that the ponytail at the back should be the highlight.

15. Blonde Ponytail with Weave

Blonde Ponytail with Weave

Blonde hair is hot enough, but bonding it with an adorable high ponytail makes it look like the best way to wear your hair, ever. The subtle parting from the front is another enviable part of this hairstyle and the waves are indispensable. In my opinion, there are only a few better ways to wear a ponytail than this.


A ponytail is usually either pretty or simple, but there’s nothing stopping you from making it both. This article compiles some of the prettiest ponytail-based hairstyles I could find on the internet, but I’ll warn you: I don’t think they’re all simple. However, they’re all worth a try.

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